Friday 10 September 2010

One upon a time in Iges...

So there I was in Iges minding my own business, when I happen to see an ishkur in space surrounded by mission wrecks...
So I figured why not, switching back to my trusty "Crime doesn't Pay" Helios, I probed him out and BM'd the starting gate to the mission. Docking back in Iges to get a Rifter I wondered if this was wise, local was infested by pirates with Blood Money Cartel pilots out in space...

Oh what the hell, I warp to the mission space, reducing my scan range to check for company, uh oh... more probes on scan. Only two on scan, just started to probe, hope he's not a good prober! (the fact that only 2 were on scan kinda proves that :)

I arrive in the first room, nothing here, dammit he's warped. Hit the dscanner again and he's still here, switching overviews ah.. another gate. Still no support ships incoming, the probes are still out, now 4 on scan. I burn over to the next gate, oh god not another gate! burning to the third room I land 60km from him, he see's me and pulls his drones! Dammit!!

Oh wait he's sending them on me, I overheat everything and start webbing and popping his drones. I'm sinking fast, blitzing the repper and nos I manage to pull a few cycles of rep pulling me back from about 20% structure, with guns overheated and me maintaining 7km range he's melting fast. Suddenly I slow down, dammit burned out my AB!!! He's ontop of me, the rep can't keep up, my caps virtually gone! He's well into structure.

POP! He dies, at this point I should have warped out and repaired (10% structure) instead I loot his can... POP! dammit mission rats got hungry.

local pirates were warping in as I left in my pod. They may have got the loot, but I still killed an AF with a rifter :D

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