Wednesday 4 November 2009

Thats not fair they cried!

So I undock my taranis and the local dock monkey pirate tries to lock me in his Battlecruiser, I escape and get range before he can even finish locking me.

So off to meet the alliance, not finding much in the way of targets we decide to set up a little trap for the iges dock monkeys. We tank up a Battlecruiser and get it to to warp to the station, unsuprisingly there is a red (pirate) Harbinger on the station undock point, our bait warps off to the closest belt and our friend in the harby follows, shortly afterwards his two friends drop onto our bait mrymidom as well.

Springing the trap our fleet drops into the belt quickly pointing all the three pirate ships, the following destruction was quick and painless (for us anyway).

Then the local smack starts, with the pirates claiming foul while all the locals laugh at them. Funny that 3:1 odds in their favour were considered fair...

Dock monkeys never prosper...


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