Saturday, 18 October 2014

Alliance logo's

We really must get these added to EVE, everything is so much cooler with an alliance logo. Who doesn't want to fly with their corp or alliance logo emblazoned on their hull.

The Bastard's LAV in Dayz EPOCH

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sorry not been about....

Ah so many things to do, so little time.

Hardly spent any time in game recently, needed a small break but mainly been spending time getting ready for the end of the month. For those I haven't already told I'll be getting married on the 30th August.

I'll be running a little ingame stag roam one night between now and then, expect terrible fits and large quantities of rum to be consumed.

Catch you all soon.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Passing the torch.

When I took control of the Bastards Alliance 18months ago, it was a mothballed corp that down to 2 active members, looking for a new place to call home, the training corp was empty bar a few inactive alts.

I took control because The Bastards brand needed to survive past that point, we pulled them into Shadow Cartel and merged the Kadavr Black Guard into them, swelling the initial numbers. Slowly recruiting some of the pilots you see today. And with the return of Johnny Twelvebore from the Tuskers we had the final piece of the puzzle, someone who wanted to push forward again. 

We gave the Shadows a big hug and dropped alliance, pushing foward deeper into lowsec on our own. With all the members being active and pushing recruitment we moved to 60+ players, most of which are active. Opening the training corp allowed us to recruit very young pilots, many of which have gone on to become great solo pilots in their own right. 

With the brand rebuilding many of the old inactive members surfaced and rejoined for a while, some famous faces among them. Just this week TheHermit has appeared, bringing with him the code for the missing ransom board - more on that soon!

Being a CEO is a large responsibility and not something to take on lightly, much like running a business you'll have to deal with both recruitment and discipline at times, even harder you're not actually paying these people to do your bidding. You need to be active, organise events, roams, push recruitment constantly, and not still try to have fun yourself whilst doing all of this. 

This year real life for me has been hectic for those that don't know I'm getting married the end of next month, so between that and career changes I haven't been able to give the Bastards what it needs from a CEO. 
So it's been an easy decision rather than just letting the corp go to ruin I have chose to step back now whilst the corp is still growing strongly. I'll stay on in advisory for as long as they'll have me, but now I just get to turn up and blow stuff up again!

Johnny Twelvebore takes over as the new CEO, a graduate of the Meatshield Training corp and has largely been running the corp in my absense anyway, only fair that he takes the shiny crown with it. 

And no, you can't have my stuff, I'm not quitting eve. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Bastards vs The Meatshield (internal alliance PVP tourney)

Over at Bastard HQ we're always looking for fun ways to spend an evening, and once in a while we run a little tournament. 

It's not just for shits n giggles as we get to see who in our training corp is ready to move up into the main corp.

Within the corp forums we have two private corp channels set up which where fits and theory crafting take place. After the match the channels are opened up for the whole alliance to see. 

This is a proposed version of a our new tournament improving on the last version, you're welcome to suggest improvements or use for your own corp. 


(It is deliberately biased in favour of the training corp) 

This plan modifys the rules to still give the Meats several significant advantages, but also giving the bastards a fighting chance. This should make it alot closer and make the meats work for a victory.
It should make it much more fun for everyone involved.


Tournament to consist of 5 rounds of a maximum 10 minutes each, upto 10 min pause/break between rounds. 
This means the entire event should only take 2 hours or less.

Bastards can field a maximum of 5 pilots
Meatshield can field a maximum of 7 pilots 

For every Meatshield pilot over 7 bastards can add another pilot.  (Meats retain a +2 pilot advantage)

Issue: What if Meatshield cannot field 7 Pilots ??

Both corps are limited to T1 frigate hulls. No pirate, faction, or T2 hulls allowed. The only exception to this is the flagship rule.

EWAR rules
ECM may only be fitted to a griffin
RSD may only be fitted to a maulus 

Ship hull limitation (Logi/EAF rule)
Each team may only field one EWAR hull per match
Each team may only field one Logistics hull per match
Bastards may only field either a logistics or an ewar hull - not both
Meatshield may choose to field both at the same time. 

Module Limitation
Meatshield may use all meta levels 1-5 (T2 included)
Bastards may only use meta 1-4 items (this removes overskill bonus's)
No pirate/navy/deadspace items. 
No cloaks

Navy, or T2 is allowed - no rare pirate ammo please. 

Bastards flagship can be any navy hull, they can use T2 highslots.
Meatshield can choose any frigate including Navy & T2 (but must not break the Logi/EAF rule)
No pirate frigates (no worms!)

Flag ship fittings have to be registered with the admin, no fitting changes may be made to these ships throughout the tournament. It must have the prefix "FX:" to it's name, no other ships may use this prefix on name. The admin will not be required to disclose the hull&fitting to the other corp. 

When it's gone it's gone rule: only one flagship per team, it can be fielded at the start of any match

Issue: - can it be flown EVERY match?

We know what you're flying rule
Bastards will get on grid at the secret location first. Meatshield will have the option to scout their fleet with a single pilot warping on grid in a shuttle or pod (no ship scan) This gives them time to choose a counter fleet... 

We still know what you flying! Lock-in rule!
Should the Meatshield loose a round, they have the option to lock in the Bastards fleet and face it a second time, this rule can only be used once in the tournament and only in the event of the Meats loosing a round.
(in the event that a flagship was destroyed it can be resurrected for the lock-in match: this applies to both teams)

Issue: Admin keep spare parts? 

Each ship kill is worth 1 point
Bastards start with a -2 points per match, they will need to kill 2 pilots to achieve a draw!
Bastards will forfeit the round if they are not on grid before the end of the 10 minute break
Meatshield will forfeit the round if they are not on grid within 1 minute of the break ending (time to counter)

Arena size
The arena is 100km radius from the central beacon. Moving more than 100km from the central point results in disqualification. 
No on grid warping. 
No cloaking. 

Notes & Additional rules:
Spider tanking is allowed!

All loot is the property of the alliance, and will go back into the slush fund to provide ships and modules for the corps

No podding 
There is no excuse for podding friendlies, anyone doing this will be dismissed from the alliance.

Honour amongst Bastards
No pirate implant sets

Sunday, 27 April 2014

EVE Online Meta Levels - explained again.

A very simple explanation, I've been asked this several times so I figure it's just easier to write it all down.

Meta Levels are at the simplest explanation graduations in the quality of the item.
A simple rule is the higher the meta level the better the item.
You can check the meta level of an item in game by clicking the show info property in the menu.

From the EVEWiki:

The Meta level of an item indicates its quality. The higher the number, the better the item often is.
Tech I items have no Meta level displayed. They are considered to be of base quality.
Tech II items have a Meta level of 5. They are the highest quality items that can be manufactured and sold by players.

Certain faction or other items may have Meta levels higher than 5. 

Their attributes, however, may not always be better than those of the Tech II variant of the item.

Meta 0 "Tech I"

Tech I items are meta level 0, they are the most poor quality of all the versions of an item in game. They often have poor bonus, combined with high CPU, PG, and Capacitor use.

They are created by players from minerals, as such they have a cost fixed by the mineral market which is largely stable. Due to the nature of the market and production the price is largely dependant on the cost of materials. There is no good reason ever to use these items directly on your ship, not even cost.
They are often more expensive than the named versions.

Meta 1-4 "named versions"

The named versions of the modules are dropped in varying quantities from NPC's in missions, belts, and complexes. They have the same skill requirements as the Tech I versions, however they usually have significantly better bonuses, lower fitting requirements and in terms of active modules, often lower activation use. Due to the source of these being loot drops, they are often seen as having little intrinsic value, mission runners often dump these onto the market at very low prices to bulk buy orders. There is often more being dropped per month, than meta 0 (T1 items) produced by the manufacturing process, hence oversupply of mission loot combined with no fixed cost (ammunition+time) to produce means they often sell for less than the Tech I counterpart.

Meta 4 items or "Best named Meta" often have the same bonus as the Tech II item, but with lower fitting/activation costs, and no extra skill requirement. These items are often very valuable, and the market knows this, you can expect to pay more than the cost of Tech II items for these. They are often used over the Tech II versions on very tight fitting ships, or by pilots lacking the skill requirement for the Tech II version.

Meta 5 "Tech II"

These items are mainly* created by players using the research/invention process, the cost fluctuates based on several index's but is still relatively stable. In a change to all the other meta levels, Tech II items also need a higher level trained of the required skill to use. They usually have good bonuses, and marginally higher fitting requirements than the Tech I item.
Tech II weapons allow the use of advanced Tech II ammunition, which you are unable to use in any other meta level items, including the higher faction and officer meta levels. Tech II weapons also gain a second damage bonus from the weapon specialisation skill. Meaning that a Tech II weapon can have more damage with the same ammunition as a faction or best named meta weapon which has exactly the same damage bonus attribute.

They can be easily identified by the yellow flash in the top left corner containing II

Meta 6-15

This is where it gets a little grey, they are split into the following categories, but the line blurs between the exact levels. The easiest way to split them is by the colour tag in the top left corner.

Meta Storyline Items 

These are rare items, due to their limited source, they usually have similar bonus to the Tech II versions, often with very low CPU/PG/Activation costs. They are dropped as specific loot for completing some of the COSMOS and Epic Arc missions. They are often very overpriced, due to their rarity.

COSMOS items do not drop, they are manufactured from materials and BPC obtained from COSMOS missions and sites. They require specialized skills to manufacture, and very few people bother to manufacture them at all, as there are often cheaper faction / deadspace alternatives. Few people do COSMOS missions, so supply and trade volume is low and prices usually higher than the actual value.

Storyline AFAIK are ALWAYS worse than T2 - but have lowest possible CPU/PG need.

They can be easily identified by the green flash in the top left corner containing a O

Meta + Navy Faction items

These items claimed from loyalty points stores from the various factions in EVE. They are relatively rare and expensive due to the LP requirement, the best items are often only available to faction warfare members, and thus command a good price.  They vary in quality but they will have at least the same bonus as the Tech II item, without the skill requirement. They are often much better.

They can be easily identified by the green flash in the top left corner containing a diamond

Meta + Pirate Faction 

These can drop from Special NPCs in asteroid belts though low and null sec. They are relatively rare, and thus command a good price, they vary in quality depending on the item, but they will have at least the same bonus as the Tech II item, without the skill requirement. They are often much better. 

They can be easily identified by the green flash in the top left corner containing a diamond

Meta + Deadspace Items

These drop only from inside of NPC complexes they are often of very high value. The bonuses are much better than the Tech II versions, however some have higher activation charge to balance them. There is usually several version of the item C-Type being the lower version, with B, A, and then X-type being the best. Due to the loot table changes it is often worth looking at the market value of all version, as often the prices do not reflect the best versions.  

They can be easily identified by the blue flash in the top left corner containing a cross

Meta + Officer Items

These drop from special officer NPCs in deep nullsec, they are elite items, with some massive bonuses over even the Deadspace items, expect to pay billions of isk for the good ones. Some of them also have massive PG requirements, thus are unable to be used on smaller ships. 

They can be easily identified by the purple flash in the top left corner containing a star

Compare Tool

There is an option in game to compare items, open the info of an item in game, and look at the other variants far right tab.  At the bottom there is an option to compare versions, you can select the attributes you want to compare and quickly see which version of the item is the best. 


In terms of the invention process of Tech II items, the meta level comes into play, the higher the base meta level used, the higher the chance of successfully gaining a Tech II BPC.

Tech I items have a valid use in terms of mineral compression. Currently with the correct skills/installation you can manufacture items from raw minerals which take up less space than the minerals used. As you can also reprocess these with minimal/zero loss you can transport abnormally large loads on minerals in this manner. Linky

*A few Tech II blueprints originals are in existence, these rare blueprints were given out (with some controversy) early in EVE's life, and can produce Tech II items without the invention process.