Thursday 24 January 2013

I'm a Bastard


1. slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person: ‘some bastard ransomed my battleship’.
b. a person, esp. a man: ‘the dirty bastard blew up our ship’.

2. something irregular, inferior, spurious, or unusual: ‘what is this bastard thing?’
3. of abnormal or irregular shape or size; of unusual make or proportions: ‘bastard sized 425mm AC’; ‘bastard blasters’;’ bastard pewpew lasers’.
4. having the appearance of; resembling in some degree: ‘a bastard pirate’; ‘bastard eye patch’; ‘a bastard parrot’; ‘a bastard pegleg’; ‘bastard grog’.

Actually I guess I'm now The Bastard...

As of this week Kadavr Black Guard has folded into The Bastards, this move secures The Bastards future in New Eden as an active corporation, and brings the Kadavr's back to their spiritual home. Nashh always loved The Bastards, and that's where I first met him as their recruitment officer.

At the time I turned down the opportunity to become a Bastard as my previous corporation Neuro Cartographic Services had been offered an opportunity to join Thundercats in Razor, as I hadn't experiences nullsec at that time I chose a different path. 

I think otherwise I would have joined Nashh in the Bastards, we remained good friends and when Nashh formed the Black Guard it was logical for me to join him. 

The Black Guard was always run on similar lines to the Bastards, so merging was never a painful choice. 

As CEO of The Bastards I see my role as custodian of the corporation, my job is to bring in active members and eventually to pass the role to someone else who will keep them a strong corporation, and a force to be remembered. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a complete bastard, then join us in the "independence" channel. 

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