Monday 18 November 2013

The Gospel according to Anabaric:

Generally pirates are the nicest people in EVE and certainly have the most fun, we shoot what we want, we never have to feel bad about it afterwards. If we do, there is nothing in the code that say's you can't help the victim out either with advice or even a new ship. Most of us don't have massive ego's we aren't an elite nullsec power block, we understand that sooner or later everything explodes. 
We are here for the explosions, both theirs and our own!

Mainly I think it's because we are not locked into a single play style that can ever be upset by others. 
Anything anyone tries to do to us is actually content for our play style! If you expect every fight will end up as 1vsMany, and that Drakes and mallers are always bait. If they bring a 50 man gang into system and hunt you? Just see that as a challenge to pick off a couple of their tacklers whilst laughing at the ineffective blob. 
What's the worst that can happen? They bring 100:1 odds? You can just bat-phone our friends in other pirate groups and we bring a suitable fight to the table. 
Be happy they brought us this challenge \o/ 
Remember to thank them for your evenings entertainment! 

We are red to everyone, but understand that at times purple beats red. 

Also always share advice and tips with strangers and new players, there is no reason not to help people that want to come play in lowsec, the more people there is here, the more fun we can all have. It is also adds to the challenge, it's more fun to kill a competent pilot in a well fitted ship, than a noob in a facepalm fit.
Many of my closest friends in EVE I met at the other end of a blaster.

There is nothing that we cannot do in EVE, sec status is never a barrier to us, it is a badge of freedom.