Monday 24 October 2011

Well that could have gone better...

In eve its only a matter of time before you do something silly, the level of derp is always relatively high.

Its usually a case of being too cocky, that feeling of invicibility that comes from a sucessful roam, then a golden opportunity to fly the shiny stuff in anger...
The roam was great, with 2 drakes and a hurricane, we plowed down towards Evati, killing everything in our path, which wasn't much but it was fun, the final count was a brutix, crow, then the icing being a jaguar and deadspace fitted absolution, his tempest buddy managed to get out before we could catch him. We passed a couple of gangs, far bigger and meaner than us, with falcons, and scimitar support, but each time we passed them on a gate without loss. 

We were invincible!
On our return to Dal we tried to pick a fight with the Amar gang in local, but they fled before us, we picked up another member to our fleet, then promptly lost two drakes when a overview froze and he didn't see the fast tackle approaching, when their gang returned to Dal!

Revenge must be had!
We jumped into the shiny ships of doom, and suddenly Dal was empty once more, as the gang fled back into Auga.

We entered Auga, grabbed a ceptor who wasn't expecting to be dual webbed by the loki, then insta-popped by the mach's autocannons. We made safe, alligning over to the Korm gate, where the enemy fleet had warped off to. One interpid member of the fleet moved to a pounce above the Korm gate. Landing 200km from the gate, he was immediately alerted to the fast tackle that had joined the gang, namely several ceptors and dramiels... Loosing the advantage of speed, and the choice of range, he chose the wise option to GTFO, but as he turned to run, a moment of derp occured he'd alligned out to the wrong location... and pressing warp caused his ship to stall, and change direction!

That few secons of delay getting into warp was all the time the ceptors needed to make up the 200km, warp was called, followed by the bail command moments later as local started to explode and the Amar gangs numbers doubled. Unfortunately for the rest of us, being alligned to the correct location, meant we entered warp almost immediately...

What followed was something akin to the last charge of the light brigade with similar results. 
To add insult to injury the swarms of ECM drones released by the Amar gang meant that 3billion isk of ships went down without taking a single ship with them.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Eve is a very cruel master. 
But you know what... things like this is why I love playing, combat in EvE gets your heart racing like no other game I've played.

Friday 21 October 2011

War... I think?

The Black Cadavers War.

The Black Cadavers who cannot correctly remember our names, I think I got theirs right though. Who is HONOUR SPACE WARRIORZ like us despite being part of filthy Republic who claim to fight for freedom but then deny us the right to live as we choose on the leash of their Jovian backed CONCORD masters and call us KRIMINALS.

The Cadavers have spoken well of our esteemed president mr. Bull on the PROPAGANDA SHOW of Kirith Kodachi who is space rich and has as really big ship named after an old city somewhere in a sandy place I think. Anyways they said they is better than us. This is an obviously lie for we are the bestest and coolest and greasiest (except for saftzuse who only has greasy mustachio and me cause I is classy Khanid girl) space bikers in all of New Eden. So SPACE HONOURZ must be satisfied and we shall go to warz against them to proof we is greasier and bestest.

They is much less in numbers then us but they is very experienced warriorz and you should not underestimates them. Many is ex tuskers (other kool peoplez unjustly called kriminals) and other people good at shooty shooty. They have space honourz though so should be GFGF’s.

Fight with hard but with honourz against them.

I shall also payz 20 millions for foulmouthed drunkards corpse who’s name I can’t remember now but will after listen to PROPAGANDA again that called us bad.


So after we ran it through google language tools we came out with this.

"Dear Sirs, thank you for the respectful coments on the Podcast. Whilst we accept that you may have some very experienced pilots, you are not as suggested better than us. Therefore we will have honourable space combat, to prove our worth.

Flying a space brick...

Thats what it felt like as I twisted and turned, trying to get the Slicer down into weapons range, for a small ship, the Enyo certainly is not agile.

I'd just killed a rifter, and was busy ransoming the pod when the slicer landed on grid, trying to hurry the ransom up, but the slicer was soon shooting me, meh... oh well no ransom to day then. Letting the pod go*, I immediately overheated the AB and tried to slingshot the slicer into 14km which was my overheated pointrange (ooh is that a skirmish link I see, or are you just pleased to see me...) However no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it down below 15km. Null ammo was not having any effect, and my one little ecm drone was not exactly helping me catch him.

As structure was starting to bleed, I pulled a quick switch, and managed to get out of point range, warped off and repaired my ship.

Undocking again, I flew to the sun and waited, he landed at 100km from me, and started to burn in, now if he's clicked orbit you can use a simple trick by staying still till he's close, then using overheated AB, fly directly into his path, which will break the orbit and force his ship to stall allowing you to close further and into scram range.

BUT.... this chap was manually flying and expected that... damm, a few minuites later, I'm entering structure again, so perform the same trick and escape.

So I dock, repair again,
...and switch for a mwd, snigger quietly, then fly back to the sun.
Setting allign I limit my speed to 1000 the same speed as I'd been doing with the AB. Soon enough he lands on grid, and starts shooting at me again, I play possum for a bit, just keep trying to approach, then as my armor is virtually gone (not really an issue in a hull tanked Enyo) I stop, overheat the MWD then launch towards him, his MWD is shut down and his ship explodes almost the moment my guns start to connect.

Was close thru....

3rd time lucky :)

*I was feeling generous, and eager to shoot the slicer.

Sunday 9 October 2011

A tale of four Slicers...

Tonights tale of bravery and destruction starts with a single Slicer, this single Slicer travelled into Dal System was keeping alert and cautious, in the home of the fealess leader of the Kadavars and Lord of the CDM Nashh Kadavar, who was active in system. 
However when he found the Brave Lord of CDM flying a Rifter, he bravely jumped on him engaging him from range with purple lasers! 
The fight wasn't going well for the Lord, the Slicer was a far more powerfull and agile vessel, but bravely he carried on in single combat, then Nashh screams for assistance, he's seen another Slicer on scan, and more war targets are entering system! 

This would not do! The Kadavar's are heroic, and must not be ganked!!

Our Hero Anabaric, jumps into his shiny new Hookbill, tearing the last of the bubble wrap off the controls, and launches into space, and charges into battle! but its too late the Rifter has met its sorry end.

Alas poor hookbill, its not going to be a fair fight, not one, not two, but three Navy Slicers are there waiting for him as he lands on grid.
Anabaric struggles valiently, firing rockets at the fast targets whilst burning away, but with three much faster ships against him, its only a matter of time before the poor ship melts under the laser beams, and our Hero's Hookbill maiden voyage ends in flames...

Revenge must be had! Two Kadavar ships for no kills!

The Slicers hang about in System, acting as a taunt to the Kadavar's.

Anabaric rushes back to station and grabs his trusty Dramiel, this monster frigate is setup for brawling, and unlike many other Dramiels this one is active tanked. Many a poor ship has met its end at its angry teeth!

He undocks, and immediately engages two of the slicers, the first unaware of the 18km commandship boosted scram, suddenly looses its microwarp drive whilst being torn to pieces by a swarm of hungry drones! with two slicers the Dramiel's active tank is holding nicely, then suddenly there is another Slicer, then another!
Four slicers now start to overwelm the tank, but the first slicer explodes in glorious flames. Turning his attention onto the next target this one is also caught out by the long range scram. And with the Kadavars finally undocking in a rifter and a taranis the fight turns in their favour, the second Slicer explodes, by this point the Dramiels shield have gone, and structure is bleeding heavily, Anabaric decides he's had enough and overheats his afterburner and gets away from the final two slicers, warping out at 20% structure...

In a final heroic move Anabarics hobgoblins decide they haven't had enough and carry on shooting the third Slicer who soon explodes to the Kadavar's.

The fourth slicer, loosing the will to fight after watching helplessly as his comrads effective destruction at the hands of the merciless Kadavar's, disengages from the fight and flies off to lick his wounds.

Final score Kadavars 3 Ammar milita 2.

Saturday 8 October 2011

A tale of two fights...

A little moral story for you...

I had two arranged fights this evening, the first with a young pilot who was lurking in Dal, in a rifter, I chased him for a bit in my Dram (as I just happened to be flying it from earlier) then offered a 1v1 with rifters, he accepted we went to a planet, fought. It was very one sided, my shields not actually dropping below 10% on my armor tanked rifter.
But he had balls to fight a flashy red, so well played young Huff Duff!

We had a little chat, afterwards and as he was polite, and interested in PvP I invited him back to station, gave him the very rifter I had beaten him with fully fitted and with his dropped mods in the cargobay, and sent him on his way with a invite to the OUCH uni channel, and a offer of future employment, should he complete their training program.

I look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Now onto the other fight of the evening...

A shit talking Harby pilot fielding T1 warriors, far too young to be flying one effectively.

20:36:05] Innsomniac > u keen for 1v1
[20:36:39] Anabaric > yeah, i'll 1v1 you in that hull vs this if you want
[20:37:12] Innsomniac > yeah righto
[20:41:47] Innsomniac > do you get off head bro
[20:46:11] Innsomniac > u at??
[20:49:38] Innsomniac > oi i cant remember what system u were at
[20:49:43] Innsomniac > where u at
[20:54:10] Innsomniac > cunt u fucking ignore me dog ill rape your family and your first borne and massacre your farmyard pets

[20:54:51] Innsomniac > shit grubbin about cunt

I was busy in a fight and missed his upset little whine about raping my dog, but hell, this guy needs podding, so I open up another conversation with him.

[20:55:30] Innsomniac > hello there kind sir
[20:55:31] Anabaric > DAL
[20:56:00] Innsomniac > brah im way toio off me head for this shit are we gonna have a crack or not if not im bailin
[20:56:13] Anabaric > come to DAL
[20:56:17] Anabaric > we'll fight
[20:56:24] Innsomniac > nar ay u come here
[20:56:43] Innsomniac > Auga Planet 2
[20:57:45] Anabaric > DAL is better for me,
[20:57:51] Anabaric > auga has too many WT's
[20:57:57] Anabaric > we would be interupted.
[20:58:01] Innsomniac > of course its better for you you got fucken maties
[20:58:14] Anabaric > 1v1 is 1v1
[20:58:39] Innsomniac > righto brah
[20:58:50] Anabaric > i can have mates in Auga if i wanted.
[20:58:53] Anabaric > your call
[21:00:34] Innsomniac > where u at
[21:01:03] Anabaric > PLanet V
[21:07:01] Innsomniac > hmm gg lol

So a few minutes later he exploded....

[21:11:36] Innsomniac > bruz pod me yeah
[21:11:49] Innsomniac > i cbf flying home


[21:12:27] Anabaric > you sir are an idiot
[21:12:30] Anabaric > and rude
[21:12:39] Innsomniac > lol umad??
[21:12:42] Anabaric > nope
[21:12:45] Anabaric > you ded
[21:12:54] Anabaric > i didn't even turn on the tank
[21:13:15] Innsomniac > i couldnt even touch ya
[21:13:20] Innsomniac > too quick yeah
[21:13:25] Anabaric > not really
[21:13:27] Anabaric > 900ms
[21:13:30] Anabaric > with the web
[21:13:37] Anabaric > your skills for tracking are just bad
[21:14:26] Innsomniac > yeah ay
[21:14:32] Innsomniac > all a bit of fun brah
[21:14:45] Innsomniac > havnt done too much pvp
[21:15:43] Innsomniac > what did i do wrong there what could i have improved
[21:15:48] Anabaric > well being rude gets you podded for one
[21:17:00] Innsomniac > soz bout that matie aussie humour
[21:17:28] Anabaric > hmmm
[21:17:34] Innsomniac > nah serious
[21:17:39] Innsomniac > sorry if i offended bro
[21:17:50] Anabaric > np's
[21:20:52] Anabaric > best advice i can give you is fly smaller ships until your skills both ingame and your knowledge of PVP are higher
[21:20:59] Anabaric > also consider joining a training corp
[21:21:21] Anabaric >
[21:21:26] Innsomniac > hmm kays
[21:22:11] Innsomniac > can i add ya to friends bruz
[21:22:52] Anabaric > can add anyone as contact, but i don't do blues with neutrals.
[21:23:08] Anabaric > if you want a fight and i'm online feel free to contract me
[21:23:28] Anabaric > suggest you apply to OUCH btw, they will teach you plenty.

 Now normally I won't pod anyone during orgainised one vs one fights, and I will give their loot back, thats just me, but some people, you just HAVE to pod.

So the moral is treat people how you want to be treated, and reap the rewards.

Kama's a bitch afterall.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fools rush in...

Trying to look scary...

I haven't really put the mach to good use since I bought it, been a little bit of a trophy for me, ganked a few people with it, used it on the station with the carrier supplying a virtually unbreakable tank. But never really took it out to play with.

Well last night I decided to get some insurance, refit for roaming, and go out in a blaze of 800mm autocannons...
Of course what actually happened was, we went several jumps deep into Amarr territory and didn't find anything to kill.

Finally after hanging about for a while trying to look scary the Amarr managed to form up a fleet to engage us.

The fight happened about in Roushzar, and started 100km from the Korm gate, most of the reds on the other side, and our Loki sitting at 100 when a drake landed close and started to engage.

From my 200km vantage pointed I warped down to support the loki, at this point the real fight started, an Arazu decloaked at 20k from me, and immediately scrammed me, uh oh...

However kinda expecting it (seeing it earlier on d-scan) I had used the short time before it could lock to cycle the mwd and get a burst of speed away and up from the gate. With the full force of the Machariel's 800's in combination with the Tengu & Loki's not so shabby DPS the Arazu remembered that it was already dead, and promptly exploded.

Because we were were within 150 of the gate, thus at an unwarpable range their ships were forced to burn from the gate out towards us. Control of range and speed allowed our smaller force to take on their gang without loss. By forcing them to come to us, their advantage of numbers was reduced, also the Mach is actually a very effective destroyer of small tackle, with bonus to tracking and the ability to hit hard at 80km, combined with the webbing loki, meant that the small ships died before being able to pin anyone else down.

At this point we turned our attention to the Drake that had started the fight. Then chasing the remaining Battlecruisers off the field.

The final score was : Arazu, Drake, Crow and a pair of slicers. for no loss, the rag tag remains of their fleet warped out.

We hung around in system looting wrecks for a while wondering if they would bring another gang to catch us. Then one of them comes back in a Devoter... hmmm spidersense was starting to tingle, is it hotdrop Oclock already?

We stayed at range, taking potshots at them, but staying well out of tackle range, finally their gang came in via the gate, and spent the next few minutes trying to warp the devoter into tackle range, failing miserably, in the mix the another enemy ceptor is popped.

Realising they don't have, and can't gain control of the fight they all do the sensible thing and leave.

We hang around a little longer pop a Harby, a pair of Hawks, then the same Amarr gang starts to appear in local 1 by 1, we know they are aware of our fleet composition, and wouldn't be throwing just anything at us, they must by now have the tactical advantage...

Its getting late so we decide on the Brave Sir Robin move, and run away back home, happy at a very sucessfull roam.