Sunday 20 December 2009

The Jackpot!

Every roam is different, this one started out with a bang, whilst waiting in lowsec for an old friend to hook up for his first PvP roam I was ambushed on a gate.
Actually let me start that one again... I was parked on a exit to highsec gate waiting for him to turn up, when 2 Mryms landed and started taking pot shots at me, the sentry guns started hitting them really hard.
Looking at the highly active local count I just switched on the reps and sat tanking them without engaging.

Unsuprisingly a [SCUM] gang landed on the gate causing the 2 mryms to scatter, the gang left without bothering to engage me, and then shortly left local.
One of the Myrms came back, local had calmed down and with none of his friends in system I figured what the heck,  I start to lock the myrm, at which point he jumped thru into highsec, earning himself a quick concord retaliation.
Following after and whoring the kill like a pro, I asked him why he had jumped through? He then replied that he hadn't been able to tank my guns, and without his mate (who the [SCUM] gang had caught) he didn't want to fight me. After almost spitting my coffee on the monitor I let him know about sentry guns and the GCC. :)

I hooked up with my gang we travelled off deep into lowsec, unfortunately we didn't manage to find anything suitable, had a close one with a large battleship gang camping a gate, another first for our drake pilot, and then back home to Iges.

Domi on scan...  oh his only a few days old.

Proteus on scan same sector of space!  Missoning?  Excellent, switch out for AB's and Antimatter.

Got them on 100% calls the scout, warping now. Followed by the Proteus is global! Wooohooo!
I land 20k away and see the Proteus running off, dammit he was obviously watching his scanner too well. Getting caught up on a asteroid, I maneuver round before closing to within scram range, strangely enough the Domi is still sat there happily shooting the mission rats. Oh well I figure, on with the scram and web, orbiting him I start to fire, damm he's breaking fast. I turn off most of the guns, hoping the proteus will return. The Domi's smart bomb was hurting my drones so I recall them and just leave 2/7 guns on him, but with no sign of the T3 returning I turn the guns back on.

Using the friendly drake as bait we move on looking for the next kill.
And were soon rewarded when he started screaming on voice that he'd been engaged on a gate and was going down fast. We land and immediately spread the points out on the two ships, calling the Vigilant primary, we overheat on him just to make sure. With his MWD out and two webs on him the strickened faction cruiser doesn't hold up long. Our drake pops, just before the vigilant. Realising that I'd actually lost my point Cyclone I slap the overheat on the MWD and get closer to him, point goes back on and he pops shortly afterwards.

We scoop the loot and drop it in system before their friends arrive. Christmas came early, in the form of one faction fitted pirate cruiser which very kindly dropped 300m of loot.

Shortly afterwards I undock into a waiting camp outside the station, ooh the Vigiliants corp mates, using an Insta I leave their camp in my warp trail and head to the gate. Jumping thru into another camp, my ganky brutix pops. Noticing the vigilant pilot now in a Vexor I couldn't help but laugh, as my pod warps off to safety. Luckily I had already decided to come back for the loot later in the cloaky, and had left it behind in the station.

All in all a great roam, and a good introduction to PvP for my mission running friend in his drake, who also managed to pop a recon ship before we arrived on gate to support him.

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