Monday 19 December 2011

Alt Sale: Arthouris Vandleour

Sale thread on EVE-O forum

Link to Skill sheet

Ugly bastard isn't he...

I am selling one of my underused characters, feel free to bid or make offers in game.

Minni BS V with Mauraders 4
Minni Cruiser V with Strat Cruiser 4 (all subs @V)
Frig V with inty/AS/covop 4

Mainly focused for Minni PVE/Exploration/Mining etc
Ready to go for WH with excellent probing, & loki skills.
lvl 4 missions available for Republic Fleet - Virr Honn
Positive Sec status
Clean corp history
Low combat history

Can also fly
Hulk (with T2 miners)

Wednesday 14 December 2011

FAIL: The Freighter part 2

Been asked a couple of times what actually happened so..

I'd been watching this chap move stuff in and out of the station in an Itty V for a week or two, he was using an Insta undock a few million clicks out from the station. So despite a coupleo of half hearted attempts I'd not managed to catch him with the Hurricane.

Deciding that the best way to catch him was to be waiting at his insta point. I kept my eye on him, when he next he docked, I switched Ana into his cov ops frigate, and deployed probes 20au away from the station, then set them up in standard cross form 0.5au around the station, this way when he undocks, i'd be able to get his undock spot, then catch him another day with a combat ship.

So there I was, drinking Quafe intravenously, just chilling when he undocks in a Oblieisk!
Oh fuck is he going to use the insta? He finally warps, looks like its towards the insta, checking the range, yep! Pressing scan, 100% hit, there is no choice I have to do this now, its not every day he undocks a freighter.

Warping the cov-ops down, I decloak and spam the lock button cursing the targetting delay, he's moving already alligned out, I engage the MWD and bump him, just as the lock resolves, and I apply the scram...

At this point I realised my Alt doesn't have a combat ship in system, so I then contract my Tornado to him, and frantically press buttons to accept the contract. Undocking the alt lands with the Tornado and start to apply DPS, on landing with the alt I see the notification that the pilot has initiaed Self destruct, I try to reship with Anabaric, but unfortunately I'm not quick enough to get the DPS ship back into the fight, and the freighter explodes in low structure.

Close but no cigar...

Monday 12 December 2011

So I killed a freighter...

..well almost, bloody thing self destructed before I could finish it was about 10% structure.

But hey, its another wreck...

"21:13:38 Notify Obelisk belonging to Janet Dreamer self-destructs."

Friday 9 December 2011

Putting bloody great big holes in things...

Anabaric dropped out of warp at the planet, and imediately locked onto the covert signal coming from Arthouris's ship. As the Tornado's bow swung round he once again smiled at how quickly she handled compared to the Hurricane. Lights flashed up on his display, weapons armed, thermal safeties disengaged, the warp disruptor light flickered, then finally came online.
He made a mental note to get that fixed, then engaged the warp drive.
The Tornado frame shook slightly as it entered the short hop to the POS where its victim was outside the shields maintaining the weapons systems. He landed on grid 10km from the Badger Mk II, immediately alligning out to a planet, the weapons locked, and 800mm shells reduced the transport to rubble in a few volleys.

Warning alarms started to chime on his console as the POS gunners frantically started to lock the Battlecruiser, but the agile Tornado was already in warp before the guns could finish locking.

"Are we having fun yet?" Arth's manical grin popped up on the neocom screen."She's fucking awesome, did you see the way that hull came apart when those 800's hit her?!"
"Arth's she's perfect, you were watching then?"
"Yeah course I was, I bought her for you, course I'm gonna see what she does" replied Arth smugly.
"We need a real challenge, find me something with teeth.."
"Done, there's a hurricane in belt 1-1"
"what do you think..." Arth replied sarcastically cutting off the comm channel.

The Tornado landed at 20km from the stationary hurricane, as Anabaric started to lock the hurricane a pilgrim decloaked inside of 10km, expecting this Ana had already maxed the speed on the tornado and was burning upwards, the microwarp drive thermal safety off, the maximum speed of 3500ms was fast approaching, now well out of range of the pilgrims deadly short range neuts the 800's made fast work of the approaching hurricane.
The pilgrim quickly decided that this fight hadn't gone as planned and cloaked just as the hurricane exploded.

Arty's grinning face popped up on the screen.
"Your still alive then?"
"A pilgrim? did you know that was there... ?"
"quit your bitching you wanted a challenge"
"Got something else lined up for you already, when its good its good, some idiot's got a battleship ratting over in 7-3, Get there now!"

Anabaric cancelled the overheat warnings, and engaged the warp drive again, on landing in the belt the mix of T2/T1 drones confirmed Arth's original statement, this guy was obviously not ready to be flying this ship, let alone bringing it into a combat environment.
As the Tornado's 800mm heavy autocannon shells rapidly boiled through the Typhoon class battleship, Anabaric sent a quick picture to Nashh of the ruined typhoon, the subject of the message...
'You owe me another shiny'

"Arth, I owe you a beer, dock up"

**End Transmission**

Friday 2 December 2011

You mad bro?

Anabaric == 20m and you can go free :)
Nitro DSP == YES?
Nitro DSP == 20 OK
Nitro DSP == ALT
Nitro DSP == dual boxing
Nitro DSP == shit
Nitro DSP == 2 minutes
Anabaric == 10 secs :)
Nitro DSP == logging on jita alt
Nitro DSP == now
Nitro DSP == ok okoko
Nitro DSP == loading
**local spikes and two of his corp mates come into system**
Nitro DSP == hey
Nitro DSP == you will die
Anabaric == 2 more autos entered system
Nitro DSP == they sure did genious
Nitro DSP == this is our system
Nitro DSP == get the fuck out
Anabaric == hahahah
Anabaric == should have paid :)
Nitro DSP == you will either leave early in your ship or leave in your pod
Nitro DSP == lol
Nitro DSP == why my chips
Nitro DSP == lol cost me 45 minutes not even
Nitro DSP == honestly me fitting a new ship will waste more time
Anabaric == cost me alot less, few rounds of ammo, paid for by your bounty
Nitro DSP == lol
Nitro DSP == you know i got that
Anabaric == you should bring frigs not BC's to catch a ceptor
Anabaric == seriously...
Nitro DSP == lol who put 10,000 isk bounty on you are you chasing noobs
Anabaric == 2x cane and a ruppie for little ole me
Anabaric == <3
Nitro DSP == meh i said get there
Nitro DSP == now
Nitro DSP == so yea thats what you get
Nitro DSP == you dont come around here often
Anabaric == get used to it :) <3

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Social Engineering...

 So this one time in Bosberger there was a drake hanging about the highsec gate, giving a little bit of smack to a cheetah pilot, as he wouldn't get off the highsec gate I couldn't engage him in the wolf...

As he seemed a little scared of the cheetah, I decided to be friendly and offer him some fleet bonus's.

Fenor Ewondor > give you a little bonus ^^
royalreaper > sexy fleet skills :)
royalreaper > just to be on the safe side do you have another loki that has some guns?
Fenor Ewondor > safe side?
Fenor Ewondor > of a cheetah ?
royalreaper > he's coming back in something else :P
Fenor Ewondor > hang on i'll warp us somewhere safe
royalreaper > um ok
>>Royal Reaper has been kicked from fleet.

Fenor Ewondor > warp ana
Korg Tronix > in warp
Korg Tronix > what you shooting
Anabaric > drake
Korg Tronix > and im in a hookbill
Anabaric > he has no web
Korg Tronix > lol it was a dps thing
Korg Tronix > lol he bad
Anabaric > yup
Anabaric > i fleet warped him out here
Anabaric > derp
Korg Tronix > lol at not using the right ammo
Anabaric > i'm erm shield tanking him
Korg Tronix > lol
Korg Tronix > yeah he has thermal loaded
Anabaric > derp

Thursday 17 November 2011

I'm not dead...

Just in case anyone is wondering why I haven't posted for a while. Yadda Yadda Yadda RL, new GF, back soon(tm).

Anyway, Korg over at the mabinogio is hosting a frigate pvp tournament, it has a few rules not normally seen in tourneys, the main one is you need to PvP not Tourney fit your ship, so no dropping overtanked, under DPS'd monsters, other than that there is no limits on faction/T2/deadspace modules. So we should see some very good fits getting blown up.

Secretly I think Korg's in it for the T2 salvage...

Oh prizes, yes good point.

1st Prize  = A Vigilant - Oh so shiny, and ready to take advantage of the Hybrid buffs.
2nd Prize = Navy Faction Cruiser of your choice
3rd Prize = Navy Faction Frigate of your choice

Expect a few special awards to go out for "special fits"
'I lol at you' Award is already anounced, and I might well donate something to the prize fund as soon as I can come up with a good idea for a breacher challenge.


If you want to enter, eve mail in game to 'Korg Tronix' and join the 'Frigate PVP' mailing list

That is all.

Monday 24 October 2011

Well that could have gone better...

In eve its only a matter of time before you do something silly, the level of derp is always relatively high.

Its usually a case of being too cocky, that feeling of invicibility that comes from a sucessful roam, then a golden opportunity to fly the shiny stuff in anger...
The roam was great, with 2 drakes and a hurricane, we plowed down towards Evati, killing everything in our path, which wasn't much but it was fun, the final count was a brutix, crow, then the icing being a jaguar and deadspace fitted absolution, his tempest buddy managed to get out before we could catch him. We passed a couple of gangs, far bigger and meaner than us, with falcons, and scimitar support, but each time we passed them on a gate without loss. 

We were invincible!
On our return to Dal we tried to pick a fight with the Amar gang in local, but they fled before us, we picked up another member to our fleet, then promptly lost two drakes when a overview froze and he didn't see the fast tackle approaching, when their gang returned to Dal!

Revenge must be had!
We jumped into the shiny ships of doom, and suddenly Dal was empty once more, as the gang fled back into Auga.

We entered Auga, grabbed a ceptor who wasn't expecting to be dual webbed by the loki, then insta-popped by the mach's autocannons. We made safe, alligning over to the Korm gate, where the enemy fleet had warped off to. One interpid member of the fleet moved to a pounce above the Korm gate. Landing 200km from the gate, he was immediately alerted to the fast tackle that had joined the gang, namely several ceptors and dramiels... Loosing the advantage of speed, and the choice of range, he chose the wise option to GTFO, but as he turned to run, a moment of derp occured he'd alligned out to the wrong location... and pressing warp caused his ship to stall, and change direction!

That few secons of delay getting into warp was all the time the ceptors needed to make up the 200km, warp was called, followed by the bail command moments later as local started to explode and the Amar gangs numbers doubled. Unfortunately for the rest of us, being alligned to the correct location, meant we entered warp almost immediately...

What followed was something akin to the last charge of the light brigade with similar results. 
To add insult to injury the swarms of ECM drones released by the Amar gang meant that 3billion isk of ships went down without taking a single ship with them.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Eve is a very cruel master. 
But you know what... things like this is why I love playing, combat in EvE gets your heart racing like no other game I've played.

Friday 21 October 2011

War... I think?

The Black Cadavers War.

The Black Cadavers who cannot correctly remember our names, I think I got theirs right though. Who is HONOUR SPACE WARRIORZ like us despite being part of filthy Republic who claim to fight for freedom but then deny us the right to live as we choose on the leash of their Jovian backed CONCORD masters and call us KRIMINALS.

The Cadavers have spoken well of our esteemed president mr. Bull on the PROPAGANDA SHOW of Kirith Kodachi who is space rich and has as really big ship named after an old city somewhere in a sandy place I think. Anyways they said they is better than us. This is an obviously lie for we are the bestest and coolest and greasiest (except for saftzuse who only has greasy mustachio and me cause I is classy Khanid girl) space bikers in all of New Eden. So SPACE HONOURZ must be satisfied and we shall go to warz against them to proof we is greasier and bestest.

They is much less in numbers then us but they is very experienced warriorz and you should not underestimates them. Many is ex tuskers (other kool peoplez unjustly called kriminals) and other people good at shooty shooty. They have space honourz though so should be GFGF’s.

Fight with hard but with honourz against them.

I shall also payz 20 millions for foulmouthed drunkards corpse who’s name I can’t remember now but will after listen to PROPAGANDA again that called us bad.


So after we ran it through google language tools we came out with this.

"Dear Sirs, thank you for the respectful coments on the Podcast. Whilst we accept that you may have some very experienced pilots, you are not as suggested better than us. Therefore we will have honourable space combat, to prove our worth.

Flying a space brick...

Thats what it felt like as I twisted and turned, trying to get the Slicer down into weapons range, for a small ship, the Enyo certainly is not agile.

I'd just killed a rifter, and was busy ransoming the pod when the slicer landed on grid, trying to hurry the ransom up, but the slicer was soon shooting me, meh... oh well no ransom to day then. Letting the pod go*, I immediately overheated the AB and tried to slingshot the slicer into 14km which was my overheated pointrange (ooh is that a skirmish link I see, or are you just pleased to see me...) However no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it down below 15km. Null ammo was not having any effect, and my one little ecm drone was not exactly helping me catch him.

As structure was starting to bleed, I pulled a quick switch, and managed to get out of point range, warped off and repaired my ship.

Undocking again, I flew to the sun and waited, he landed at 100km from me, and started to burn in, now if he's clicked orbit you can use a simple trick by staying still till he's close, then using overheated AB, fly directly into his path, which will break the orbit and force his ship to stall allowing you to close further and into scram range.

BUT.... this chap was manually flying and expected that... damm, a few minuites later, I'm entering structure again, so perform the same trick and escape.

So I dock, repair again,
...and switch for a mwd, snigger quietly, then fly back to the sun.
Setting allign I limit my speed to 1000 the same speed as I'd been doing with the AB. Soon enough he lands on grid, and starts shooting at me again, I play possum for a bit, just keep trying to approach, then as my armor is virtually gone (not really an issue in a hull tanked Enyo) I stop, overheat the MWD then launch towards him, his MWD is shut down and his ship explodes almost the moment my guns start to connect.

Was close thru....

3rd time lucky :)

*I was feeling generous, and eager to shoot the slicer.

Sunday 9 October 2011

A tale of four Slicers...

Tonights tale of bravery and destruction starts with a single Slicer, this single Slicer travelled into Dal System was keeping alert and cautious, in the home of the fealess leader of the Kadavars and Lord of the CDM Nashh Kadavar, who was active in system. 
However when he found the Brave Lord of CDM flying a Rifter, he bravely jumped on him engaging him from range with purple lasers! 
The fight wasn't going well for the Lord, the Slicer was a far more powerfull and agile vessel, but bravely he carried on in single combat, then Nashh screams for assistance, he's seen another Slicer on scan, and more war targets are entering system! 

This would not do! The Kadavar's are heroic, and must not be ganked!!

Our Hero Anabaric, jumps into his shiny new Hookbill, tearing the last of the bubble wrap off the controls, and launches into space, and charges into battle! but its too late the Rifter has met its sorry end.

Alas poor hookbill, its not going to be a fair fight, not one, not two, but three Navy Slicers are there waiting for him as he lands on grid.
Anabaric struggles valiently, firing rockets at the fast targets whilst burning away, but with three much faster ships against him, its only a matter of time before the poor ship melts under the laser beams, and our Hero's Hookbill maiden voyage ends in flames...

Revenge must be had! Two Kadavar ships for no kills!

The Slicers hang about in System, acting as a taunt to the Kadavar's.

Anabaric rushes back to station and grabs his trusty Dramiel, this monster frigate is setup for brawling, and unlike many other Dramiels this one is active tanked. Many a poor ship has met its end at its angry teeth!

He undocks, and immediately engages two of the slicers, the first unaware of the 18km commandship boosted scram, suddenly looses its microwarp drive whilst being torn to pieces by a swarm of hungry drones! with two slicers the Dramiel's active tank is holding nicely, then suddenly there is another Slicer, then another!
Four slicers now start to overwelm the tank, but the first slicer explodes in glorious flames. Turning his attention onto the next target this one is also caught out by the long range scram. And with the Kadavars finally undocking in a rifter and a taranis the fight turns in their favour, the second Slicer explodes, by this point the Dramiels shield have gone, and structure is bleeding heavily, Anabaric decides he's had enough and overheats his afterburner and gets away from the final two slicers, warping out at 20% structure...

In a final heroic move Anabarics hobgoblins decide they haven't had enough and carry on shooting the third Slicer who soon explodes to the Kadavar's.

The fourth slicer, loosing the will to fight after watching helplessly as his comrads effective destruction at the hands of the merciless Kadavar's, disengages from the fight and flies off to lick his wounds.

Final score Kadavars 3 Ammar milita 2.

Saturday 8 October 2011

A tale of two fights...

A little moral story for you...

I had two arranged fights this evening, the first with a young pilot who was lurking in Dal, in a rifter, I chased him for a bit in my Dram (as I just happened to be flying it from earlier) then offered a 1v1 with rifters, he accepted we went to a planet, fought. It was very one sided, my shields not actually dropping below 10% on my armor tanked rifter.
But he had balls to fight a flashy red, so well played young Huff Duff!

We had a little chat, afterwards and as he was polite, and interested in PvP I invited him back to station, gave him the very rifter I had beaten him with fully fitted and with his dropped mods in the cargobay, and sent him on his way with a invite to the OUCH uni channel, and a offer of future employment, should he complete their training program.

I look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Now onto the other fight of the evening...

A shit talking Harby pilot fielding T1 warriors, far too young to be flying one effectively.

20:36:05] Innsomniac > u keen for 1v1
[20:36:39] Anabaric > yeah, i'll 1v1 you in that hull vs this if you want
[20:37:12] Innsomniac > yeah righto
[20:41:47] Innsomniac > do you get off head bro
[20:46:11] Innsomniac > u at??
[20:49:38] Innsomniac > oi i cant remember what system u were at
[20:49:43] Innsomniac > where u at
[20:54:10] Innsomniac > cunt u fucking ignore me dog ill rape your family and your first borne and massacre your farmyard pets

[20:54:51] Innsomniac > shit grubbin about cunt

I was busy in a fight and missed his upset little whine about raping my dog, but hell, this guy needs podding, so I open up another conversation with him.

[20:55:30] Innsomniac > hello there kind sir
[20:55:31] Anabaric > DAL
[20:56:00] Innsomniac > brah im way toio off me head for this shit are we gonna have a crack or not if not im bailin
[20:56:13] Anabaric > come to DAL
[20:56:17] Anabaric > we'll fight
[20:56:24] Innsomniac > nar ay u come here
[20:56:43] Innsomniac > Auga Planet 2
[20:57:45] Anabaric > DAL is better for me,
[20:57:51] Anabaric > auga has too many WT's
[20:57:57] Anabaric > we would be interupted.
[20:58:01] Innsomniac > of course its better for you you got fucken maties
[20:58:14] Anabaric > 1v1 is 1v1
[20:58:39] Innsomniac > righto brah
[20:58:50] Anabaric > i can have mates in Auga if i wanted.
[20:58:53] Anabaric > your call
[21:00:34] Innsomniac > where u at
[21:01:03] Anabaric > PLanet V
[21:07:01] Innsomniac > hmm gg lol

So a few minutes later he exploded....

[21:11:36] Innsomniac > bruz pod me yeah
[21:11:49] Innsomniac > i cbf flying home


[21:12:27] Anabaric > you sir are an idiot
[21:12:30] Anabaric > and rude
[21:12:39] Innsomniac > lol umad??
[21:12:42] Anabaric > nope
[21:12:45] Anabaric > you ded
[21:12:54] Anabaric > i didn't even turn on the tank
[21:13:15] Innsomniac > i couldnt even touch ya
[21:13:20] Innsomniac > too quick yeah
[21:13:25] Anabaric > not really
[21:13:27] Anabaric > 900ms
[21:13:30] Anabaric > with the web
[21:13:37] Anabaric > your skills for tracking are just bad
[21:14:26] Innsomniac > yeah ay
[21:14:32] Innsomniac > all a bit of fun brah
[21:14:45] Innsomniac > havnt done too much pvp
[21:15:43] Innsomniac > what did i do wrong there what could i have improved
[21:15:48] Anabaric > well being rude gets you podded for one
[21:17:00] Innsomniac > soz bout that matie aussie humour
[21:17:28] Anabaric > hmmm
[21:17:34] Innsomniac > nah serious
[21:17:39] Innsomniac > sorry if i offended bro
[21:17:50] Anabaric > np's
[21:20:52] Anabaric > best advice i can give you is fly smaller ships until your skills both ingame and your knowledge of PVP are higher
[21:20:59] Anabaric > also consider joining a training corp
[21:21:21] Anabaric >
[21:21:26] Innsomniac > hmm kays
[21:22:11] Innsomniac > can i add ya to friends bruz
[21:22:52] Anabaric > can add anyone as contact, but i don't do blues with neutrals.
[21:23:08] Anabaric > if you want a fight and i'm online feel free to contract me
[21:23:28] Anabaric > suggest you apply to OUCH btw, they will teach you plenty.

 Now normally I won't pod anyone during orgainised one vs one fights, and I will give their loot back, thats just me, but some people, you just HAVE to pod.

So the moral is treat people how you want to be treated, and reap the rewards.

Kama's a bitch afterall.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fools rush in...

Trying to look scary...

I haven't really put the mach to good use since I bought it, been a little bit of a trophy for me, ganked a few people with it, used it on the station with the carrier supplying a virtually unbreakable tank. But never really took it out to play with.

Well last night I decided to get some insurance, refit for roaming, and go out in a blaze of 800mm autocannons...
Of course what actually happened was, we went several jumps deep into Amarr territory and didn't find anything to kill.

Finally after hanging about for a while trying to look scary the Amarr managed to form up a fleet to engage us.

The fight happened about in Roushzar, and started 100km from the Korm gate, most of the reds on the other side, and our Loki sitting at 100 when a drake landed close and started to engage.

From my 200km vantage pointed I warped down to support the loki, at this point the real fight started, an Arazu decloaked at 20k from me, and immediately scrammed me, uh oh...

However kinda expecting it (seeing it earlier on d-scan) I had used the short time before it could lock to cycle the mwd and get a burst of speed away and up from the gate. With the full force of the Machariel's 800's in combination with the Tengu & Loki's not so shabby DPS the Arazu remembered that it was already dead, and promptly exploded.

Because we were were within 150 of the gate, thus at an unwarpable range their ships were forced to burn from the gate out towards us. Control of range and speed allowed our smaller force to take on their gang without loss. By forcing them to come to us, their advantage of numbers was reduced, also the Mach is actually a very effective destroyer of small tackle, with bonus to tracking and the ability to hit hard at 80km, combined with the webbing loki, meant that the small ships died before being able to pin anyone else down.

At this point we turned our attention to the Drake that had started the fight. Then chasing the remaining Battlecruisers off the field.

The final score was : Arazu, Drake, Crow and a pair of slicers. for no loss, the rag tag remains of their fleet warped out.

We hung around in system looting wrecks for a while wondering if they would bring another gang to catch us. Then one of them comes back in a Devoter... hmmm spidersense was starting to tingle, is it hotdrop Oclock already?

We stayed at range, taking potshots at them, but staying well out of tackle range, finally their gang came in via the gate, and spent the next few minutes trying to warp the devoter into tackle range, failing miserably, in the mix the another enemy ceptor is popped.

Realising they don't have, and can't gain control of the fight they all do the sensible thing and leave.

We hang around a little longer pop a Harby, a pair of Hawks, then the same Amarr gang starts to appear in local 1 by 1, we know they are aware of our fleet composition, and wouldn't be throwing just anything at us, they must by now have the tactical advantage...

Its getting late so we decide on the Brave Sir Robin move, and run away back home, happy at a very sucessfull roam.

Friday 30 September 2011

[FICTION... ?] The WH incursion

Tal'Shi was upset, she was stuck. Stuck in the stupid wormhole. Arth had said it would only be a couple of hours, just jump in,  cloak up, keep an eye on the hole, and wait for Anabaric and friends to come in a kill these stupid Capital pilots.
It was a stupid mission and she was fed up, she was stuck in the stupid hole for a week now, and there hadn't been a decent connection out ever since. This particular WH seems to only ever generate a links to C4 hole's and most of those had been rather hostile.

A very close call with a stealth bomber had left her sparsly fitted magnate with only 5% of armor and no way to repair it! She used the camera drones to survey the damage, the shields had since recharged but the armor was burnt and hanging off in places, normaly gleaming gold, the magnate looked more like those horrible Minnimatar ships that Anabaric and Arthouris liked to fly.

She cursed Arty loudly over the comm system, then went back to her daily routine of checking the hole for activity, then trying to find a new way out. The hole was busy, there was only ever a few active pilots but they were using Dreadnoughts and Carriers to raid the Sleeper sites, and the amount of wrecks was quite staggering, the amount of Isk being generated by these pilots would be staggering, which of couse why she was still stuck in the stupid hole, having to wait for a good connection to K-space.

Mind you, she thought with a smile, she was on overtime for this job, and was looking forward to spending her share of the loot, and Anabaric had promised her an upgrade for her magnate when she got out. The midnight black Anathema that had been gathering dust in his hanger...

Thursday 29 September 2011

Shiny things attract people... moths to a flame, and often with similar consequences...

So the new boys had joined corp, and everyone was running carrier logistics and moving stuff in. So there was little ole me, sitting out on the station in my Mach "Make it dead..." defending the cyno* when local bumped a little and an Amarr gang came in. Unsuprisingly my Mach was soon pointed by a lone Maller, who was quickly joined by a mixed gang of frigates and a couple of BC's. I turned the hardners on and waited, the buffer was soon starting to drop but I wasn't worried as sitting 20km away was my alt in the Niddy. Surely the Amarr were not that stupid to realise?

Turning the capital reps on, both mine and Acutes shields are soon repped back to 100% and the pitiful DPS just can't break the reps. A falcon decloaks at zero to the station but hurriedly docks before I could lock it.

I can see what's going to happen, I'm going to agress the Mach, then local is going to blow up, and I'll get ganked.

Meh, I'm a sucker for bait. So I take a pot shot at the Maller, then stop shooting.

Waiting....   hmmm no spike

Fair enough.... guess its rude not to engage.



The rest of their fleet scatters..

Shame really...

*well its a good excuse to pose.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Incarna: The Text Adventure (Reblog)

Found this on the interweb, for those who's GPU's are struggling under the load, you can also run as many versions of this new client on a low end machine as you could ever want...

Incarna: The Text Adventure 

Congratulations CCP

Monday 26 September 2011

[FICTION...?] The hunter

The sun's glare reflected dimly off the dark metallic hull of the ship, no lights shone from within, the ship appears dead and drifting, closer inspection reveals large burns and scars, some deep, past the nanite reinforced armor, deep into the structure of the ship, any one of which could have been fatal. As the ship continues to drift silently towards the planet there is evidence of life, the scars are getting smaller, the nanites in the armor are still hard at work trying to patch the holes. A single puff from a thruster fires as the ship corrects its heading once more resumes its silent drift.
Inside the ship the a voice blasts out over the intercom. "I don't care how much damage there is to the hull, fix the armor, reload the guns, we've still got work to do tonight."
"Sir the damage to the hull is critical, one more hit from that cruiser and we'd have been finished"
"But we're not, they are, and Arth has already found us a new prize, I need to be ready now..."
"Yes sir?"
"I won't ask again..."
"Sir! We're on it!"
The chief mechanic shudders involuntarily as he turns away from the intercom.
"You heard him, reload the guns first, we'll be going in hot and still repping"
Lights start to flicker across the power panels, as the pod pilot is already starting the engines, and programming the navicomp.

The Wolf class assult ships drops out of warp on the jump gate, the gate alarms chime out gate sound as the gate frantically starts to lock, but the frigate has jumped.
"Taking a short cut, buckle up" The cold voice speaks out over the intercom.
"What the..??..."
"Oh god not Amamake"
The screens fill with red as multiple targeting warnings chime out, but the small craft is already alligned and in warp.
"Sir, They had a HIC, that was too close"
There is a sense of a silent chuckle throughout the ship. Pod pilot and ship are one.
Mackie turn and looks at his second who's muttering something about life insurance.

The Wolf class assult ship drops out of warp next to an aceleration gate, the broken rogue drones ship that should have been defending the gate are signs that someone passed this way recently, someone in a ship powerful enough to destroy lots of nasty drones...

The gate activates and the Wolf is hurled forward into the unknown. The signs of drone activity are high, derelict ships are clustered in groups waiting to be processed, there is no sign of the target only another gate.
At full speed the wolf burns deeper into the pocket, scanners checking every wreck and hulk for signs of their dangerous owners.
"Arty, how deep is this fucking pocket" The ship to ship communication crackles slightly.
"Targets in the next pocket"
"I hate drones"
"Your not going to enjoy this then"
"Arth you bastard, what's in the next room"
The final gates sequence locks in and the Wolf is thrown into warp.

The wolf lands, 20km away an Armageddon class battleship is engaged in a furious firefight with Rogue Drones, laser beams light up the pocket, as they melt the last Rogue drone.
The Amageddon pilot however is paying attention, and starts to align out towards one of the stations, but its too late, the scram from the wolf and the battleship isn't going to leave any time soon.

In a rage the battleship pilot starts to wildly shoot at the frigate, massive blasts of energy miss the frigate by mere meters, some passing close enough to vapourise the shield, but not quite close enough. A single direct hit at this range would destroy the frigate, but with the battleship's guns not being able to keep up with the fast moving ship the threat is minimal. Realising that he's unable to hit the frigate, he launches a flight of fast warrior drones. The wolf quickly targets and destroys the drones, there is a cheer from the crew as the last drone is wrecked.

The Battleship continues to fire at the frigate for another minute, before finally realising the inevitable, and cools his guns, and accepts the neocom connection.

"Welcome to Amamake, if you plan to leave in your ship its going to cost you 100m payable now"
"You and who's army, you'll never break my tank" The sneer in Battleship's pilots voice is hard to miss.
"Its simple, you can pay the money and leave in one piece or I can pick over the hull fragments, and modules. What's it going to be?"
Mackie looks at the crew, shrugs and cycles the action to reload the guns with plasma rounds, its going to be a long night. Just at that point the proximity alarm sounds, Mackie dives over to the command screens.
"Sir, there's something inbound, shit! its heavy the gate stress is massive!"

The Machariel class battleship lands in the pocket, 1400mm turrets lock onto the Armageddon, at point blank range the Armageddon is pushed back by the force of the impact, armor plates buckle and splinter and a wash of plasma boils across the golden hull.

There is a loud "bing" and the the financial screen indicates a large "donation"

The little wolf aligns and follows's the giant Angel's battleship into warp.
Anabaric laughing over the comm's seeing the fresh bright pink paint emblazoned upon the rear of the hull of the giant battleship "Set phasers to make it dead!"

WANTED: Recuits Dead or Alive

So if you haven't heard KBG are recruiting!

Unlike many corps we don't hold you to do any one thing at a particular time, we're all here to have fun, no setting the alarm clocks for POS bashing operations at silly o'clock.

So what are we and what do we do?

We Kill people...
Lowsec Piracy - Most of our pilots have negative standings from a well earned by a career in lowsec.
Faction Warfare Fleets - We have contacts in the right places to get in on the fun fights.
0.0 hunter killer roams - Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system. 
Piracy Mass Fleets - Sometimes the local pirates join up for a juicy target, we have the contacts
Wormhole Incursion - Its rude not to prey on the weak

We all need it and can never have too much, we're not going to give it to you, but we will help you and give you the tools you need to make plenty. 
Wormhole Operations - we have a permanant base of operations in a C4(static C3)
Faction Warfare - access to lowsec missions, this you can do with your PVP character!
Incursions - Some of our pilots choose this method, they will be willing to share knowledge and assist.

We have several active FC's who are willing to spend the time with you teaching you both how to get the best out of your ships and skills. Whilst we expect our pilots to have a good knowledge of the game, we also have a training program for complete rookies. If we feel that you don't meet our basic requirements we will refer you to OUCH, completion of their training program will then guarantee admission into KBG.

/me puts on his robe and wizard hat and pretends to try and take you seriously - nuff said

Apply Here

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Wolf vs Hookbill, or a lesson in situational awareness.

So wanting to try out my shiny new wolf, I set off looking for things to kill.

Round 1. Seeing a Hookbill in the belt I moved in hoping that he wanted to play, he was mwd fit with a tracking disruptor, so cleverly stayed well out of scram range. No amount of jiging got him into my scram range, so  I switched out to long range ammo, and forced him into a longer orbit, at which point I switched off, and warped back to a roid over 200km away.
Round 2. Whilst the above had been going on I had also been setting up my probes on the belt, I waited until he turned his mwd off to get his cap back up, then with a quick fleet warp to zero. The wolfs scram went on, and I started to tear his ship apart.

He rejected the ransom for his pod, then convo'd me a while later, still not quite sure what had happened.

[21:24:28] Razor Soulvoyeur > that was impressive warp
[21:24:30] Razor Soulvoyeur > gf
[21:24:40] Razor Soulvoyeur > once you scrambled i was dead
[21:25:00] Razor Soulvoyeur > how did you do that?
[21:25:15] Anabaric > hookbill pilot?
[21:25:25] Razor Soulvoyeur > yup
[21:25:35] Anabaric > you weren't looking for probes :)
[21:25:42] Razor Soulvoyeur > damn man too good
[21:25:46] Razor Soulvoyeur > *salutes*
[21:25:52] Anabaric > o7 gf mate
[21:25:55] Razor Soulvoyeur > played like a true pro
[21:25:57] Razor Soulvoyeur > you too
[21:26:01] Razor Soulvoyeur > didn't expect that at all
[21:26:11] Razor Soulvoyeur > i was like whoa
[21:26:18] Razor Soulvoyeur > first round i did ok against you
[21:26:21] Razor Soulvoyeur > correct?
[21:26:32] Razor Soulvoyeur > i was getting your shield down if i recall
[21:26:32] Anabaric > well i couldn't catch you, but you didn't touch my tank
[21:26:38] Anabaric > i'm armour fit
[21:26:43] Anabaric > boomslang <-- linked fit
[21:26:46] Razor Soulvoyeur > ahh yeah then i didn't
[21:27:04] Razor Soulvoyeur > don't see a probe launcher
[21:27:18] Anabaric > thats because its on the alt
[21:27:24] Razor Soulvoyeur > ahh
[21:27:28] Razor Soulvoyeur > bloody good
[21:27:39] Razor Soulvoyeur > very impressed done like a pro
[21:27:51] Razor Soulvoyeur > got me jittering losing like that was scary shite :P
[21:28:01] Anabaric > hhaha, eve gets your heart beating
[21:28:14] Razor Soulvoyeur > sure does you did that well got me excited
[21:28:26] Razor Soulvoyeur > ty again if you want another round brought out my comet same area :P
[21:28:33] Razor Soulvoyeur > you rock no kissing your butt
[21:28:36] Razor Soulvoyeur > did awesome
[21:28:40] Razor Soulvoyeur > *salutes* o7

So apparently I rock :)

The lesson for today, ALWAYS keep checking your situation, watch local for spikes, watch scanner for probes.

Monday 12 September 2011

Blues, Reds, and Special Friends

The fleet advert system is a simple mechanic that allows you to automatically accept people based on standings. This can be a very useful thing for bonus fleets, and pickup gangs, but at the same point its quite easy to end up advertising your fleet to far more people than you want. And if you have the auto accept on, its quite possible to suddenly find yourself scrammed by a hostile target wearing the purple fleet tag.

This is how I see the current contact standing system. 
I work on the NBSI policy, which keeps things relatively simple.

Excelllent! Dark Blue 
+10 standings. These are people I really trust, and would fly with at any time. (Usually my alts, and a few close in game friends) people that I would trust with my ship/pod.
Good! Light Blue
These are friends/NAP, you won't shoot them, they won't shoot you, you might even invite them to fleet sometimes, but only by invitiation.
Neutrals / Grey
Just people I want to keep an eye on in the logon watch list, or added to my contact list for easy communication. Too many people blue people that aren't really blue.
Bad! Orange
I use this to keep track on certain people or groups, so as identify their scouts/members quickly in local.
EVE-Uni are in this group, as are the Tuskers, and quite a few out of corp scouts for other gangs.
Terrible! Red
I don't actually use this tag on a permanent basis, its reserved for war targets, or groups that I wish to target on a given time frame.

So when I set up a fleet advert I use the following.

Corp [x] Hell you've got to trust someone.
Milita [  ]  <-- no chance, this is a suicide button.
Alliance [  ] depends on the alliance, personally I prefer using the standings options.

Based on standings
[X]+10 Excellent

Everyone that can't see this fleet advert will have to be invited personally, after all its not that difficult to x up.

Things to remember.
Fleets are based on the boss's personal standings, so they might not be quite your own view, especially when your flying with larger alliance, or hook up fleets. When flying in someone else's fleet I often keep the fleet window open just to see who's joining. Also remember that squad commanders can invite people into their squad, even against the standings of the boss.

Hopefully this way you won't end up like poor Russkinor, who recently found out to his cost that his boss had set up his fleet badly and was advertising it to all the wrong people...

Sunday 11 September 2011

Knowing when your beat...

EvE is not just about knowing your own ship, its about knowing when to run, when to stay and fight, and when to just turn tail and find another way round. Tonight's lesson was learned by a poor Caracal pilot who jumped into me.
The mistake the Caracal made was not trying to burn back to the gate and escape the other side. As soon as it decloaked 13km away its choices where very limited.

[23:36:35] JESSKABAL > gf
[23:36:47] Anabaric > o/ gf
[23:37:00] JESSKABAL > thought you was not gona cathc me
[23:36:58] Anabaric > you should have burned back to the gate
[23:37:54] JESSKABAL > so how comes i was geting away then you caught up
[23:38:06] Anabaric > thermodynamics
[23:38:17] JESSKABAL > ya i over heated to
[23:38:28] Anabaric > well then, i'm just faster
[23:38:29] JESSKABAL > you muct have hit yours elire

Now looking at the ship in question, an AML Carcal, are not best known for their speed, maxing out with heat at 1970ms, even with max skills (something this one was possibly lacking). Whilst the the standard Nanocane, as loved by pirates everwhere can do just over 2000ms...
Roughly translated, your not getting away in a Caracal

Thursday 8 September 2011

So I started moving my guides

A while ago I was asked to write some Combat Scouting Guides for my old corp, as their website is just about to come down I figured I better move them.
And what better place to move them to...

Yeah ok ok, but the recycle bin was full!

Using the directional scanner, from noob to pro in five minuites

Combat Probing you'll catch more people doing it this way

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Roaming with the boss man

First roam with the new corp, always the interesting one, new pilots, and new rules. I know how I work, and hunt, but how does everyone else do it...

As no one was online I decided to take my shiny new Merlin (yes i know! but its the only Caldari ship I will ever fly I promise!), out for a suicide roam to the heart of Ammar milita territory.

[ 2011.09.07 19:33:01 ] Nashh Kadavr > ana you going out for some pew?
[ 2011.09.07 19:35:47 ] Anabaric > yeah
[ 2011.09.07 19:36:01 ] Anabaric > going to huola ? in a merlin for some lols
[ 2011.09.07 19:36:18 ] Anabaric > be back shortly in a pod

[ 2011.09.07 19:50:28 ] Anabaric*  is on the way back in pod already :)

It was a fair trade the Merlin loss for a shiny ceptor kill, and another shiny medal from corp for killing above my ship class.

So after a few wasted minutes playing with one of the local dock monkeys, we grabbed rifters and headed out to see what we could find. A few jumps out, my prober located an Arbitrator, and the two rifters quickly sent him running away in his pod. As it was a Angels site, and the prober just happened to have a codebreaker we stuck around and opened the cans, and were rewarded with an additional 6m of loots.

This was to set the tone for the rest of the night, we headed on down to Evati, passing a missioning Loki/Tengu/SB I did try to probe, but they saw the probes and quickly hid. Nash carried on down to Evati and managed to kill Burst, he had planned to hold it whilst I got there, but it died rather suddenly... - funny that.

We started to head back, narrowly missing out on a bait hurricane, and then my prober found the T3's in the same spot. I lurked about for a while making very sure about the probe range, and dropped them on 0.5 Au's getting an 80% hit on the first strike (those level 5 skills really starting to pay off now) and 100% on the second, I pulled the probes and waited for the rifters to get into place. Now our original plan was to try and gank the Manticore, and then watch as the T3's killed our cheap rifters. We ran through room after room, with each aceleration gate we expected them to warp out of the site, finally we arrived in the last room of the amost clear site. To our suprise the SB immeidately fled, and the two T3's cloaked and warped out before we could get near.


So what is this site then? A quick visit to google informs us of the possible loot drop being a Cynabal blueprint. So thinking what the hell, we blow up the final container, scoop the loot, and run off before their support fleet arrives.

Yes, I did say support fleet, it eventually did arrive, suprisingly the comment in local from one of the missioners actually turned out to be true...

[22:25:45] Anabaric > so what do we have to do with the site then ?
[22:26:15] Kmelx > all you have to do is hang around for the blue fleet we've summoned, they'll help you out

So two T3 cruisers, required a support fleet to take on a pair of rifters...
They missed Nash who was carrying the loot ^^ but their Ceptor did manage to catch me on the exit gate, as it was obviously I wasn't going to get out, I immedately burned back towards the ceptor, who missed his orbit and came directly into point range! It was a close fight, but with the curse neuting me I was unable to repair at all, overheating my guns and using the Nos I did manage to keep point on the ceptor who got away luckily in structure when my rifter popped. Ah well, another rifter sacrificed to the PvP gods, it was a noble death with a Recon/T3/and a Ceptor on the mail.

All in all, a great roam, some good kills and some great loot ^^

Tuesday 6 September 2011

So apparently I joined the Milita... anyway, what's new in your world.

Now having flown with the Gallante FW guys a while back I decided that being a pirate was far more attractive as I had lots more targets to play with. So I was a little suprised/disappointed when the PvP corp I joined recently were actually in FW, unlike the advert implied. Yes Yes I know I really should have checked up a bit futher before clicking the apply button.

So I find myself in a dilema, 50% of my targets are now "friendly milita" this requires one of two things to happen. Either I change my overview to actually show them as friendly (in which case they will not appear) or I just carry on shooting.

If I do switch for a Milita overview I then have to trust EVERYONE in milita not to shoot me, me the -10 pirate, concord are more than happy with me dead, so won't cause gate/station guns to defend me, in case of a "friendly fire" incident with someone who doesn't know how to setup their overview, and see's pirates as red even if they are milita.



Yeah not gonna happen - If its on my overview its a valid target.

Friday 2 September 2011

How not to fly a Crusader... (Twice)

So new corp, new rules*, ooh shiny medal for killing things above your class, AND an Alliance solo kill of the month thread. Well Anabaric LOVES shiny things, so in my quest for fame, glory, and a large dose of Epeen swinging, I undock in my trusty Rifter....

Hold on a minute..
Dude where's my ships?

Quickly logging in the alt and looking in the carrier's hold, oh look a pile of rifters...
One station trade later....

Where was I, undocking in my trusty rifter, I start to prowl the local belts hunting for shiny things to kill. Amamake is a fun place to be, its busy and there is always lots of militia and local pirates to hunt. Finding a Crusader in a belt I chase him to the sun landing 100km away, he suddenly gets brave and starts to burn directly towards me, his speed quickly rises to 3500, cool I think, all i need to do is get him within 13km and... I wait till he's at 35km, then with overheat already applied to my web/afterburner I launch myself towards him, the fast accleration of the rifter is unexpected, and his orbit attmept fails as my web latchs on, followed shortly by the scram, its a quick kill for the rifter.

About an hour later I see the same chap, in another crusader, he's back in Amamake checking local I don't see any obvious friends, but with the short warp between gates that doesn't mean he's alone.
Its a rifter, I've got a supply in my hanger, so I'm a sucker for bait when flying them.
The fights at the belt this time, he expects my rush tactic and manages to settle into an orbit and quickly boils the shields off, the armor starts to bleed, and I turn on the rep. The whole time I'm constantly changing direction trying to slingshot him back into web range, my cap gets low, cap runs too low and I start to bleed structure, just at that point I switchback and the web catches him. He gets away this time, but is forced out into a wide swinging orbit, I switch back just as he hits the apex, the web lands, on goes the scram, the nos, and finally some damage. With the 150's overheated his ship soon explodes.

Too many people think that orbit at 20km and hit mwd means that an AB ship can't catch them. Manually piloting your ship, switching directions speed, coupled with a bit of luck and a overheated web prove otherwise all too many times.

Did I mention earlier I'm a sucker for bait

*I did mention on my App I was a pirate didn't I... 

Nashh :(

So Nashh got punked :$ And his blog is current under a red flag which is a shame...

HOWEVER... Do not fear, because your favorite female pirate Mynxee is back! Lurking in the wings of the Eve  Not resubbed to EvE yet, but its only a matter of time before New Eden sucks her back in.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Honour... what is your word worth?

An incident last night with the a member of my corp last night forces me to once again think about this very grey area. What is Honour, and how is it applied to New Eden, and a game about space ships.

So last night some idiot flys a hulk into Amamake, and manages to get himself camped into a station. He then accepts a fleet invitation from a -10 pirate (an ex corp member of ours) who promises him an escort out of the station in return for 1.5m isk Unsurprisingly he warps happily away from the station into the arms of several happier pirates. Scrambled and caught, they then tell him that if he ejects from the ship the ex corp member will fly it to Rens and give it back. He ejects, and is promptly podded.

Now at this point I'm not overly impressed with them, ransoming a 200m isk ship is fun, but taking money for a "escort" then feeding him to pirates isn't really my cup of tea.
Then podding him after he ejects is just plain wrong in that situation.

Then to make matters worse, one of the corp members convo's the chap (who's still wiping the pod fluid off) and then promises to return his ship if he contracts over some loot, a deal is agreed for a pile of ore (about 5m worth) at which point the contract is accepted and the victim booted from the channel with a "welcome to eve" message.

Now the chap who lost his hulk is an idiot. That is not in question. However dishonouring ransoms, and blatently lying really annoys me.

People who have had ransoms broken on them tell other people, soon no one trusts anyone and extracting even the smallest of ransoms becomes impossible. I enjoying collecting ransoms, the interaction adds a little more fun to the fight, plus sometimes they stall and invite their friends to the party. Makes finding the next target far quicker.

But its only a game, it doesn't matter people say...

In someways, it actually makes it matter more.

Do what you say you will do, if you ransom a pod, let it go, he'll come back and pay again someday.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Frigate PvP Think your good?

Heretic's are please to welcome all comers to this open furball in Amamake, first friday of every month.

Open to all class of frigate hulls. Details on the forums, links to follow.

EDIT: Forum Link

Killboard Link:

Friday 22 July 2011

So I bought some googles...

Thinking I know, what I'll do is put them on create a avatar picture then take them off and sell them, thus keeping my cool icon...

Dammit, CCP obviously thought of this one, as to take them off it forces you to update your avatar picture...
However there was a rumour of Jumpcloning and getting them back in your hanger... watch this space.

In the meantime here is a picture of me in my 200m isk googles... :)

 20% cooler than before, in 20seconds flat!

Buy googles on buy order for 170m
Wear googles
Jump Clone, thus returning googles to hanger
Sell googles for 200m isk
Profit :) 

Sunday 17 July 2011

Been looking for this for a while..

Noticed this on a few blogs, and wanted to have a play with it.

Now I'm going to sacrifice a few rifters to the gods of war, and see if my gut feeling is right that 150mm Autocannons are actually better in combat than 200mm's.


Signatures - Everybody needs one...

Monday 13 June 2011

So I sold the mineral rights to Amamake....

 :02:32 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > i was wondering if we could make some sort of deal
 :02:40 ] Anabaric > whats on offer ?
 :02:40 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > with your ceo
 :03:03 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > well our corp is at war with The Junkyard Dogs
 :03:17 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we are a new corp and we cant fight this war alone
 :03:35 ] Anabaric > you want to enlist a merc corp ?
 :03:56 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > depends on the costs like i said we are a new corp and dont have alot right now
 :04:08 ] Anabaric > high sec war ?
 :04:26 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we could do it here in anamake
 :04:35 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we moved our office here
 :05:19 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we can fight it here
 :05:28 ] Anabaric > thats a dangerous move without paying rent to Heretic
 :05:46 ] Anabaric > you haven't paid for blue standings, thus are legal target
 :05:55 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we did it out of desperation
 :05:58 ] Anabaric > JYD is least of your worries if your hanging out here
 :06:05 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we know you guys like to kill people
 :06:24 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we have no options
 :06:28 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we are desperate
 :06:38 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we dont want to close our corp
 :06:55 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > what are our options
 :06:55 ] Anabaric > what does your corp do?
 :07:03 ] Anabaric > PVE Mining? PvP ?
 :07:09 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we do a bit of everything at the moment
 :07:17 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > mostly pve and mining
 :07:31 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > cause we dont have the skills to fit ships properly
 :07:38 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > for pvp
 :08:04 ] Anabaric > mining rights in AMamake are currently quite expensive due to the high value ores in system
 :08:28 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we dont want anything like that we just want help with the war
 :08:28 ] Anabaric > how many people are you looking at brining into system
 :09:01 ] Anabaric > you have 29 members, how many accounts is that ?
 :09:12 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > around 25
 :09:32 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > they have like 30 members
 :09:38 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > but i know they have dreads
 :09:49 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > and some carriars
 :10:03 ] Anabaric > then stay in highsec where they can't use them
 :10:06 ] Anabaric > :D
 :10:29 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > lol there brining alot of people and we just dont have the skills to fight them
 :10:36 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > i know we can work something out
 :10:58 ] Anabaric > well bring your people into system, lurk in stations
 :11:08 ] Anabaric > they will come and camp you, and die
 :11:09 ] Anabaric > simples
 :11:10 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > thats what we are doing
 :11:24 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > and we dont want to leave you guys in a bind if they bring in a dread
 :11:33 ] Anabaric > you won't
 :11:53 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > so what about setting up a trap
 :12:45 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > how much would it cost to get an alliance
 :13:43 ] Anabaric > hang on will find out
 :14:13 ] Anabaric > Erehwon Rorschach
 :14:18 ] Anabaric > is our finance officer
 :14:18 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Hi
 :14:29 ] Anabaric > he will assist in payment transations
 :14:33 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > is he on
 :14:40 ] Anabaric > ^^ look up
 :14:49 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > lol
 :14:59 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > so whats it gonna take for an alliance
 :15:21 ] Anabaric > Ammaran Kel'Kek is having some problems with jUnkyarddogs and is looking for an alliance / blue standings for the near future
 :15:37 ] Erehwon Rorschach > is it just for yourself?
 :15:45 ] Edward James Wade > Hello
 :15:53 ] Anabaric > they have moved corp office to system approx 25 members
 :15:53 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > no its for our corp
 :15:55 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Hi there
 :16:12 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > hey hey
 :16:13 ] Anabaric > Edward James Wade is who ?
 :16:25 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > he is one of our officers
 :16:38 ] Erehwon Rorschach > that's fine, nice to meet you
 :16:45 ] Edward James Wade > i must aplogise for our rashness in the office situation
 :16:49 ] Edward James Wade > Nice to meet you to
 :17:04 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Well your looking for blue standing for your entire corp, correct?
 :17:13 ] Edward James Wade > That is correct
 :17:22 ] Edward James Wade > i understand you will have terms
 :18:15 ] Erehwon Rorschach > We can provide Capital support, logistics ship moving etc and the allowance of Ama and surrounding systems. Obviously this comes at a cost
 :18:31 ] Anabaric > (Cap support extra )
 :19:10 ] Anabaric > will you be needing a moon for POS ?
 :19:38 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > that would be awsome
 :20:10 ] Edward James Wade > This is fully understandable, but we can also hopefully provide you with materials from mining or even things we manufacture obviously if you will consider us mining in your system, we are currently or were mining in alakgur, until we got war decked
 :20:54 ] Edward James Wade > The pos maybe a bit ambitious for us at the moment seen as we are still trying to get steady income from planets to support one
 :21:11 ] Anabaric > ok, starting price for moons is 300m/week this gets you a basic moon, if you want high value moon, and reaction arrays then 500m.
 :21:21 ] Anabaric > payable 1month in advance.
 :21:39 ] Anabaric > to deadly badger who is our moon director
 :22:26 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > ok we can work that out after this war is over none of the other stuff matters at the moment
 :22:33 ] Edward James Wade > what if we did not take the moon for the moment, until we are financially steady and we have regained control of the war. What if it was just for alliance for your system and we agree on miniing or no mining rights we carry on about our business with
 :22:46 ] Edward James Wade > your help or assitance as you would call it
 :22:54 ] Erehwon Rorschach > to mine alone will cost around 200mil a week again one month in advance and the rest would be arranged as needed
 :23:13 ] Edward James Wade > understood, and the alliance ?
 :23:31 ] Anabaric > mining rights gives you allowance to mine and extract all ore from system
 :23:46 ] Erehwon Rorschach > you would be looking to join BANE or just have blue standing?
 :23:47 ] Edward James Wade > thats very generous
 :24:02 ] Edward James Wade > join Bane as members or as an alliance ?
 :24:06 ] Anabaric > we could work on percentage, however activity on your behald
 :24:09 ] Anabaric > behalf.
 :24:22 ] Anabaric > until UT is over no offical alliance could be entered into.
 :24:29 ] Edward James Wade > that is a very intriguing deal
 :24:43 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > Whats UT
 :24:50 ] Anabaric > torney
 :25:10 ] Anabaric > spies issues
 :25:17 ] Edward James Wade > ahh yes thats understandable when will the tounry finish?
 :25:44 ] Anabaric > so we are discussing mining rights for all belts, full mineral extraction, and allowing corp hanger in system correct ?
 :26:09 ] Anabaric > all other options to be discusssed after the tournement ends in i think 2 weeks ?
 :26:11 ] Edward James Wade > yes that is correct
 :26:34 ] Edward James Wade > 2 weeks might be a bit long
 :26:50 ] Edward James Wade > sorry may i invite ammaran back to chat ?
 :26:55 ] Anabaric > you can mine in the mean time, however full alliance membership cannot happen
 :27:06 ] Anabaric > you may.
 :27:12 ] Erehwon Rorschach > but alliance protection and blue standing will happen.
 :28:01 ] Anabaric > [21:25:44] Anabaric > so we are discussing mining rights for all belts, full mineral extraction, and allowing corp hanger in system correct ?
 :28:11 ] Edward James Wade > yes correct
 :28:16 ] Anabaric > is what we are discussing
 :28:21 ] Edward James Wade > yes
 :28:29 ] Anabaric > this will cost you 800m for the month
 :28:49 ] Edward James Wade > so long as we have protect against the Junkyard Dogs
 :29:02 ] Anabaric > they will be killed on sight
 :29:31 ] Edward James Wade > sounds like a good deal
 :29:51 ] Anabaric > Ok, we have an accord
 :29:58 ] Anabaric > Erehwon Rorschach do you agree ?
 :30:09 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > hold on one second
 :30:20 ] Edward James Wade > pne second i dont mean to seem like im wasting your time
 :30:24 ] Edward James Wade > one*
 :30:30 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > how much would it cost for protection against the junk yard dogs
 :30:31 ] Edward James Wade > sottu ammaran
 :30:35 ] Edward James Wade > sorry(
 :30:35 ] Erehwon Rorschach > yeah I agree, thats correct and on standard terms we have in place
 :31:00 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we can worry about mining rights at another time
 :31:05 ] Anabaric > they have no aggrement with us, therefore they will be destroyed on sight.
 :31:32 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > so would you be willing to set a trap for them
 :32:05 ] Anabaric > if you want them set as high priority target, then it will be additional 200m pcm to have them set to orange.
 :32:10 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > they do have bounties
 :32:15 ] Anabaric > sorry not pcm
 :32:18 ] Anabaric > p/w
 :32:29 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > would you war deck them
 :32:36 ] Edward James Wade > what woudl it cost if you war decked them and we paid for it
 :32:42 ] Edward James Wade > as for the war deck i mean ?
 :32:56 ] Anabaric > we don't wardec :)
 :33:00 ] Anabaric > we are -10
 :33:06 ] Anabaric > it really makes no difference
 :33:21 ] Erehwon Rorschach > move to our system, pay the costs and they will come to get you. Thus basically being baited to there own deaths
 :33:24 ] Edward James Wade > so 200 mill would be protection correct ?
 :34:07 ] Anabaric > 200m for mining extraction rights
 :34:23 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > what about for just protection
 :34:23 ] Anabaric > additonal 200m for them to be set orange / high priority
 :34:24 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Anabaric > they have no aggrement with us, therefore they will be destroyed on sight.
 :34:35 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > lol sorry
 :34:46 ] Anabaric > you are looking at a 400m p/w package
 :35:02 ] Anabaric > however i'd take the 200m, as they will be killed anyway :D
 :35:13 ] Anabaric > so 800m or 1600m it is your isk
 :35:34 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > how much just to move freely here
 :35:40 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > so you wont kill us
 :35:46 ] Erehwon Rorschach > this will allow you to carry on operating from today. You'd gain access to the area and not be stuck in a station
 :35:47 ] Edward James Wade > DOnt get me wrong we mainly want protection rights, more than the mining rights, it was a whim, if this goes accordingly and well for us and we get along in Amamakem then we would be happy to consider paying the extra for the mining rights, im sorry
 :35:50 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > so we can move all of our people here
 :36:00 ] Edward James Wade > i think i led you astray with the mining and the junkyard
 :36:16 ] Anabaric > hmmm. you don't seem to be taking this seriously, keep changing terms, etc
 :36:24 ] Anabaric > we have been resonable in our offers
 :36:30 ] Edward James Wade > Im sorry we are taking this very seriously
 :36:30 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we are taking it serously
 :36:34 ] Anabaric > this is a very dangerous system to be in.
 :36:45 ] Edward James Wade > we have a very grave problem that needs to be solved
 :36:48 ] Anabaric > you have been offered a package
 :36:51 ] Anabaric > do you accept ?
 :36:55 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Ok, well basically if you move to Ama then you'll get the mining and protection in one package.
 :36:59 ] Anabaric > if not i'm wasting my time
 :37:10 ] Edward James Wade > Thats something i dont want to do
 :37:24 ] Edward James Wade > you did mention 2 weeks trhough
 :37:37 ] Anabaric > 2 weeks is the alliance tournement
 :38:03 ] Anabaric > you cannot become a member during this time, we are not recruiting in any way shape or form, due to the spy risk
 :38:16 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > ok that make sense
 :38:20 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > we got ya
 :38:20 ] Anabaric > as i said eariler
 :38:23 ] Anabaric > ...
 :38:41 ] Anabaric > so 800m for the months mining / activity
 :39:00 ] Anabaric > and additional 800m if you want JYD to be high priority
 :39:11 ] Anabaric > do you agree ?
 :39:56 ] Edward James Wade > You said 200 mill before for mining rights, then you said extra 200 for protection correct i dont want to waste your time but we cannot afford 800mill a month
 :40:08 ] Anabaric > 200 per week
 :40:16 ] Anabaric > = 800m per month
 :40:26 ] Edward James Wade > Understanable i must of read it wrong
 :40:49 ] Anabaric > you cannot afford 800m ?
 :40:49 ] Edward James Wade > may we havea think about it and confer with other directors and the CEO
 :41:02 ] Anabaric > seriously fold your corp
 :41:10 ] Anabaric > thats less than 2x GTC
 :41:11 ] Edward James Wade > we may be ableto but its not jurisditcion to spend that much in one go
 :41:39 ] Anabaric > can you afford your current week ?
 :41:44 ] Edward James Wade > Wuth all respect you are a much larger corp than we are
 :41:48 ] Edward James Wade > Yes we can afford current week
 :42:03 ] Anabaric > Ereh, can we make acception and take one week in advance ?
 :42:07 ] Edward James Wade > but please let me get in touch with the CEO and otrhr director
 :42:15 ] Edward James Wade > other*
 :42:33 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Yes one week in advance would be fine, that way you can sample the area and see what you think
 :42:41 ] Edward James Wade > Hmm very truwe
 :42:46 ] Erehwon Rorschach > without over commiting
 :42:51 ] Edward James Wade > okay, i see eye to eye now
 :43:00 ] Edward James Wade > so if we dont like it you wont try and kill us for refusing ?
 :43:07 ] Edward James Wade > and you keep your word and honor it ?
 :43:08 ] Anabaric > OK, pay the man so i can get back to my dinner
 :43:32 ] Anabaric > my word to the letter you have an accord
 :43:45 ] Erehwon Rorschach > 200mil and you have one weeks access to mine and sample the area
 :44:08 ] Edward James Wade > And the protection
 :44:15 ] Edward James Wade > then we have the deal
 :44:18 ] Anabaric > all ore removed is yours without issue, we will not take a percentage
 :44:28 ] Anabaric > JYD will be shot on sight
 :44:47 ] Edward James Wade > yes thats understandabel but i dont think we will be mining until we know its safe for us in sesnse of TYJD
 :45:01 ] Edward James Wade > Keep to your word and the money is yours
 :45:09 ] Anabaric > fair enough, what you choose to do with the roids/mins is your call
 :45:36 ] Edward James Wade > one more question will the other corps bother us ?
 :45:59 ] Anabaric > we can only speak for BANE.
 :46:14 ] Anabaric > however we control Amamake and all roids/mins
 :46:23 ] Erehwon Rorschach > BANE controls the area
 :46:24 ] Anabaric > you will find only 2 control towers in system.
 :46:31 ] Anabaric > one is ours, the other is offline
 :46:42 ] Anabaric > we own Amamake.
 :47:19 ] Anabaric > you paid yet ?
 :47:21 ] Edward James Wade > Okay, understood so if all goes well after 2 weeks we could make you a tidy profit in 2 weeks we can deal an alliance and talk a little more
 :47:29 ] Erehwon Rorschach > exactly
 :47:36 ] Edward James Wade > until then i will wire the 200 mill to Erehwon
 :47:43 ] Anabaric > ok, we renegotiate in 1 week
 :47:48 ] Edward James Wade > but please let me meet him in person before i do so long as thats okay withhim
 :48:01 ] Anabaric > INRL ?
 :48:04 ] Anabaric > ^^
 :48:07 ] Edward James Wade > no lol
 :48:15 ] Edward James Wade > In amamake
 :48:25 ] Edward James Wade > this is a trust issue
 :48:31 ] Edward James Wade > this is so i can trust you and you can trust me
 :48:51 ] Anabaric > ok fly to p4 m1
 :48:59 ] Edward James Wade > okay be there in 5 minutes
 :49:04 ] Anabaric > DO NOT AGRESS!
 :49:08 ] Edward James Wade > i will come alone
 :49:17 ] Erehwon Rorschach > I shall be there shortly
 :52:01 ] Edward James Wade > I just got pidded
 :52:06 ] Edward James Wade > podded buy lukka
 :52:16 ] Anabaric > ah
 :52:22 ] Anabaric > did you come in via oso ?
 :52:22 ] Edward James Wade > Im sorry you just lost yourself a deal i cant trsut you
 :52:27 ] Edward James Wade > yes
 :52:33 ] Anabaric > told you we own amamake
 :52:36 ] Anabaric > you have no standings
 :52:41 ] Edward James Wade > i just lost 60 mill in a ship and also 50 mill implants
 :52:41 ] Anabaric > you ded.
 :53:06 ] Erehwon Rorschach > no isk has been transfered, I can't set an accord until it has.
 :53:14 ] Edward James Wade > That was the point
 :53:16 ] Edward James Wade > of the meeting
 :53:39 ] Anabaric > well you didn't say you were coming in via OSO
 :53:45 ] Anabaric > i thought you were in system ?
 :53:49 ] Anabaric > what ship were you in ?
 :54:05 ] Erehwon Rorschach > I can come to meet you, where about are you?
 :54:15 ] Edward James Wade > well currently in frarn
 :55:43 ] Anabaric > frarn is highsec
 :55:46 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > I can come to the meeting
 :55:50 ] Edward James Wade > Yes where do you suggest ?
 :56:00 ] Erehwon Rorschach > I can come to Frarn
 :56:00 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > im sitting in 6 moon 8
 :56:07 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > nvm
 :56:18 ] Edward James Wade > small thing is i jsut lost 120 mill
 :56:21 ] Anabaric > p4m1
 :56:37 ] Anabaric > through your own stupidity
 :56:48 ] Anabaric > we own OSO gate / Amamake
 :56:56 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > im on my way
 :56:58 ] Anabaric > you have no standings / no mineral rights
 :57:13 ] Edward James Wade > funny thing is i have been in amamake all day watching oso gate
 :57:21 ] Edward James Wade > and you pod me now ?
 :57:27 ] Anabaric > you didn't warn us that you were coming in though the most heaviy camped gate
 :57:31 ] Anabaric > :(
 :57:46 ] Anabaric > if you'd have been watching the gate you'd know what was going on
 :57:50 ] Edward James Wade > im the one with the sad face, i just lost what i worked hard for
 :57:53 ] Erehwon Rorschach > gate fire and targets they just go pew pew crazy unless told otherwise
 :58:02 ] Edward James Wade > yes i was hoping i would catch a break
 :58:13 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Edward I am in Frarn
 :58:15 ] Anabaric > round here you pay for hope
 :58:16 ] Edward James Wade > well please next time tell them
 :58:28 ] Edward James Wade > i liked that ship lol
 :58:35 ] Anabaric > come in in a pod
 :58:36 ] Anabaric > safer
 :59:02 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > lol im in a shuttle
 :59:14 ] Anabaric > yep i'm in a cynabal
 :59:15 ] Edward James Wade > not worth anything why woudl they fire
 :59:18 ] Edward James Wade > lol
 :59:25 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > nice ship
 :59:32 ] Edward James Wade > One thing though i need to mention
 :59:48 ] Edward James Wade > Lukka, he is friends with the CEO from JYD
 00:10 ] Anabaric > Lukka is a bitch
 00:22 ] Erehwon Rorschach > an individual being friends doens't make everyone a friend
 00:22 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > lol
 00:23 ] Edward James Wade > wasnt expecting that from you
 00:31 ] Anabaric > but he is our bitch and will abide by rules
 00:39 ] Edward James Wade > thank you
 00:45 ] Edward James Wade > Ammaran you still alive ?
 00:50 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > yea im good
 01:01 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > there not targeting me at all
 01:01 ] Anabaric > yup he is safe, sitting 90km from me
 01:03 ] Edward James Wade > then we havea deal for a week then we can renegotiate
 01:10 ] Edward James Wade > lol
 01:21 ] Anabaric > [22:00:56] Lukka > no clue who JYD are
 01:23 ] Edward James Wade > 7 days from this point and time
 01:28 ] Anabaric > he doesn't know them
 01:29 ] Edward James Wade > hmmm
 01:41 ] Anabaric > lots of people say Lukka is their friend
 01:45 ] Edward James Wade > can he at least apologise for my ship
 01:56 ] Erehwon Rorschach > 7 days, from the moment the wallet flashes.
 02:44 ] Edward James Wade > Deal is done
 03:13 ] Anabaric >
 03:14 ] Erehwon Rorschach > Isk received, time and date set
 03:28 ] Anabaric > i will put something up on the public side to show you
 05:11 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > ok cool
 05:12 ] Anabaric > nice doing business, enjoy your ore.
 05:17 ] Anabaric > o7 fly safe
 05:31 ] Erehwon Rorschach > o7
 05:36 ] Edward James Wade > Take care
 05:41 ] Ammaran Kel'Kek > take it easy

 TLDR: Sold the mineral extraction rights, but without the blue standings... ooops!