Monday 24 June 2013

That Sendaya Fight...

I missed this, then again so did you...

Did I tell you we're recruiting?

Mainly for US TZ guys, but exceptional EU will be considered.

These are a bare minimum, you should exceed these.
20mil SP
Cruiser V with T2 weapons/fittings (non caldari is a bonus).
Battlecruiser IV (+Tier 3 BC with T2 Large weapons).
Good core skills, good gunnery support skills.
Knowledge of lowsec mechanics.
Active killboard, positive ratio (or very close to it).
18+ in RL (or grown up enough to make us believe you when you lie about it)
Able to speak and read English. Microphone for voice comms (mumble)

Apply with mains, API checks will be carried out.

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