Wednesday 23 November 2011

Social Engineering...

 So this one time in Bosberger there was a drake hanging about the highsec gate, giving a little bit of smack to a cheetah pilot, as he wouldn't get off the highsec gate I couldn't engage him in the wolf...

As he seemed a little scared of the cheetah, I decided to be friendly and offer him some fleet bonus's.

Fenor Ewondor > give you a little bonus ^^
royalreaper > sexy fleet skills :)
royalreaper > just to be on the safe side do you have another loki that has some guns?
Fenor Ewondor > safe side?
Fenor Ewondor > of a cheetah ?
royalreaper > he's coming back in something else :P
Fenor Ewondor > hang on i'll warp us somewhere safe
royalreaper > um ok
>>Royal Reaper has been kicked from fleet.

Fenor Ewondor > warp ana
Korg Tronix > in warp
Korg Tronix > what you shooting
Anabaric > drake
Korg Tronix > and im in a hookbill
Anabaric > he has no web
Korg Tronix > lol it was a dps thing
Korg Tronix > lol he bad
Anabaric > yup
Anabaric > i fleet warped him out here
Anabaric > derp
Korg Tronix > lol at not using the right ammo
Anabaric > i'm erm shield tanking him
Korg Tronix > lol
Korg Tronix > yeah he has thermal loaded
Anabaric > derp

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