Wednesday 23 November 2011

Social Engineering...

 So this one time in Bosberger there was a drake hanging about the highsec gate, giving a little bit of smack to a cheetah pilot, as he wouldn't get off the highsec gate I couldn't engage him in the wolf...

As he seemed a little scared of the cheetah, I decided to be friendly and offer him some fleet bonus's.

Fenor Ewondor > give you a little bonus ^^
royalreaper > sexy fleet skills :)
royalreaper > just to be on the safe side do you have another loki that has some guns?
Fenor Ewondor > safe side?
Fenor Ewondor > of a cheetah ?
royalreaper > he's coming back in something else :P
Fenor Ewondor > hang on i'll warp us somewhere safe
royalreaper > um ok
>>Royal Reaper has been kicked from fleet.

Fenor Ewondor > warp ana
Korg Tronix > in warp
Korg Tronix > what you shooting
Anabaric > drake
Korg Tronix > and im in a hookbill
Anabaric > he has no web
Korg Tronix > lol it was a dps thing
Korg Tronix > lol he bad
Anabaric > yup
Anabaric > i fleet warped him out here
Anabaric > derp
Korg Tronix > lol at not using the right ammo
Anabaric > i'm erm shield tanking him
Korg Tronix > lol
Korg Tronix > yeah he has thermal loaded
Anabaric > derp

Thursday 17 November 2011

I'm not dead...

Just in case anyone is wondering why I haven't posted for a while. Yadda Yadda Yadda RL, new GF, back soon(tm).

Anyway, Korg over at the mabinogio is hosting a frigate pvp tournament, it has a few rules not normally seen in tourneys, the main one is you need to PvP not Tourney fit your ship, so no dropping overtanked, under DPS'd monsters, other than that there is no limits on faction/T2/deadspace modules. So we should see some very good fits getting blown up.

Secretly I think Korg's in it for the T2 salvage...

Oh prizes, yes good point.

1st Prize  = A Vigilant - Oh so shiny, and ready to take advantage of the Hybrid buffs.
2nd Prize = Navy Faction Cruiser of your choice
3rd Prize = Navy Faction Frigate of your choice

Expect a few special awards to go out for "special fits"
'I lol at you' Award is already anounced, and I might well donate something to the prize fund as soon as I can come up with a good idea for a breacher challenge.


If you want to enter, eve mail in game to 'Korg Tronix' and join the 'Frigate PVP' mailing list

That is all.