Thursday 12 January 2012


So I moved again, can I just point out I hate moving. I like having my stuff where I want it, my piles of looted modules, my ammo, my cap boosters, my spare ships, so the thought of moving is a little bit of a mission. A few carrier jumps later, and I've got most of my usual ships, and the big shiny pile of ammo and modules all in its new home in Goinard. I've left a few ships and a clone up in Bosberger so from time to time I'll still come back and upset the locals, don't worry AUTOs I still wuv u <3

Other news
KBG is having a holiday away from heimeter, and playing with some new (old) friends in Goinard, a chance to get in on some bigger fleets, and try out some different tactics which we haven't had as much experience with. If it works out who knows, maybe will stay.

Nothing noteworthy of late, had a good fun december with 35 kills to only 2 losses, one cyno rifter, and a Wolf in a 1v1 with Turbular Knight, I derped, and hit approach in my kiting wolf... wasn't good lol.

Arthouris sold in the end, so I have now have a healthy wallet again, and a new stock of shiny stuff to make pretty explosions with.

I've now finished all the armour compensations skills to V, and Assult ships V should be finished shortly in time for whatever buff comes along, after that its the month long drag to HAC V, and then I've finished my current training plan and will need to sit down and look at what I want to do next. I'm still undecided about training Caldari Cruiser V, I probably should as that would be all four races, but its Caldari... yuk.

KBG is still recruiting, however after recent discussions we're increasing our minimun skill points, and required fittings. More on that in another post.
If you're interested drop me a line in game, or join "Kadavr Public"

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