Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Learning curve

New Eden is not a simple place to grow old in. When I first undocked in my velator all those many months ago, I never knew what awaited me in the vast universe that is now my home, I have seen many things now, from pirate infested systems, where just escaping from the station undocking ring is an art, to fragile wormholes leading into forgotten worlds still protected by fierce automated defense systems.

The knowlegde of all these things has filled my head and my heart, and has shaped the way I fit modules to my ships, down to the way I fit permanent modifications (ie rigs to sacrifice armour to gain the edge on speed) to my ships.

Over the past 8 months, I have throw skill plans together just to get to the next ship, or the next weapon, there has not been a definate path set down to follow. Today that changes!
Making the final descion to not obtain my capital ship license, I have chosen a path that will progress, via the T2 Cruisers, Recon ships, Heavy assult cruisers, and logistics before moving onto the command ship skills, this will lead me to be able to fly the mighty EOS commandship. This is not a simple path, as I have included all the relevant parts to train for each ship making sure that each ship I obtain will have at least level 4 flying skills, and all the specialist modules trained so that I can fly each ship effectively.

There are several tools available to help you plan your learning, the simplest of these to use is EVE Mon (available here), this has allowed me to plan my training down to the finest detail, making intergrating 45 unique skills into a managable plan.