Wednesday 7 April 2010

New Recruits

The first roam is often the hardest, you want it to be active, to get a kill, but you know its probably going to end up with one of you in a pod, or often both...

I kept the fleet small, just myself, one of the regulars, and our newest recruit for a short roam through placid. We kept to disposable ships as we would be throwing them against any target, just to get some combat experience for the rookie. We started at a safe spot in stacmon, going through some very basic tactics, and explaining what the various modules actually do. Initial training went well, and I was happy enough to take the pair of them into lowsec, running ahead in the thrasher I was happy to find a Sacrilege engaging a hulk in a belt, I jumped in and tackled the heavy cruiser just as the hulk popped, my thrasher's shields quickly boiled away as the guns that had been on the hulk now turned their attention to me. The other landed shortly afterwards but as I expected the three of us couldn't break his tank. My thrashers stucture finally melted, and I ejected quickly warping back to safety. The pair being unable attempted to disengage and in the process the rookie lost his incursus after getting jammed on a ice roid. First lesson learnt.

Our second fight of the evening was far more sucessful, we reshipped and I moved the gang to Iges to pick up an easy kill on a mission runner. After scanning out a vexor to 99% I was suprised to acheive a 100% lock on an ishkur a demios and a vexor, apparently I wasn't the only one after this fish.

Quickly reshipping I called the gang to the station, and fleet warped us to the targets. The vexor was gone, and the deimos and ishkur were 70km away, I told the others to burn over and tackle if possible, overloading the MWD on the brutix I started building speed expecting the ships to warp out, then suddenly I got the message that the deimos was warp scrambling the ishkur, checking my overview again I realised that they were different corps, and were caught up in a fight.

We arrived too late to catch the ishkur, which popped before we could tackle it, but were rewarded  for our effort with the kill of the deimos.
Goes to prove there is always a bigger fish out there. Another yet another lesson learned for the recruit.

As first roams go this one was a sucess, and another member of the neuro's pvp team is born.
Welcome to the corp Han.

On a side note: our original target the Vexor got out, but we'll see him agains soon. :)