Sunday 13 December 2009

Training fleet members...

I had a close call last night, was ratting down in a nice little lowsec dead end when I spied a pirate in local, quickly cloaking my Arazu I moved in for a look and discovered a Buzzard dropping probes on the gate, it cloaked before I could do anything further. A few minutes later my new corp member who i'd sent to the station for safety whilst we worked out who it was, said that the buzzard had docked with him.

Great I thought, if he undocks follow him and try to catch him as he leaves the station. I warp towards the undock point, some 50au away (I hate long warps) My corpie shouts that he's outside the station and has tackled him. Uncloaking midwarp I flick to my combat overview and prepare the scrams. Dropping out from warp 20k from the undock I immediately lock and scram the buzzard...


He'd changed ships. My corpie was now flying his Executioner in orbit around a flashy red Cerberus HAC. This could get messy I think to myself. Lucky for us, the Cerberus was obviously thinking the same thing, and chose that moment to dock back up.

I can't blame my corpie, he's a new pilot and did EXACTLY what I'd told him to do, I should have been their at the beginning of the fight and also it shows I need to do some more ship recognition training lol.

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