Friday 15 June 2012

Finally... now lets go kill something.

So after my last few weeks of computer hell, with bits on back order, and getting the wrong bits sent though, and delivery delays I finally have a working PC again. I'm still waiting for a compatible waterblock for the graphics card, but figured I'd just have that air cooled while I'm waiting.

It's been a few weeks since my last kill, when I'd caught a noob ferox ratting in (0.3) Akila, and I was impatient for more, with detail set to max my new system was really making it all look pretty. I flew the rifter back to goinard hoping for an easy kill on the way, the only ship I'd seen was a Myrmidon ratting which wasn't going to be a good fight for the little rifter. I warped in at range to his belt just to confirm the pilot's name so I could reship and come back for him. He ran as I landed leaving a couple of drones...
Always a good sign when the pilot gets scared easily, a quick bit of history searching came back with tendency towards buffer fits, and a less than great kill record.

Switching out in Goinard for my dual MSE Harpy I flew the couple of jumps back and started the hunt, I chased him out of a few belts then across a few systems, he eventually went and sat on the gate under the sentries where I couldn't shoot at him. I thought about using the batphone and getting some support but figured as I hadn't installed mumble yet it was a hassle.

During the hunt I'd seen a legion a couple of jumps back, so figured I'd go back and see what he was up to.
When I entered the system there was a few people in local, the legion was still on scan, now obviously in a belt, but nothing else, a few nervous alarms went off, this has to be bait! 
Quickly landing in the same belt as the legion, just in time to see him warping off to the next belt... without thinking I immediately selected the belt and hit warp to zero. I landed right on top of the legion and immediately engaged the scram. overheating my AB I moved into a tight orbit and started to fire, I'd already selected void ammo on the warp knowing I'd need all the DPS I could squeeze out of the harpy, and his shields were now melting quickly as expectected. Then the dreaded alert for scram/web appeared on my overview! Shit I thought, he IS pvp fit! Checking D-scan I saw a rupture appear. Oh well, no point in trying to leave now. His laser's were completely ineffective the pulses falling behind my tiny little ship, I was barely hurt at this point still in 80% shields. But with his friend now on the way, I didn't really expect to make it.

His armour was dropping steadily, now down to 30%, he'll start tanking in a moment I thought, any moment now I thought. 20% That rupture still hasn't arrived...  10% The legions starts to bleed structure, I look around again for the rupture which is still on d-scan but not close.
Strange I thought as the legion pops, immediately scooping the loot (finding nothing good).
Best I go find that rupture...

The rupture was actually a far harder kill than the legion, with a flight of Warrior II's chewing away at nastily at my shields I finally dispatch the flight with about 10% shield left and start to work over the rupture itself, at this point his missiles were the only thing doing any damage, with his main guns missing the small signature of the Harpy. I was more than happy to see this missiles exploding on my shield as it meant a distinct lack of neuting.
The end result was the same as the legion, the small harpy killing two "superior" craft. 

Flying back to Goinard to dock and rest, I look over the killmail to see exactly how the Legion was fitted, on first glance it didn't look bad, I was surprised it hadn't managed to tank the blarpy's 250dps. It was only when I EFT'd it later that I realised quite how bad it was. At maximum skills and overloaded it struggles to tank 170dps and only 150 versus hybrids, so the very reason he didn't appear to be tanking at all during the fight, was in fact that he'd been tanking the whole time...

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