Friday 7 September 2012

The Battle of Gukarla.

The fleet had taken ages to get started, someone had posted the advert too early and the everyone was grumbling about now waiting for the POCO* timer to come out. Anabaric had left the alliance briefing room and was back in the office still trying to catch up with the paperwork Nashh had left, when the call to undock sounded. 

Rushing past the recruits still fast asleep in their bunks he quickly jumped into the capsule and called up the hanger manifest. One of the latest editions to the hanger was to be the ride this evening. The Oracle class Battlecruiser was fitted in an unorthodox way, coupling shields with Ammarian ships was sketchy at the best of times, but no one could complain about the damage output from the Heavy Pulse lasers, still able to hit hard at 70km with Scorch Crystals. 

Undocking he quickly followed the remaining ships out to an Alliance POS where they caught a ride out towards the target system. The small fleet of 14 ships were going to be gate crashing a party where the locals were defending a POCO that had been reinforced by a large group of neutrals. Fighting a three way fight out numbered on both sides was on the cards, and would test each of the pilots skills to the limits. 

Battle Report. Gukarla (Metropolis), 06-09-2012 (20:38 - 21:35)
Rushing the last few jumps towards the target system the fleet was lucky to not run into any scouts from either party, and our own intel said that only the locals were in system and were preparing to rep up the POCO.

With our own scout hidden at the POCO we waited a few jumps out, everyones nerves were a little frayed, the long delays, and now being forced to wait for others was never good. The locals still hadn't come to the POCO, and there was no sign of the gang that had reinforced it originally. 

Impatient to start the party, and to try and force some action we warped to the system, and jumped in. Warping to the POCO we started to shoot it, quickly dropping in into armour. The locals buzzed a few scouts in at range, but still didn't come in force.

Then suddenly they appeared on scanner at short range. A mixed gang of about 20 ships, with our fleet ready and waiting they landed on grid with us, unfortunately for them they hadn't warped in as a gang and the first Naga died before most of them had even loaded the grid properly, unable to get their logistics into place propely their 3 scimmys couldn't keep up with the damage from the smaller Shadow Cartel fleet, whilst our own logistics had pulled one of the Oracles back from 50% structure. A Tornado and a Talos quickly followed the enemy Naga into the void, at which point their fleet wisely bailed leaving behind a Huginn and single hero scimmy who was saved by their falcon pilot after the Huginn died.

We hung around looting the wrecks, and started to shoot the POCO again, and were rewarded when they came back in this time they landed at range all together and were much more prepared. They fought well, but were unable to break our logistics, and again their losses started to mount, Drake, Drake, Hurricane, we tried several times to kill off their logi's but their pilots managed to keep them at range, with their fleet between us. A stabber fleet issue came too in close and died bathed in purple fire from the Oracles. Their gang once again broken warped out, a lone Loki left on the field tackled and doomed.

The final round happened just as we were preparing to leave, their gang now numbering 30+ came back in at range, we warped to a previous wreck to bring us immediately back into combat range. Once again their logi's held up against our fire and we were still unable to kill their logistics outright. Switching primaries we probed their fleet looking for weakness, finding another 8 kills in their ranks before the remaining enemies disengaged leaving us the field victorious. 


*POCO - Player Owned Customs Office.

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