Tuesday 18 December 2012

PVP101 Guide - Typical day in the life of a PVP Pirate

I often get asked about what I actually do as a "pvp" player, this is a fairly typical account; You log on, if the alliance has plans you join in, otherwise you have to go out and make things happen. 

Last night started pretty slowly, the Alliance formed up to takeover a couple of POCO's we'd had already reinforced these two, so hopefully they would turn up to defend them. We knew they had access to Capitals and friends, so we were all looking forward to a good fight, but in the end they didn't even defend them, we deployed our own POCOs and went back to our staging system. 

The fleet fragmented and a few of us decided to take a roam to nullsec, we jumped through a wormhole deep into Tenal, and started to prowl around looking for a fight with Razor Alliance. To our disappointment they seemed largely inactive, choosing to stay cloaked, or hidden in their stations.  

As the fleets disbanded, I decided to take my Retribution back through the nullsec wormhole and see if I'd have better luck on my own. Cmore Tarasunami had the same idea, so we fleeted and headed back towards the entry system. My probing alt reported a Scorpion Navy in an anomaly, quickly dropping probes to  scan him, I was suprised to see a cruiser now on the scan at 100%, but the scorpion gone, disappointed I warped in solo to hopefully see the battleship come back to save his friend. He didn't. 
Following the SNI pilot next door, I was surprised to see the bellicose alt's capsule on scan, but not in local. So with no sign of the shiny battleship, we reminded the cruiser pilot about log off timers then dived off through the wormhole. 

Two assault frigates can cover a lot of ground, so we decided the best option was to set our home system as destination, and race down the pipes hoping to find a fight, largely just expecting to die. 

To our disappointment most of the systems were empty, the area was actually so peaceful that some people think it's safe to go AFK on stargates in Falcons, this is always a bad idea, no matter how secure your space is, you never know who might stroll past and say hello

We carried on burning towards lowsec, passing a few abandoned drag bubble camps, and ended up in M-0 with it's lowsec gate to Taisey, expecting a large camp again, I was surprised to find only a Dramiel who didn't want to fight, I burned him to 50% structure before he could get to the Taisey Stargate. And Lord's Servant, who was flying a Tornado, and being skirmish boosted by an offgrid legion. I managed to land within 90km of him, and burned out towards him, I wasn't overly surprised as his web hit me about 17km and I ended up burning out my MWD whilst Cmore tried to get within scram range, forced to let the Tornado go, I dived back into Taisey to rep up, and we decided to go back the 17 jumps to the wormhole, maybe we'd find something else to play with. 

As we came back to S-EVIQ we saw the same 30+ people in local, but this time there was a cyno up, and a rifter on scan! A few Razor undocked and proceeded to try and look mean in an Astarte and Bhalgorn. We just sat 60km away on the other side of the station and waited for something more interesting to undock. Eventually an Ashimmi, Dramiel and a few other small ships came out, we warped off to the stargate, and then started MWDing towards the next gate, as they came into system we warped, Cmore jumped immediately and I waited hoping to split some of them up with aggression timers. The Dramiel pilot jumped straight through whilst the shiny cruiser shot me on this side, I promptly jumped leaving him stranded for 1 minute and we melted the Dramiel who choose stupidly to engage. 

We tried a few different combinations to get them split up, eventually Cmore kept them interested in the WH system, and I jumped back into lowsec to get a something to kill the Ashimmi, we led them to the wormhole system the idea being was to get the Ashimmi aggressed then surprise it by jumping the Brutix in. When that didn't work, and with time getting late we jumped back into lowsec happy with our little roam. Passing a T1 cruiser on a gate, obvious bait of course, I switched back to the Retribution, and proceeded to swallow the bait loosing the little assault ship, proving once more that I'm a sucker for bait.

Time for bed. o7

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