Sunday 14 July 2013

How awesome is this?

So I was having a chat with a friend at the weekend and she's told me they're setting up a new business making some awesome furniture and gifts with recycled comics and other stuff.

Ah well good luck with that.. (heard it all before - think to myself)  I'll look at your site later...

That's actually pretty cool. 

Well I looked, and was really impressed with the kitsch funky quality of everything. Shoes, purses, coffee tables! Mrs Anabaric has said I'm not allowed the coffee table pictured, but she has agreed I'm allowed to get a new PC tower, and that I can have that 'modded' by Disjunked! Awesome!

So anyway, if you're looking for something 1 of a kind, or a little present for the lady that lets you play eve once in a while go here: