Sunday 30 November 2014

[FICTION] The long kiss goodnight

Anabaric looked up from the console he was working on taking in the view from his small office which now looked out over the space dock. The Moros classed dreadnought filled most of the vista, Nashh's insignia was clearly painted on the sides, but something felt wrong. Nashh had a certain style about him and it was evident even when undocking Nashh's usual flying style was missing.

This pilot was observing the undock speed limit, rather than engaging the thrusters at maximum the moment he'd cleared his personal hanger. In fact this pilot was being extra careful, almost as if he didn't want to be noticed, he'd even turned the engines off as he passed a freighter so as not to cause turbulence...

This wasn't Nashh.

There was only one person that would even consider this today, Dame!
He pulled the comm unit out of his pocket, pressing the speed dial.

Over in Nashh's office the alliance meeting was in progress.

"What is it!" Nashh growled.
"Told you so." Anabaric's voice echoed out over the speaker phone.
"Fuck you"
Turning back to his console Anabaric entered a single line of code into the terminal screen.
"Don't worry, I've fixed it for you, he's having navigational issues..."
He could Lazy laughing in the background over the tinny speaker.

The jump drives of the Moros had spooled up and blue lines of electricity pulsed along it's hull, as the field lines converged a small explosion blew out several decks near the aft of the ship. The field lines stuttered twice then converged as the drives overloaded, purple sparks jumped over the hull, the ship vanished.

On board the Moros, Dame smiled as he made the jump, he was away, his cargo hold full of Nashh's rum and the Dreadnought fully fueled and ready. Then warning lights started to flash on the console, the jump was taking ages, something was wrong.

Reality shifted again and the ship dropped back into normal space, he started to take stock of the situation, the ship was in one piece, but why did his head hurt so much?  where was his cyno ship? In fact where the hell was he? Damage control was reporting minor damage to most systems, the jump drive was offline, fuel was showing depleted, navigation was showing errors, he couldn't possible be there... and why did his head hurt so much.

Checking his jump timer, Dame started to realize what had happened. An overload had caused the ship to use all the fuel in one single jump, he was lucky to still be alive, the moros was stranded with no fuel, and blown drives. Damage control teams were already working on the drives, 6 hours for the repair. Not really an issue, his head was killing him and he had 14 hours of jump fatigue anyway.

"So how did you know he was going to take that ship"
"I didn't."
"Then how did you do that?"
"I put a bomb on your ship"
"Just that one?"

Thursday 23 October 2014

Hauler Death Race II - The REDEADENING!

From the desk of Ithica Hawk - Director of The Bastards
Coming soon (Sunday October 12th 2000EVE) to a system near you (TBA) is the return of the most exciting sport in New Eden, the T1 Hauler Death Race. The first iteration was hailed by the pundits as "better than football" and "so good I'd suicide my nyx to take part".

Here's a little summary of HDRI from our very own Anabaric:

The T1 Hauler Death Race is simple. So simple even you can do it. All you need to do is turn up in the step off system with a T1 hauler before the start of the race. You can fit the hauler however you like (with a few restrictions) so if you want to eliminate the competition that's fine, and practically encouraged.

When the proverbial whistle is blown everyone will be fleet warped near to a can in space. Inside this can will be an exotic dancer and a mystery illegal substance (one of each for every contestant).

You simply take your load and set off to the destination station (given during the fleet warp). To win, simply trade the exotic dancer and illicit substance back to the organiser.

There will be no designated route. It may be possible to go through lowsec, highsec and nullsec but the final station will be in lowsec. If you get blown up en-route theres nothing stopping you buying another hauler and going back to the start, or possibly even a checkpoint TBC, (except that you'll probably have lost by that point).

I'll probably think up some sort of twist but that will be announced closer to the time.

Can anyone claim the crown of current World Champion TFS Tibbs?

There will be a grand prize (yet to be determined) for the supreme victor in the race but there will also be some other prizes for
* Most other contestants blown up
* Spirit of the race
* Most shit contestant

BSTRD, MEAT and anyone else who wants to play is welcome so tell your internet spaceship friends, blog it, tweet it, vine it, whatever people do these days. The more the merrier.

Only T1 haulers allowed.
Only T1/T2 modules allowed (no officer/deadspace/faction)
Only T1 rigs allowed
No links or boosts allowed
Dual boxing is allowed as long as the other screen is also a hauler
Implants are allowed but discouraged in the name of a fairer race
Fitting offensive modules and drones is allowed
Forming gangs and backstabbing each other is allowed
Name calling is allowed
Dirty play is allowed
No pod killing

Saturday 18 October 2014

Alliance logo's

We really must get these added to EVE, everything is so much cooler with an alliance logo. Who doesn't want to fly with their corp or alliance logo emblazoned on their hull.

The Bastard's LAV in Dayz EPOCH

Sunday 17 August 2014

Sorry not been about....

Ah so many things to do, so little time.

Hardly spent any time in game recently, needed a small break but mainly been spending time getting ready for the end of the month. For those I haven't already told I'll be getting married on the 30th August.

I'll be running a little ingame stag roam one night between now and then, expect terrible fits and large quantities of rum to be consumed.

Catch you all soon.

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Passing the torch.

When I took control of the Bastards Alliance 18months ago, it was a mothballed corp that down to 2 active members, looking for a new place to call home, the training corp was empty bar a few inactive alts.

I took control because The Bastards brand needed to survive past that point, we pulled them into Shadow Cartel and merged the Kadavr Black Guard into them, swelling the initial numbers. Slowly recruiting some of the pilots you see today. And with the return of Johnny Twelvebore from the Tuskers we had the final piece of the puzzle, someone who wanted to push forward again. 

We gave the Shadows a big hug and dropped alliance, pushing foward deeper into lowsec on our own. With all the members being active and pushing recruitment we moved to 60+ players, most of which are active. Opening the training corp allowed us to recruit very young pilots, many of which have gone on to become great solo pilots in their own right. 

With the brand rebuilding many of the old inactive members surfaced and rejoined for a while, some famous faces among them. Just this week TheHermit has appeared, bringing with him the code for the missing ransom board - more on that soon!

Being a CEO is a large responsibility and not something to take on lightly, much like running a business you'll have to deal with both recruitment and discipline at times, even harder you're not actually paying these people to do your bidding. You need to be active, organise events, roams, push recruitment constantly, and not still try to have fun yourself whilst doing all of this. 

This year real life for me has been hectic for those that don't know I'm getting married the end of next month, so between that and career changes I haven't been able to give the Bastards what it needs from a CEO. 
So it's been an easy decision rather than just letting the corp go to ruin I have chose to step back now whilst the corp is still growing strongly. I'll stay on in advisory for as long as they'll have me, but now I just get to turn up and blow stuff up again!

Johnny Twelvebore takes over as the new CEO, a graduate of the Meatshield Training corp and has largely been running the corp in my absense anyway, only fair that he takes the shiny crown with it. 

And no, you can't have my stuff, I'm not quitting eve.