Sunday 10 October 2010

Of Dramiels and bombers..

RL has kept me very busy the last few weeks, and my EvE time has been very limited, so after joining the new corp, i'd not really managed to get out on a good roam to learn how they operate, and start learning the new voices on TS. -Damm greeks!

Last nights roam consisted of a 40 man fleet, 99% dramiels and stealth bombers, with a couple of sabres for good measure. This combination of speed and firepower, meant we could sweep deep into enemy sovreign space, and catch people going about their business.

Eventually the enemy managed to set up a trap with 30+ BC's and small ships. Obvious bait was obvious, however trying to get that one last gank on the board we bit anyway, the response was big and heavy. We lost only 6 ships, a sabre a few bombers, as expected all of the Dramiels survived, I only had one hairy moment when caught in the webs of a hurricane, and as the overview glowing red I became primary drone target! Overheating my AB I pulled out from the pack and spent the next few mins being chased by all the drones. We disengaged and pulled back the 20jumps back into our own space.

My finaly tally was 6 BS, 1 Golem, 3 Drakes, 1 Assult frigate, 1 Stealth bomber, 1 Orca, a Commanship, and 8 pods. All in all a great fun little roam. 

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