Thursday 6 March 2014

His First Solo and still only 6m SP


After i trained abit up for the "mighty" incursus, i tought it was time to take it out for a drive.....alone....
You never know, Small kids grow up..... someday... Mayby today i might have found my balls of steel.. or mayby still keeping the choclate balls....

There is nothing wrong with choclate......When you use it on the correct way...(For tips as Marco)


It was quiet at home, just 1 neut. A '08 char in a slasher. Why not !  :twisted: 

I warped those the small and medium installations and everytimes.. i just abit to late.... just a left over wreck.... Until he vanished from the scanner and i noticed there was just 1 possibility left for him to be around......... Medium Outpost.

I warped in and i met my new "BFF" inside. We had a nice dance. He was trying to gain speed and move away from me, but i was so much in love with him. I was humping his steel like a 40 year old virgin. I was sitting and talking to myself:

Dont forget the second repper... dont forget the second repper.... Dont forget the drones... drones.. SHIT i forgot the drones...... Cap.... how is the CAP... oohhhh we have enough cap.....DAMN the second repper..... uptill then i noticed his name was Forest.... he was running like a madman, but i noticed he still needed some male love, even without Marco. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.

But at the end:

Nice learning curve in a new ship i would say !

Killboard Links

The above was posted to our forum, but as you guys aren't all part of The Bastards Alliance you'd never have seen this.

Just goes to show what a little bit of pointing in the right direction can do for you. Radyt'h has less that 6million skill points, a positive kill ratio, and the start of a promising Solo career. It takes work, and the willingness to listen. But you too can do this.

Join "Dbastards" channel in game for more information.
We run open roams every Monday, and most people that try them tend to stick around.

If you enjoyed the read, and want to support him feel free to send him a little isk in game and pay to put some holes in some spaceships!

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