Monday 5 November 2012

End of Days (part 1)

That hauler...

The fight escalated at several times, from frigs, to battleships, to dreads, carriers, then finally to supers. The peak population in Goinard hit 370, and TiDi dropped to 16%. Kills are still being posted, but early reports are showing at least 300 confirmed ship kills. 

At least 10 different alliances made an appearance, and many can be seen on the 187 people that managed to get onto the carrier mail.

It was a great party, but this morning I wake up feeling sad, the realisation that yet another good friend has left the game. Time to take stock, and enjoy the time and friends that we all have left. 

Nashh it's been an honour this last couple of years, and whilst we might not be able fly together again in New Eden again, I will make sure we share a glass or two.

Fly Safe my friend.

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  1. thanks buddy. its been fun. will speak to you in a few days!