The EvE Links Page

Useful links - have I missed something? Feel free to coment.

EvE tools Everything you could possible want and more (sometimes a little too much more) Training skill planner, good starting place, a must have for all pilots.
EFT - The EvE Fitting Tool Forum link for latest version. You WILL need this.

EVE  (CCP Offical sites) Exactly what it says on the tin, offering a free 14day trial, however leave me a message and I'll hook you up with the extended 21day trial. The internal EvE wiki, there are other wiki's but in theory this one is the most accurate 

Interesting stuff A useful place for information and maps of systems
The Influence Map Also known as the who owns what piccy thingy - its pretty! A place where prices are remembered, want to play the trading game? Killboards, fittings advice, and more. Find an agent, do some missions, earn some isk, buy some ships, come to lowsec... People who blog about eve, there's quite a few...

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