Thursday 15 August 2013

A Fast Bastard Roam

Last night was a proving ground for the new recruits, choosing to run a small pack of destroyers out into the local area, we set destination to the sacred home of Evati and undocked. 

Our fleet comp for the evening. 

Coercer x1 
Thrasher x 3
Navy Slicer x1

It wasn't far before we found a fight, just two jumps from Avenod my scout found a slightly larger assult frigate and destroyer group. Sending in two of the thrashers we pulled their group away from the gate they were holding at and out to a planet. As they started to land we jumped the final members of the party and converged on the planet. 

We killed two Enyo's and a firetail, and the remains of their fleet scattered (I thought we killed more tbh), loosing one of our thrashers in the process, holding the field we quickly gathered the loot.*

As local had started to grow we scattered and looked for a new target, a stabber eluded us inside a medium fw plex, being too fast for the destroyers to catch. The slicer unable to take him solo, was forced to pull back. 

We moved back to safe spots, and soon a faction warfare fleet of destroyers & frigates headed into the same plex to try their luck. We of course warped in directly after them, catching them just inside the beacon. Their Griffin was still at 10km, called primary he died in a single volley from the Coercer. The stabber beat a hasty retreat again, and we demolished the remaining gang for no losses. 

An Eve University gang of 20ish pilots came into system, but didn't want to leave the safety of the gates despite being vastly superior in numbers.

The stabber's luck had run out and we found him again on a plex, this time on the outside, the slicer immediately pointed him, and the rest of us in the slower destroyers moved out at different angles to force him into a close fight. He gave up running and started to fight, but the combined firepower of the destroyers meant his chances were limited. 

A ping from alliance FC's ended the roam early, more warm bodies were needed for an Armour BS gang that was forming for a large scale fight. 

Final tally for the roam. 

7 - 1 & 60m worth of loot. 

Coen, after proving himself capable of following directions, and not dying like a fool, was extended an invitation to join the corp as full member. 

*Bastard roaming loot goes to corp to provide cheap ships available to all members for corp roams. 
All the Destroyers for this roam were corp owned and supplied.

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