Wednesday 18 April 2012

Dude I was afk!!

Anabaric undocked in the Harpy, and accepted the fleet warp out to the target. As the warp tunnel ended the target a Taranis was 100km away and moving fast at 4000ms, too fast for the harpy to catch... The Taranis just carried on, almost as if it was on autopilot.
Catching another fleet warp he landed 40km away, but the Taranis was just too fast to catch.
Docking back in station, and looking for a ship with a MWD, he spotted the Ares interceptor gathering dust in the hanger.. no that would just die, grabbing a rifter and hastily switching the fitting for a microwarpdrive he undocked and started the fleet warp process again, but everything he landed the taranis was just out of reach. But STILL travelling in the same direction... maybe he was asleep at the helm. Right Ares time.

Landing at 50km the Ares quickly overtook the Taranis, and applying the scram the taranis started to lock back... oh shit...
Hmm, he's not shooting, not fighting... oh wait he IS asleep.

Right in that case... time to reship...

Sunday 15 April 2012

This blog has moved, links should all still be valid, any problems let me know.

You can access the blog directly by going to or by from the links on the Kadavr Corps new homepage at which is still under construction, there is also a forum available now, feel free to register and have a chat with any of the guys from Kadavr corps, you'll have to send an ingame mail to Anabaric to be able to chat. The wormhole side is still actively recruiting, there are details on the forum about their requirements, and about what you get in return.

Other than that, see you in space peoples.

Sunday 8 April 2012

All work and no play, makes Anabaric slighty unsound to be around

Anabaric walked back into his office with a fresh quafe zero in his hand, he stops abruptly in the door way, seeing Nashh sitting behind his desk, in his chair! and poking around in the neocomms and consoles that had been left a few minuites before.
"Ana; just the man,  good to see you... man you look like shit, is that a zero in your hand? You know your not meant to drink that outside of a pod... " Registering the blank look on Anabaric face, he added "oh.. right... nevermind..."
"Anyway meant to ask you about the new site, need to talk about the graphics, kinda need to tweak it again, don't like the blue, I was thinking red, we need more red. Maybe some gold. Also about the sword thing, I know what you said but I kinda like swords"
During this time Anabaric had been slowly sipping on the zero, his eyes starting to burn as the volatile drug started to course through his system. Emptying the dregs down his throat he threw the crumpled tin a pile of similar cans overflowing from the bin.
Walking over to a filing cabinet he paused studing the contents carefully then picked out a small round object, before throwing the sphere at Nash.
"No swords.... back later.. I need to kill something." Turning he walked back out the door knocking over Acute who'd just arrived back in station. Acute picking himself off the pile of ammo box's walks into the office "What's his fucking problem?"
"Yeah he's a little off at the moment, been working overtime sorting out Hermits little problem, oh and glad you're back, you can deal with this for me"
Nash tosses the thermal grenade over Accute and goes back to poking around the files on the desk.
Acute looks at the grenade, which by this point has started to make a distinct humming sound.
"Err Nashh....!!?"