Thursday 23 December 2010

I broke 10k the other day...

Well its offical, I broke the 10k mark last night, and am now officallially one of the Top 10,000 ranked players on Battleclinic!


Errm ok, only another 9,950 ranks left to go. - Anabaric

Sunday 19 December 2010

Piracy seems to suit me...
Week one in the new corp has been a blast, staying mainly around Amamake I've been really suprised about how busy this little system has been. I've racked up 84 kills in my first week, most with the corp but a good few solo ones as well.

I've been using the vagabond lots, running about nano is the order of the day when a simple rupture kill is suddenly the bait for a 30man faction gang. Guess some people just don't approve of pirates!

Managed to bait a crusader into a fight, much to his disgust when his ship popped without me even using my armor repair!

Yaaaarrrrrrrr :)

Friday 17 December 2010


Having decided that 0,0 and giant laggy fleet battles wasn't what I wanted to do in EvE and suffering a general lack of motivation to log on and do anything, I have left thundercats. Great bunch of people, and excellent at what they do.

Now back to lowsec for me, and what I do best.