Friday 16 October 2009

Pop goes the Brutix (again)

I really should start building Brutix's I seem to be going through them at a high rate. Thats what you get for running gank fitted ships I guess.
I usually fly a glass cannon but at only 45m isk and getting 700dps with my poor skills you still melt most things. You just don't want to get shot at, which is what happened again last night. Oh well Golem Golem :)
It was a trap, that much was obvious with the bait repping scorpion, but hungry for a fight we followed it to the belt anyway. A little lag on the gate and I missed the scorpion kill, but despite knowing what was already in the belt, figured I'd throw my ship and try and get some of the support ships, (rapier and blackbird) that were harassing our fleet. The blackbird was in structure when I popped, I did wonder if my drones would finish the job anyway, but unfortunately not. As for the rapier pilot sitting just 6k from my wreck, I reckon he might have needed some new underwear at the end of the fight as I'd got the scam and web on, and was just starting to get hits on him.

TIP: Void for battleships, Navy Antimatter for everything else.

Monday 12 October 2009

Why Virgin Media is a poor choice.

Do not fly in anger with Virgin Media ADSL, you will die, and loose your pod.
(Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

The pitch...

The reality...

Finally after months of complaining Virgin have agreed that they have a problem with their traffic shaping software and that it doesn't recognise gaming packets as priority. To be honest my traceroutes have been off the scale some days, with pings of 500ms making controlling my ships in eve impossible.

The loss...
 I should have known better, the connection was slugish, sometimes taking 10secs to jump between systems, and docking.. well I've seen the inside of the docking attempt already in progress too many times.

But in search of pew pew, Elth and I took the blitz route down to Goinard via lowsec, a nice FW lowsec pipe, with few targets showing their heads, and a short game of tag with a Abbaddon that only wanted to play docking games. We raced off into the next system, empty, then off to the next, Elth is in the lead, and jumps, I arrive on the gate and hit jump, only to hear the dreaded words "oh fuck! camp!" Dammit... I'd already jumped. Arriving the other side some 10seconds later the camp unfolds, cruisers, and BS's bugger.... I'm in a gank brutix this is not going to go well...
Being the cheaper vessel, and also furthest out from the cruisers, I hit the mwd and start to spam warp out to a planet directly ahead, oh dear hear come the locks. - Scrambled...

Elth at this point runs back for the gate saving the better ship. While I'm still in stucture I get the insurance notification... huh? OK...
I'm already spamming warp with the pod, but again "ping" and I'm waking up in the clone bay. - Virgin induced lag, not so much fun. Didn't even see the pod go down.

So I'm looking for a new ISP!

Thursday 8 October 2009

A fair swap for a battlecruiser.

Last night in Iges we manged to score a great little fight.
We found a pirate scorpion hugging a station. After spending time trying to bump him off the station we finally managed to tempt him into a fight. The scorpion pilot made the mistake of getting just alittle off the station, and with the sentries were happily chewing away at him, he started firing torpedos at my brutix, quickly loosing shield I docked, at this point Elth was undocking his Domi and the fight was on, I undocked quickly and immediately engaged the scorpion laughing as at this point several other pirates jumped into the fight!

Webbing the scorpion I charged into the fight, overloading the guns, and sending the drones streaming towards the floundering battleship. As I got close the strikes started to hit accurately 400damage, 600damage 800 damage, by this point my own armour was boiling off under the mounting fire from the pirates. I had my tracking disruptor on the vagabond but its hit were still accurate. As the last of the armour burnt away leaving the structure I checked and already knowing I was scrambled dug in and held the fire button down. I was rewarded by watching the scorpion explode, and I quickly turned my guns on the Harby that was scrambling me. I knew it was already too late to save the brutix as the structual alarms were already going off. Seconds later I was sitting in the debries field that used to be my battlecruiser. With no time to spare I quickly engaged the emergency warp drive locking onto the nearest planet. Checking my assets I realised that inside the station I had another Brutix, an older model and not fitted quite as well, but more than enough to help Elth put the rest of the pirates down. I warped back docked and jumped into the Brutix.
Undocking I immediately engaged the Harby again, Elth had already reduced the Hurricane to a broken wreck, the Vaga keeping well at range contiuned to fire at Elth leaving me with free to close on the Harby a few more salvo's from the Brutes Neurton's and the harby popped, looking back at my now empty overview I was not suprised to see the vaga had disapeered.

To the winner go the spoils, scooping the loot into my cargo bay, I think we might even have made a small profit. A fair swap for a brutix.