Sunday 29 September 2013

MEATSHIELD - be part of it!

1. Ship or Pilot which obstructs the passage of incoming fire from its intended destination: ‘Some meatshield stopped me shooting a Bastard!’
2. Ship or Pilot who serves no purpose other than to sacrifice himself for the greater good: ‘Was a TARP, but at least I killed the meatshield’.
-attributive adjective
3. A desirable property for a noun: ‘Meatshield Bastard, nature’s kevlar for us pirates!’

So you've worked out how to fly your ship, you've mined a few rocks, but something is wrong with the world. You feel the need to ditch your mining laser and fit autocannons, to feel the ripple of excitement as your rockets crash into your target.

Maybe you're one of those people that like to collect corpse...

But you're new, you don't know even which end of the autocannon is the shooty bit!

You need to become MEAT, better still you need to be [QUORN]!

Meatshield is officially opening it's doors again to the new and fresh faced cadets of New Eden, we will take you apart remove all the squishy bits and put you back together made of kevlar, we will line you up and march you into the jaws of death, where you will take everything that death has to offer you, and then get back on your feet and knock death out. You are immortal, you are better than just meat, you are QUORN!

Learn to PVP, not from videos, not from blogs, not from some stuck up wannabe hero but from the pirates of lowsec, the evil scum of the world that are having far more fun than you are.

Requirements - working mike, headset. Willing to fly and die for fun.
It's more about attitude than skill points, if you are willing to put the time in so are we.

Join Dbastards channel in game for more information.

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