Thursday 24 October 2013

Collectors Edition - Is it worth it?

So I received my copy through the post yesterday, and the short answer? Yes I think so. 

The quality of all the contents and packaging is great, the print quality on the book is also great, written largely by Richie Shoemaker from EON fame, it's easy reading, informative, and captures the feel of EVE in the way that only he does. 

The rifter looks good on my desk, only complaint here is that it's a USB hub, I'd have preferred just a resin model, however I may just strip all the bits out and drop it into my fishtank anyway :D 
Read through the rules to the Dangergame, looks like it should be a laugh and not take too long to play though, should give my family something to argue over at Christmas.

The thing I'm most enjoying is the sound track, I'd basically forgotten how good the music in EVE is, after playing for most of the last 6 years with the sound off. And played though a decent audio system you can sit back, close your eyes and feel the space opera in full force.

The in game stuff is pretty cool, lots of bits to clutter up your hanger or sell off and get some isk back, and who doesn't want a golden pod? It's soo shiny I tell you!

Dust stuff.. well I don't play DUST514 so first one to send me a mail in game can have my code for the DUST Stuff, I'll probably regret giving that away if they ever release a PC version. But hey ho. 

You can still get the Collectors Edition here: 

And if your still reading Battleclinic are running a pumpkin competition here, you'll need to enter before the 30th to be in with a chance of winning the top prize.. a 30 day plex and that mystery prize.... whatever could it be?

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