Wednesday 30 July 2014

Passing the torch.

When I took control of the Bastards Alliance 18months ago, it was a mothballed corp that down to 2 active members, looking for a new place to call home, the training corp was empty bar a few inactive alts.

I took control because The Bastards brand needed to survive past that point, we pulled them into Shadow Cartel and merged the Kadavr Black Guard into them, swelling the initial numbers. Slowly recruiting some of the pilots you see today. And with the return of Johnny Twelvebore from the Tuskers we had the final piece of the puzzle, someone who wanted to push forward again. 

We gave the Shadows a big hug and dropped alliance, pushing foward deeper into lowsec on our own. With all the members being active and pushing recruitment we moved to 60+ players, most of which are active. Opening the training corp allowed us to recruit very young pilots, many of which have gone on to become great solo pilots in their own right. 

With the brand rebuilding many of the old inactive members surfaced and rejoined for a while, some famous faces among them. Just this week TheHermit has appeared, bringing with him the code for the missing ransom board - more on that soon!

Being a CEO is a large responsibility and not something to take on lightly, much like running a business you'll have to deal with both recruitment and discipline at times, even harder you're not actually paying these people to do your bidding. You need to be active, organise events, roams, push recruitment constantly, and not still try to have fun yourself whilst doing all of this. 

This year real life for me has been hectic for those that don't know I'm getting married the end of next month, so between that and career changes I haven't been able to give the Bastards what it needs from a CEO. 
So it's been an easy decision rather than just letting the corp go to ruin I have chose to step back now whilst the corp is still growing strongly. I'll stay on in advisory for as long as they'll have me, but now I just get to turn up and blow stuff up again!

Johnny Twelvebore takes over as the new CEO, a graduate of the Meatshield Training corp and has largely been running the corp in my absense anyway, only fair that he takes the shiny crown with it. 

And no, you can't have my stuff, I'm not quitting eve. 

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