Wednesday 18 April 2012

Dude I was afk!!

Anabaric undocked in the Harpy, and accepted the fleet warp out to the target. As the warp tunnel ended the target a Taranis was 100km away and moving fast at 4000ms, too fast for the harpy to catch... The Taranis just carried on, almost as if it was on autopilot.
Catching another fleet warp he landed 40km away, but the Taranis was just too fast to catch.
Docking back in station, and looking for a ship with a MWD, he spotted the Ares interceptor gathering dust in the hanger.. no that would just die, grabbing a rifter and hastily switching the fitting for a microwarpdrive he undocked and started the fleet warp process again, but everything he landed the taranis was just out of reach. But STILL travelling in the same direction... maybe he was asleep at the helm. Right Ares time.

Landing at 50km the Ares quickly overtook the Taranis, and applying the scram the taranis started to lock back... oh shit...
Hmm, he's not shooting, not fighting... oh wait he IS asleep.

Right in that case... time to reship...

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