Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thinking of trialing EVE Online?

Now is the time! With a free trial and an awesome deal. 
This is one of the best ways to get your friends into EVE Online, you know how good the game is, but explaining it is hard. Show them the way forward. Give them a ship, and skill books, a path to glory and explosions!

How it works: 

First create a new account with this link.

This will give you a 14day Trial absolutely free of charge, then buy one of the bounty hunter packs from Deep Space Supplies for $4.99. These come with a 30 day time code, which you can redeem immediately against your account as it stacks with the trial and you'll now have 44 days of game time for only $4.99. You'll also get a fully fitted frigate, and a pile of skill books. You'll also gain the Cerebral Accelerator implant which will allow you to skill up at a very fast rate! Perfect for a new cyno alt, or a starter toon.

Choose your race, and get started!

Don't fancy shooting people? Get the same deal, and one of the new Ore Venture mining frigates, and get out there and start mining.....   actually don't just get a combat ship and starting killing things - it's far more fun.

You can pick up the starter packs here.