Thursday 31 October 2013

[MEATSHIELD] Meet Eric Shang - New Eden's youngest pirate.

The Meatshield Bastards
Meatshield our training corp is starting to bear fruit, our young pilot Eric Shang is only 21 days old (born 2013.10.10) and has been part of the Meatshield for the last 12 days of that officially. We took him straight out of flight school, gave him a skill plan and a few frigates and a pile of ammo.

So far he's 26 for 13 kills, which is pretty impressive. Now whilst you might just say he's tagged along on kills with the Bastards and you'd be right, he's also out there trying to do it alone, so far he's taken down a venture on his own, but here's the first real solo kill a pvp fit rifter, taken down by Eric's Breacher.

So Eric's going to get a shiny medal for his first real solo kill, and I'll see if I can't find something a little more useful from my hanger for him to get exploded too.

He's also started to blog about his adventures, it's a good read for anyone thinking about starting in piracy, you can see it through the eyes of someone fresh into New Eden, rather than just us old guys talking about it.

We're still looking to take new recruits into Meatshield, you don't need to have great skills, or a big killboard, we'll take you out of flight school, and see if you can do better than Eric.

If you want to know more drop by our public channel "Dbastards"

Eric Shang

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