Monday 16 December 2013

[Competition] Space Christmas Trees!

So every once in a while I run a little fitting competition, I usually ask the mods what they fancy, and then promptly ignore them and do my own thing. But it's christmas, so what the hell lets let their ideas loose on the boards...
"Turn your ship into an xmas tree:
Fit a ship with modules that makes the most colorful in-game effects possible. Youtube it. Must include a link to the BC loadout"

* Anabaric facepalms.

Ok.... you wanted it, here we go:

The competition is simple, the choices are not, take your ship of choice and make it look as much like a Christmas tree as possible, we will require a fitting on the board with the complete fit used. Please be colourful, creative, and above all have fun.

We require a video or screen shot of the ship(s) being as colourful and christmassy as possible.

  • Photoshop is allowedCGI and editing are allowed. 
  • Please feel free to "enhance". 
  • Feel free to take pictures on SISI
  • Group Photo's / group entries allowed
  • One Entry per person/group
  • One prize per entry
  • Link back to this thread as always
  • You will require an active EVE account to claim prizes
  • Competition Closes at midnight Christmas Day (EVE time)

Everyone that enters will win a prize* Top prizes will be awarded on effort/creativity. 

Top prize:
1x Plex + 500m isk

Runners Up
5x 250m isk

*Mystery Prize / Lucky Dip
All entries will get a lucky dip prize drawn at random from Santa's sack, some small, some shiny, some silly, and I do seem to have misplaced a navy battleship... maybe it's in Santa's sack?

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