Saturday 21 November 2009

The Learning curve

New Eden is not a simple place to grow old in. When I first undocked in my velator all those many months ago, I never knew what awaited me in the vast universe that is now my home, I have seen many things now, from pirate infested systems, where just escaping from the station undocking ring is an art, to fragile wormholes leading into forgotten worlds still protected by fierce automated defense systems.

The knowlegde of all these things has filled my head and my heart, and has shaped the way I fit modules to my ships, down to the way I fit permanent modifications (ie rigs to sacrifice armour to gain the edge on speed) to my ships.

Over the past 8 months, I have throw skill plans together just to get to the next ship, or the next weapon, there has not been a definate path set down to follow. Today that changes!
Making the final descion to not obtain my capital ship license, I have chosen a path that will progress, via the T2 Cruisers, Recon ships, Heavy assult cruisers, and logistics before moving onto the command ship skills, this will lead me to be able to fly the mighty EOS commandship. This is not a simple path, as I have included all the relevant parts to train for each ship making sure that each ship I obtain will have at least level 4 flying skills, and all the specialist modules trained so that I can fly each ship effectively.

There are several tools available to help you plan your learning, the simplest of these to use is EVE Mon (available here), this has allowed me to plan my training down to the finest detail, making intergrating 45 unique skills into a managable plan.

Monday 9 November 2009

How to steal a NYX

Hard on the eyes, but if you do manage to read the post its a good little story.
Now confirmed as true by some of the Beyond Div pilots...

I lol'd

Thursday 5 November 2009

Taranis beats Vagabond

Impressive kill for a ceptor, wish I could claim it as my own!

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Thats not fair they cried!

So I undock my taranis and the local dock monkey pirate tries to lock me in his Battlecruiser, I escape and get range before he can even finish locking me.

So off to meet the alliance, not finding much in the way of targets we decide to set up a little trap for the iges dock monkeys. We tank up a Battlecruiser and get it to to warp to the station, unsuprisingly there is a red (pirate) Harbinger on the station undock point, our bait warps off to the closest belt and our friend in the harby follows, shortly afterwards his two friends drop onto our bait mrymidom as well.

Springing the trap our fleet drops into the belt quickly pointing all the three pirate ships, the following destruction was quick and painless (for us anyway).

Then the local smack starts, with the pirates claiming foul while all the locals laugh at them. Funny that 3:1 odds in their favour were considered fair...

Dock monkeys never prosper...


Monday 2 November 2009

Pirate Carrier...

Tired of running Battlecruisers, and missing the insane speed of my ceptor,  I decided to jump back into my Taranis and run with the alliance fleet. I had wanted to test my Corelli C-Type MWD in combat and with my new implants giving 3% speed and agility, the ceptor should be even better than before.

I wasn't disappointed, undocking from the station I see a pirate Harby camping the station, good little dock monkey I say to myself, I'll see you again soon... As the lock warning chime starts to sound, I engage the mwd and immediately get hit with 20g's of acceleation 0-4000ms in 2 seconds, the harby finish's it locking sequence just in time to loose it again as I exceed its range. Laughing I set course for Dastyrns and link up with the alliance fleet.

Our mixed fleet of ships was mustered and waiting in stacmon, ready to start the roam. The first few systems we jumped into were quiet, lacking any targets suitable or not. The our falcon pilot calls back that he has a carrier on scan at a station, moving in for a closer look he confirms that it is a pirate, and then to everyone's suprise he says that  it is currently 30km from the station and slowly heading back into dock range.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, we hastily get a plan together, our two interceptors were to jump in and using the scout as a warpin would land ontop of the carrier. I jump through into the system and warp to 70km from the scout as planned. As I drop out of warp I check the range to the carrier... oh shit! I'm 90km off him, and 100km off the station too close for a rewarp! I call back to the fleet tell them to warp to the station rather than me. Engaging my mwd, I race towards the carrier, still not fast enough, I hit the overheat button and get rewarded with another boost to now racing at over 5000ms the damage alarms are starting to flash as the mwd starts to burn up. 25km and I start to lock the carrier, dialing back the the mwd I drop into a close orbit to engage the scram/web combination that will hold down even a giant carrier. The other interceptor arrives seconds later starts its high speed disruptor orbit.

I already know that if the carrier has smart bombs I'm doomed. Then the carrier deploys fighters.. what the hell? Who is this pilot? Warriors would have ended the lives of both ceptors in seconds. The fighters drop out on top of me and and as my overview starts to glow red with fighters the rest of the fleet drops out of warp, as the calls confirming points and webs on, the friendly lock of the logistics cruiser saves my little ship, with only 30% structure left after few lucky hits from the fighters!

The carrier pilot now fully jammed, pulls his fighters, thus proving himself to be a complete idiot and gives in.
Now the little pirate inside ask's should we have ransomed it... ?

Oh well...
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