Thursday 23 December 2010

I broke 10k the other day...

Well its offical, I broke the 10k mark last night, and am now officallially one of the Top 10,000 ranked players on Battleclinic!


Errm ok, only another 9,950 ranks left to go. - Anabaric

Sunday 19 December 2010

Piracy seems to suit me...
Week one in the new corp has been a blast, staying mainly around Amamake I've been really suprised about how busy this little system has been. I've racked up 84 kills in my first week, most with the corp but a good few solo ones as well.

I've been using the vagabond lots, running about nano is the order of the day when a simple rupture kill is suddenly the bait for a 30man faction gang. Guess some people just don't approve of pirates!

Managed to bait a crusader into a fight, much to his disgust when his ship popped without me even using my armor repair!

Yaaaarrrrrrrr :)

Friday 17 December 2010


Having decided that 0,0 and giant laggy fleet battles wasn't what I wanted to do in EvE and suffering a general lack of motivation to log on and do anything, I have left thundercats. Great bunch of people, and excellent at what they do.

Now back to lowsec for me, and what I do best.

Monday 11 October 2010

EvE starship Contest

Well the contest ends in a couple of days so I uploaded mine this morning. I learned alot about blender in building this, and its something I'd like to play with more over the next few months. After looking at some of the entries already posted I'm pretty sure whichever ship does get selected its going to be amazing.

I almost hope I don't win, looking over some of the others....

Link to contest entries.

Link to contest details

Sunday 10 October 2010

Of Dramiels and bombers..

RL has kept me very busy the last few weeks, and my EvE time has been very limited, so after joining the new corp, i'd not really managed to get out on a good roam to learn how they operate, and start learning the new voices on TS. -Damm greeks!

Last nights roam consisted of a 40 man fleet, 99% dramiels and stealth bombers, with a couple of sabres for good measure. This combination of speed and firepower, meant we could sweep deep into enemy sovreign space, and catch people going about their business.

Eventually the enemy managed to set up a trap with 30+ BC's and small ships. Obvious bait was obvious, however trying to get that one last gank on the board we bit anyway, the response was big and heavy. We lost only 6 ships, a sabre a few bombers, as expected all of the Dramiels survived, I only had one hairy moment when caught in the webs of a hurricane, and as the overview glowing red I became primary drone target! Overheating my AB I pulled out from the pack and spent the next few mins being chased by all the drones. We disengaged and pulled back the 20jumps back into our own space.

My finaly tally was 6 BS, 1 Golem, 3 Drakes, 1 Assult frigate, 1 Stealth bomber, 1 Orca, a Commanship, and 8 pods. All in all a great fun little roam. 

Friday 8 October 2010

Its makeover time...

Old and New  
Ever since I first created my Anabaric, I've always regretted not finishing the Avatar. It never said that once you press create that you'd not be able to change anything.. ever! So rushing to jump into my pod, and kill some evil pirates I pressed random a few times... Bugger!
So then I read this and am happy to say that we all get another chance to make over our charaters, adding new features, clothing and even feet!

As everyone is going to have to remake they're character or be faced with being a silouette, it does make me wonder what I'll look like in a few months time. And what of the famous faces of Backdoor bandit? Will he still look quite so happy?

Thursday 30 September 2010

Blatent Plug

CCP Announces Winter 2010 Expansion
EVE Online®: Incursion

14th free expansion for sci-fi MMO to launch in November

Reykjavik, Iceland - September 21, 2010 - CCP, one of the world's leading independent game developers, has announced a new expansion for all subscribers and trial users of EVE Online that will be released in November, 2010. EVE Online®: Incursion will feature the escalating attacks of the deadly Sansha's Nation which is bent on instituting its own utopia and exacting vengeance against the pilots who stand in its way. Pilots can join public fleets and co-operate to destroy the Sansha incursions and return the universe to normal, receiving wealthy bounties, earning loyalty rewards and high commendation.
EVE Online®: Incursion will also include many improvements as suggested by the Council of Stellar Management, as well as hardware upgrades, software improvements and new cluster components aimed at increasing game and fleet battle performance to even higher levels.
Further improvements include updating the character creator with CCP's Carbon character technology for fresh pilot portraits, a Sansha Mothership, Fighterbomber, the Noctis salvaging vessel, improvements to NPCs and their AI, new coveted loot and rewards, storyline events, amazing new visuals and a more dynamic and simplified system for Planetary Interaction.
EVE Gate, the web-based social networking platform for pilots, sees improvements and additions such as new forums which underline the importance of organizational and communication tools in the virtual world. The expansion enhances the power of individual choice in the context of meaningful relationships with other players - EVE's true strength - as highlighted in the Causality trailer and the classic Butterfly Effect trailer.
"Incursion marks a point where our PVE experience moves towards the co-operative roots of EVE and the largest introduction of our Carbon Technology platform to date. Never before have so many players and developers contributed to EVE's living universe", says Sr. Producer Arnar Gylfason.
More information on continuing development of EVE Online®: Incursion will be available in the coming months on this website, on our official Facebook and Twitter feeds and via our developer blogs.
Media Contact: Ned Coker, CCP Public Relations,
The EVE Online: Incursion logos can be found here: White text on black background image. Black text on white background image.

Welcome to 0.0 please enjoy your stay...

Well a new chapter opens with a bang, whilst moving my ships to their new home in 0.0 I get rewarded by popping one of the annoying campers First Blood who have been preying on NC traffic into 0.0.

If I'd have been quicker, I'd have got the Stealth bomber who whored the mail too :D

Wednesday 29 September 2010

New Corp, New sig

Remember that thundercat logo...?

Well I found a good use for it after all :D

Saturday 25 September 2010

You just got to love it

Found this earlier....

What can I do with it I wonder....

Know thy Enemy...

Many fights are lost or won in the fitting screen, the rest fall down to skill, a little bit of luck, and hoping the enemy doesn't know what he's up against until its too late.

Whilst moving my ships to the 0.0 staging point, I'm always on the lookout for targets of opportunity, one such happened last night. I see an older pilot in Caldari FW in system, checking my overview I can't see anything on scan, then I notice that there is a FW becon alive 20au away, warping in there is still nothing on scan. I hang around for a while then notice a Sentinel on scan, quickly it finds me, and warps to the beacon. Now this is a fight that should be one sided, He has neuts drones and tracking disruptors, I'm scram/web and AC fitted in my firetail which is basically an upgraded rifter.

What the hell, its only a firetail, and I really was in the mood for a scrap! I close and scramble him. As expected he immediately neuts my cap and launchs a flight of drones, Heading away from him to minimise the TD I proceed to pop the hobgoblin II's he's launched, he follows neuting me, and I can see the TD indicators on my overview suggesting that I am infact being tracking disrupted. The firetail has a fantasitc cap recharge so every so often I can gain enough to pulse the AB and get the web a drone. With the Autocannon/rocket highs not needing cap, I carry on destroying drone after drone. Then the Ewar drones come out, lucky for me they had zero effect, being slower than warriors they also died quickly. With the drone threat mainly neutralised and his cap obviously too low to run his neuts, my own cap starts to climb, I can now pulse my AB and manage to start to scramble him again, all the time my 150mm AC's are throwing phased plazma at him, melting his armour. He tries to run, but isn't fast enough, every time he starts his warp out, I bump him preventing him from alligning out, despite not having a scram on him all the time he can't leave!

His structure bleeds, then pop, I'm left on the battlefield as his pod quickly scoots off to the nearest station. He had plenty of opportunities to have left early in the fight when he wasn't scrambed but stayed in the fight trying to make it work.

Checking the mail afterwards I notice his tracking disruptors both have optimal range scripts fitted.... Whoooops, no wonder my guns where still hitting 99% of the time.

And has anyone else notices the firetail looks the the Green Goblins Glider?

Neuro Cartographic Services Closes its doors

It is with regret that the CEO and Directors of NCS have decided to close recruitment and start to mothball the corporation. Due to RL commitments none of us have been able to dedicate enough time to recruiting, and then to looking after the new corpmates whilst they find their feet in Eve and the corp as a whole.

Deciding that as a team we would try and get into a 0.0 corp for a time, we've had a few offers that were good, then we had one that we just couldn't pass up. More details later on that one.

The corp ticker will remain in place, along with some of the assetts not suitable for 0,0. We're all really excited with the new direction gaining a place in an active and top ranking corp right in the heart of the 0,0 warzones.

Watch this space!

Sunday 19 September 2010


Now my Primae is sitting gathering dust in station, the whole PI thing just wasn't of interest, however this ship would be an assett to the mission running that my alt does from time to time. The Primae model is of course fantastic looking, and well done to CCP for reusing it as a dedicated salvager!

Friday 17 September 2010

Eugene Spencer - Hero

from: Anabaric on Today at 10:28:49 am

    I always wanted to grow a beard, but can't get it bushy enough to look more than a bad stubble, if I leave it long enough do you think it will grow, or is there some cream I can rub in to help it?

Greetings Anabaric, brother!

By no means am I and expert on beards. I can only pass on advice and tips I have gained from my own experience.

Will you let me tell you the story of my beard? Perhaps you can learn something from it?

“My Beard Experience”
An Essay By Eugene Spencer, Rodents of Unusual Size

Dedicated to “Anabaric”, who was kind enough to give me the original idea for this essay.


It was around the age of sixteen when I first attempted to grow facial hair. Many of my friends were able to grow full beards – even some of the females - and I wanted to be just like them.

Alas, without dwelling too much on my early attempts too much, it was a disaster. A failure.  My facial hair came through patchy . I had only been shaving for a year or so. But basically I just looked like a 16 year old trying to grow a beard.

Bad times.

After a while I came to a compromise. The only decent facial hair I could grow was my sideburns. And man, I grew them like a mother :censored: er!

Now, a 16/17 year old with giant sideburns might seem a little daft. But Christ on a bike... the pu55y I got was phenomenal! Women like lamb chops and I'm living proof of that. Something about sideburns tickling their thighs or something. I don’t know.

Two years later.

I was 18 and unfortunately the pu55y had all dried up if you pardon the expression. I no longer felt the need to have sideburns. They were awesome and all... but it was time to move on. So I had them chopped and went back to being baby-faced.

Until I was 21.

During this period I watched a lot of 24. You know, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning show starring Kiefer Sutherland? Now, you can spend all day debating wither 24 is a good show or not. I personally like it. It's turn-off-brain TV and it’s not fukkin Judge Judy. Ya know? But it was during this time that I had an actual man crush. I'm not gay but I’m also not afraid to admit that I was in love with a man. Tony Almeida. Do you know the character I'm talking about, brother?

I didn't love him because he's a good looking guy. Or because he had firm buttocks. I loved him for his beard. I'm not afraid to admit that at all. That tiny wee beard was awesome and I wanted one. I wanted to be Tony Almeida!

Now. You may remember that my previous attempts at growing a beard when I was sixteen didn't really work out. The beard grew in patchy. But that was a good few years ago and to be honest, this beard is tiny. It's like the smallest beard you can have. How can you go wrong?

So I set about growing this thing.




As you can imagine, it's not really that difficult to grow. It's not even that difficult to maintain either. But the crucial part is, it **WAS NOT** maintenance-free. It **did** require the occasional trim. Looking back now, the grooming skills I developed during this period were absolutely vital to future beard development. You learn how far you can push trimming. You learn how to handle a razor. But most of all, you learn how to handle the single most difficult element of beard growing: your friends asking you “ARE YOU GROWING A BEARD LOL?”

Man. The first time that happened to me, I crumpled like a hooker punched in the kidneys. I didn’t know what to say. Why was I embarrassed? DOESN’T A MAN HAVE A RIGHT TO GROW A BEARD?

Fukkin right I do. And I told them that. They laughed it off and cracked a few jokes. “To hell with them!”, I thought. I continued to experiment with my facial hair.

I made the small beard slightly longer, so it came down over my chin. I grew even more on my chin and it became more goatee-like, just without the moustache. Do you know what I mean? I started to lengthen my sideburns again. All in all, I had a great time playing about with my facial hair.

Good times.

I did this on and off for a few years. I’d shave it off completely and then re-grow it. But now I was an established beard-grower among my peers and it wasn’t difficult to “take it to the next level”.

I did a test-run. I left all my facial hair to grow for two weeks to see what I looked like.


I didn’t like it! I just looked scruffy. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s looking like a tramp. So I shaved it all off and that was that.

Until last year. I consider 2009AD the “year of bearded enlightenment”.

In April I left my job to work from home. As I didn’t have to look presentable for any occasion ever, I didn’t bother shaving. And the strangest thing happened. The two weeks of non-shaving passed before I knew it. By the end of week three, I began to notice that it was starting to “fill out”. The patchiness was… gone. This was great! By the end of week 5 I was ecstatic! I had a full beard and I could do anything I wanted with it. A blank canvas! Absolutely phenomenal!

It dawned on me that all these years I had been missing the vital ingredient. This ingredient is what air is to our lungs, what water is to a fish, what sunlight is to a flower. This ingredient is critical to beard growing. It is of course… patience.

You see, brother, beard growing takes a long time. It can’t be done over night. It is something you need to commit to. But once you’re up and running, it’s so easy going. You must have patience. Wait six weeks. It doesn’t matter how daft you think you look. It will work out in the end.

Anyway. I grew my facial hair for six weeks. It became wild and unkempt. But I didn’t care. I knew after six weeks I would be able to sculpt this magnificent mound of facial hair into anything I wanted.

The day of reckoning came. I lay out my electric razor, my Gillette Mach 3 razor in the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. The man I used to know was behind that beard. The old me. The man without patience. The unenlightened man.

I picked up the electric razor and turned it on. The hum became hypnotic as I stared into the mirror. I knew I would have to tackle this like a real man. It was unknown territory but really, that’s what life is all about.

I raised my chin and slowly lifted the razor up towards my neck. I paused for a second.

“Am I ready for this?” I thought. “Am I ready to become a well-groomed bearded man?”

Without a second thought, the razor was thrust onto my hairy neck. I only needed to shave my neck – my chin or cheeks must remain as they are. It came so naturally. With every stroke of the razor, I felt the confidence surge inside of me. Whiskers fell to the ground like a spring blossom. I felt free. It was if I was an African Impala running wild through the Serengeti.

Suddenly, my razor began to glow!

“What is this???” I thought. I was a bit freaked out, naturally. I found myself unable to put the razor down. As if some force was moving my hand for me. My movements became completely involuntary.

The razor’s hum and glow became more and more intense until I could no longer see my beard in the mirror. I tried to turn away from the mirror and close my eyes to shield them from the intense light, but it was no use. Something was forcing me to stare directly in to the mirror. The hum of the razor had also grown in intensity – it sounded like a rocket at lift-off.

Although I couldn’t see the razor any longer, I knew I was still shaving. I could feel each stroke on my neck.

“OH GOD… WHAT… IS HAPPENINGTO ME???” I screamed at the top of my voice – barely audible over the intense chinook-like sound of the razor.

There was a sudden, hyper-intense flash of light and then silence. Everywhere I looked was intense, bright white light. Almost too white. Pitch lightness. I felt weightlessness. There was no floor, no ceiling.



Squinting my eyes, I notice some of the white began to darken and change colour. As if the white was materialising into something. It was a face! An old, weathered, bearded face.

“Eugene”, it said in a deep booming voice.

“Eugene, I am God. You have reached the point of no return. From this day forth, you will forever have a beard. You will die and old man, with a full beard. I have been watching you for many years now. There is no doubt in my mind that you are The One”.

“The One?”

“Yes. I am going to give you a very important task. It requires this…”.

Before me materialises a small, black comb.

“What is this?”

“Eugene, this is a specific comb for your beard. You must take it and use it. At every opportunity you must tell as many people as possible about your beard and the specific comb you have for it. With luck, you will bring about a bearded revolution. Every man will have beard”

“But, but I’m not ready!” I exclaimed. “I’ve only just grown my first proper beard!”

“Your mind is not polluted by doubt and greed, son. Alas, I must leave now. But one last thing. If a man named “Anabaric” were to ever cross your path, make sure you dispense sound advice unto him. For he is more important than you will ever know”.

In an instant, the light turned to darkness.


My alarm.

I open my eyes. “Man! What a weird dream”. I stretch look over to the alarm clock. And there, beside the clock is a…




From that day forward I knew I was a true bearded man. A soldier of the tash with a specific comb for my beard.

And now I find you, Anabaric, on these forums. I knew this day would come. And as I promised god, I must give you some advice.

I hope this story has dispensed some of my knowledge. I hope you find it useful and I wish you the best of luck with your beard growing. Never despair. Always look into the light, brother. One day you will have an awesome beard.

And Anabaric. Get a specific comb for your beard. You’ll never regret it, brother.

PS: I rub butter into my beard to pad it out a bit.
PPS: I know I said in an earlier post that my specific comb for my beard was given to me by a man I used to work with. And I seem to have contradicted myself in this post. I will leave it up to you guys to decide which story is closer to the truth.

Friday 10 September 2010

One upon a time in Iges...

So there I was in Iges minding my own business, when I happen to see an ishkur in space surrounded by mission wrecks...
So I figured why not, switching back to my trusty "Crime doesn't Pay" Helios, I probed him out and BM'd the starting gate to the mission. Docking back in Iges to get a Rifter I wondered if this was wise, local was infested by pirates with Blood Money Cartel pilots out in space...

Oh what the hell, I warp to the mission space, reducing my scan range to check for company, uh oh... more probes on scan. Only two on scan, just started to probe, hope he's not a good prober! (the fact that only 2 were on scan kinda proves that :)

I arrive in the first room, nothing here, dammit he's warped. Hit the dscanner again and he's still here, switching overviews ah.. another gate. Still no support ships incoming, the probes are still out, now 4 on scan. I burn over to the next gate, oh god not another gate! burning to the third room I land 60km from him, he see's me and pulls his drones! Dammit!!

Oh wait he's sending them on me, I overheat everything and start webbing and popping his drones. I'm sinking fast, blitzing the repper and nos I manage to pull a few cycles of rep pulling me back from about 20% structure, with guns overheated and me maintaining 7km range he's melting fast. Suddenly I slow down, dammit burned out my AB!!! He's ontop of me, the rep can't keep up, my caps virtually gone! He's well into structure.

POP! He dies, at this point I should have warped out and repaired (10% structure) instead I loot his can... POP! dammit mission rats got hungry.

local pirates were warping in as I left in my pod. They may have got the loot, but I still killed an AF with a rifter :D

Saturday 26 June 2010

Finally.... I slayed my dragon.

When I first encountered a Vagabond I got upset. It killed me, very quickly, very efficiently, and I said then that I'd get my revenge and find an effective solo counter to them. I have huge respect for the ship, knowing its capabilities, and vowing that one day I would kill them... solo...

I've been  flying the Dramiel for a few months, and after switching fits a few times I've finally joined the masses and started flying dual prop. I suddenly realised that it was the perfect ship for killing Vagabonds, able to catch them, and scram them, then by using its tiny signature with afterburner orbit inside of the gun tracking of the 220mm autocannons that are famous for chewing up interceptors.
The only issue is the neut that they apply to anything scramming them, and the drones!

So after much EFT warrioring I worked a way to fit a neut and still keep my shield buffer.

The proof is in the pudding I guess, so I set to hunt the dragon. Searching the local asteroid belts in Tama I was happy to see a vaga lurking 300km away, burning off towards him, we played cat and mouse at various belts, before he finally decided to get close enough and engage.

[ 2010.06.26 22:51:39 ] 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II belonging to DaNecron barely scratches you, causing 91.2 damage
[ 2010.06.26 22:51:40 ] 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II belonging to DaNecron misses you completely.
[ 2010.06.26 22:51:41 ] 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II belonging to DaNecron barely scratches you, causing 66.4 damage
[ 2010.06.26 22:51:42 ]  220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II belonging to DaNecron barely scratches you, causing 122.0 damage
[ 2010.06.26 22:51:43 ] 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II belonging to DaNecron lightly hits you, doing 239.0 damage

Oh shite! it started badly... had I bitten off too much?
Was the dramiel about to die horribly before I could get under his guns. Having no choice now, there was no way I wanted to try and disengage and fly back through his gun range.
The scram went onto him and I settled into a close orbit, switching back to the afterburner, and turning my attention to his recently deployed drones. Now all he was doing was shooting the space behind the my ship, leaving me free to concentrate my guns and drones on removing the 5 warrior II's that were now nibbling at my already low shields. Pressing the "I win" button this time in the form of a Corpii C-type NOS I settled back and concentrated on popping his drones.
By the time I had killed the last drone my shield had dropped inside 10%... scary stuff, one lucky shot and I would be looking at a new pod. I started shooting the Vaga itself, quickly realising that fusion was having little effect, I switched out for EM ammo and was rewarded by the rapid dropping of his shields, switching back ammo back after the shields dropped, I quickly finished off the now toothless dragon.

[Mail was bugged for damage only recording the last impact on his hull at 160 damage]

[Dramiel, Dragon Slayer]
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Gyrostabilizer II
Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core

Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner
Coreli C-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive
Warp Scrambler II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction

150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP S
Corpii C-Type Small Nosferatu

Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Core Defence Field Extender I

Warrior II x3

Warrior II x1

Wednesday 7 April 2010

New Recruits

The first roam is often the hardest, you want it to be active, to get a kill, but you know its probably going to end up with one of you in a pod, or often both...

I kept the fleet small, just myself, one of the regulars, and our newest recruit for a short roam through placid. We kept to disposable ships as we would be throwing them against any target, just to get some combat experience for the rookie. We started at a safe spot in stacmon, going through some very basic tactics, and explaining what the various modules actually do. Initial training went well, and I was happy enough to take the pair of them into lowsec, running ahead in the thrasher I was happy to find a Sacrilege engaging a hulk in a belt, I jumped in and tackled the heavy cruiser just as the hulk popped, my thrasher's shields quickly boiled away as the guns that had been on the hulk now turned their attention to me. The other landed shortly afterwards but as I expected the three of us couldn't break his tank. My thrashers stucture finally melted, and I ejected quickly warping back to safety. The pair being unable attempted to disengage and in the process the rookie lost his incursus after getting jammed on a ice roid. First lesson learnt.

Our second fight of the evening was far more sucessful, we reshipped and I moved the gang to Iges to pick up an easy kill on a mission runner. After scanning out a vexor to 99% I was suprised to acheive a 100% lock on an ishkur a demios and a vexor, apparently I wasn't the only one after this fish.

Quickly reshipping I called the gang to the station, and fleet warped us to the targets. The vexor was gone, and the deimos and ishkur were 70km away, I told the others to burn over and tackle if possible, overloading the MWD on the brutix I started building speed expecting the ships to warp out, then suddenly I got the message that the deimos was warp scrambling the ishkur, checking my overview again I realised that they were different corps, and were caught up in a fight.

We arrived too late to catch the ishkur, which popped before we could tackle it, but were rewarded  for our effort with the kill of the deimos.
Goes to prove there is always a bigger fish out there. Another yet another lesson learned for the recruit.

As first roams go this one was a sucess, and another member of the neuro's pvp team is born.
Welcome to the corp Han.

On a side note: our original target the Vexor got out, but we'll see him agains soon. :)

Monday 25 January 2010

Situational Awareness

Whilst roaming with the alliance fleet, we arrived in system, and set up camp on the gates, as always I kept an eye both on my gate, and on local, after noticing that there was a pirate in system I kept scanning d scanning to check his location. Noticing a ishkur in a belt that was not in our fleet I quickly warped to the belt arriving some 80km away from him, seeing my ceptor closing at full burn the pirate sensibly attempted to flee the belt, unfortunately for him, he'd failed to notice the NPC danger in the belt, and was prompty warp disrupted by the belt rats, not missing the opportunity I overheated the MWD and was on him in a few seconds. The rest of the fleet quickly dropped in and assisted with putting him down.

The moral of this is simple, always be aware of the belt rats, most are relatively harmless, but on occasion those pesky guardian rats will web and scram you. What he was doing in the belt with an obvious camp in system in the first place I've no idea...  Linky

The next fight of the roam came after the main fleet had split up, with the fleet breaking down into smaller parts to get back home, myself and my corp mate Eltharo happened on a missioning Hyperion, whilst we were setting up the warp in, another pirate tried to get me to fight him on the gate, deciding that the hyperion kill was probably worth more, I left the pirate to do his thing, whilst waiting for the cue to jump and warp. At that point the hyp decided he'd had enough missioning, and warped out. Leaving me with an urge to kill and a tempting cyclone now warping off to a belt. Fine I thought, I'm not really set up for a BC kill but it would be rude not to oblige.... linky  now my ganky Brutix is no match for a cyclone, and ending up in 70% structure at the end of the fight kinda proved that theory, so what did he expect when the Pilgrim turned up a few seconds after I engaged? :) Guess he should have specified he'd wanted a 1v1 BEFORE he tried to engage.

Situational Awareness is key in EvE you should always try to be aware of whats going on. What and why two simple questions to ask yourself: What is your target doing? Why is he doing it?
In both of these fights the pirate lost the fight before it was started. The tusker either didn't know about guardian rats, or worse didn't have them on his overview. The second fight happened some time after he first tried to bump me from the gate... why didn't I engage on the gate (he had pirate standings and therefore sentry's wouldn't have been an issue), but then was quite happy to engage him later at a belt?
Situations are fluid in EvE but you can use them to your advantage, if you keep a level head, and think about it for just a few more seconds before you press that button.

the pirate saw me sitting on a gate, now maybe I was just camping the gate, but then I'd probably have engaged him on the gate if I'd wanted to fight him at that point. Think and try to find out what your target is doing before you engage, was he in a mission? was he camping a gate? does he have support? Considering the options before you fight give you a massive advantage over your opponent.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Why did Iges get popular with mission runners all of a sudden...

"Going to California
Another feature in Dominion is our new batch of Gallente Storyline missions. There are two main mission types, "Mining Base Camp" and "Troop Buildup," each with variants based on difficulty and particular target. Each mission stems from the past year's Faction Warfare resultsHeth's resultant sale of key Gallente systems to the Caldari megacorps, and the Federation's reaction.
We're excited about these missions. We coordinated closely with CCP TonyG, CCP Ginger, and the rest of the EVE Storyline Board for specific PvE content. Also, these missions send players to specific solar systems rather than simply sending them some random number of jumps from the agent's location. This allows us to draw out themes for specific locales in the EVE universe."
That explains alot then...

"There are also obvious potential impacts on player traffic that we are eager to watch."

Yes, and here is your answer.
This months most violent system

Keep up the good work CCP!

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Bring me more noobs!

OK, I really need to keep out of Iges, every time I'm there bad things happen to people innocently trying to gain some faction standings.

My security status is at an all time low of -3.9 and I'm having far too much fun to try and fix it :(

Wednesday 6 January 2010

A poor excuse for an ebil piwate

[18:16:57] Anabaric > was it something i said?
[18:17:00] Anabaric > hunni?
[18:17:13] Miner Mistress > hunny punny i like ur bunty
[18:17:36] Anabaric > mwah, cya soon :p
[18:23:41] Anabaric > oh come on... .
[18:23:51] Anabaric > i've got station agro as well
[18:24:03] Miner Mistress > buuhuuuhuu
[18:24:34] Anabaric > seriously 1v1 no bullshit
[18:24:39] Anabaric > your loki, my Mrym
[18:24:47] Miner Mistress > :p
[18:24:52] Miner Mistress > go joke somewhere else
[18:25:13] Anabaric > what are you worried about?
[18:25:57] Miner Mistress > ur not bright are yea
[18:26:11] Anabaric > your the one that keeps running atm
[18:26:42] Anabaric > oh bye then.... ?

And with that she left local :(