Tuesday 30 October 2012

Risk versus Reward...

Some nights, everything just goes to plan, there's plenty of targets, and you even earn a little profit...

Last night was one of them, logging into Goinard just chilling and derping about outside station watching the carriers arrive carrying a new corp that's on trial with Shadow Cartel. I'd just taken delivery of my new Vindicator, still being in my Snake clone I was having fun bumping Paquito's Tengu away from the station, surprisingly a Vindicator moving at over 2000ms can bump a Tengu pretty far!

Intel channels, suggested that there was a Proteus a few jumps away that was probably running sites. I sent my Alt down the pipe to investigate, whilst I re-shipped into my Stabber Fleet.

I quickly probed down his ship, but he warped out just as our tackle ship who'd already been in system landed, not so good. I was pretty sure at this point that he'd thought he was being probed by the same guy and not my alt. So hatching a cunning plan, I moved my alt one system down the pipe and immediately started to probe all the sites out. His scouting alt moved into the new system a few minutes later, blissfully unaware that I'd already probed most of the sites down, and was now cloaked up on the in gate waiting for the proteus to come through.

The rest of the gang and myself moved back to Goinard, whilst my alt waited whilst the Proteus's alt slowly probed the sites. It was quite painful watching him probe out the sites, I really should point him to my probing  guide on this blog, might speed him up a little :)

Finally the Proteus came into system and warped to a belt cluster, quickly checking the map, I fleet warped our bomber tackle frigate into the plex, following 20 seconds later by myself in my trusty slicer to provide a second point in case the bomber was forced off.

Point was called just as I landed, and the fate was sealed for the Proteus.

For those that run sites in lowsec the rewards can be high, but you must always remember that the risk is also just as high. He died simply because he was predictable.

Leaving my alt to wander lowsec in search of new targets I moved into highsec to partake in the gentlemanly persuasion of freighter ganking. Another sport where risk and reward are important. It takes us a surprisingly little amount of shiny loot in your freighter to make it worth shooting at... I do hope your insured :)

Freighter number one dropped a very nice pile of loot, but not quite as expensive as the killboard suggests.
Freighter number two, dropped a pile of very useful guns, which was kind because we use those in our Talos fits... :)

With no more worthy freighters coming up the pipe we headed back to Goinard, making a quick stopover in Inghenges as a contract target had been seen in a hulk fiddling with the roids.

Whilst Anabaric had been been otherwise occupied my Alt had found a Brutix also running sites, I mentioned this on comms, and soon had a willing pair of hands to ensure the Brutix also knew about risk and reward in lowsec. He again died by being predictable, he warped out just as Palamon landed in the site, in hurry as he'd left his drones behind. After bouncing round the system he was doing a good job at evading Palamon and staying alive. This ended kinda quickly when he decided to go back to the site and collect his drones. Landing in the site at zero he promptly cloaked in front of my alt's eyes.
Things went down hill for him shortly after...

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