Saturday 28 January 2012

Sometimes the best fights...

...are actually the ones you loose.

I took the dual rep rifter out for a spin, and didn't have far to go before I cross jumped a Sentinel on a gate. Deciding to wait on the gate to see if he came back, I didn't have long to wait before the pilot eager for an easy rifter kill jumped back, warping off to the sun at 100, he landed shortly after me but at zero, oh well least I get to see a little of his fit before he gets to me.
Quick check, shows no guns, but a suprising turn of speed, neuts and a MWD.
Would have to get him into scram range...

Waiting till he was about 20km away, I hit the AB, and burned into him, catching him with the overheated point then settled for a 7500m orbit, to lower the traversal on his drones, cap zero'd fast as I'd expected, but timing the capbooster with the reps meant I could keep the drones from killing me, and keep my scram on him to try and prevent him running after I'd killed his drones.
It was a long slog, I managed to kill lots of his drones despite the tracking disruption, but he kept launching more, damm that large dronebay! My tank had been holding nicely, and the drones were dying fast but I was also burning though cap boosters!

Eventually the size of the rifters cargohold just wasn't big enough to cope with the size of the drone bay on the sentinel, and there just wasn't any more capboosters to feed the hungry reps.
It had been an epic fight lasting over 6 minutes, but inevitably the mighty rifter sucumbed tanking over 5,000 raw hitpoints of armour.Well done little rifter.

Nothing to do but warp my pod out to safety, offer the good fights in local, which were happily exchanged. 


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