Friday 16 October 2009

Pop goes the Brutix (again)

I really should start building Brutix's I seem to be going through them at a high rate. Thats what you get for running gank fitted ships I guess.
I usually fly a glass cannon but at only 45m isk and getting 700dps with my poor skills you still melt most things. You just don't want to get shot at, which is what happened again last night. Oh well Golem Golem :)
It was a trap, that much was obvious with the bait repping scorpion, but hungry for a fight we followed it to the belt anyway. A little lag on the gate and I missed the scorpion kill, but despite knowing what was already in the belt, figured I'd throw my ship and try and get some of the support ships, (rapier and blackbird) that were harassing our fleet. The blackbird was in structure when I popped, I did wonder if my drones would finish the job anyway, but unfortunately not. As for the rapier pilot sitting just 6k from my wreck, I reckon he might have needed some new underwear at the end of the fight as I'd got the scam and web on, and was just starting to get hits on him.

TIP: Void for battleships, Navy Antimatter for everything else.

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