Thursday 25 October 2012

Nashh's Leaving Party

Nashh's shuttle was late, which he didn't find surprising as the pilot had already sent a neocomm message stating that he had to get a larger shuttle as there wasn't enough room for the rum. Time wasn't an issue, ever since becoming the CEO of the Blackguard there was a never ending supply of invoices, and repair bills to deal with.

He looked up from the slate he was working on as the collision alarm sounded in the office, the hanger crew already scrambling over with fire extinguishers out to the shuttle now "docked" against the far wall. 

Cancelling the urgent call from Scotty the docking manager, Anabaric walked over to the shuttle. 
The pilot stumbled down the ramp, and rushed up to him. 
"He's mad! he threatened to shoot me, if I didn't let him fly" he stammered before rushing off to the ready room, probably to change his flight suit Anabaric thought.

Nashh climbed down from the shuttle, bottle of rum in hand, and staggered over.
"You found the rum then?"
"Yeshh, and we're gonna have a little party soon... I've order plenty of rum" and waved towards the Iteron cargo vessel that was now docking.

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