Sunday 25 August 2013

[LOADOUT CHALLENGE] Sentinel Sorcery!

So onto another Battleclinic Loadout challenge, back to something a little harder this time.
The magical mysterious Sentinel, terror of the space lanes and capable of striking fear into the hearts of most frigate pilots? Or just another sad panda in need of CCP's love and attention.
There is always much discussion about this little ship, as some say in the hands of the right pilot it can win almost every fight, others will tell you it must hide in the gang or risk being a shiny explosion. What say you?

Will you go MWD or Afterburner?
Do you dare to fly solo? or hide in the crowd.
How shiny is too shiny?


Must be able to fit in game with the current game mechanics.
Faction or T1 fit, it's your choice, but judging will take cost/benefit into account.
Solo or gang, PVP or PVE all are valid options.
Unlimited entries per person, only 1 prize per person.
To win the prizes you will require an active EVE account.
Your comments +1's and -1's will be taken into account, please rate each other!
Please put relevant stats and descriptions on your fittings, it helps everyone incomplete descriptions will be excluded.
As usual post a link from this thread to your fitting on BC uploaded onto BC.
Final judging will be by the BC moderators team.
Judging to take place week starting 2nd September.

[size=14pt]1st Prize
1x 30 Day Pilot License Extension (PLEX)
3x runners up will each receive 100m isk. [/size]


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