Saturday 25 September 2010

Neuro Cartographic Services Closes its doors

It is with regret that the CEO and Directors of NCS have decided to close recruitment and start to mothball the corporation. Due to RL commitments none of us have been able to dedicate enough time to recruiting, and then to looking after the new corpmates whilst they find their feet in Eve and the corp as a whole.

Deciding that as a team we would try and get into a 0.0 corp for a time, we've had a few offers that were good, then we had one that we just couldn't pass up. More details later on that one.

The corp ticker will remain in place, along with some of the assetts not suitable for 0,0. We're all really excited with the new direction gaining a place in an active and top ranking corp right in the heart of the 0,0 warzones.

Watch this space!

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