Sunday 3 February 2013

Oh fiddlesticks...

I followed the hostile gang towards the sun, confident of my own ability to best the 5 pilots in their frigates. I was in my Slicer, possibly my favourite ship, and the time spent perfecting this little ship has paid off time and time again. 

Warping at 70km I took the risk that I might land on top of them, but even then the agility of the Slicer should allow me to avoid getting scrammed by any close range ships. The Slicer dropped out of warp at a perfect 30km from the gang, comprising of a Navy Slicer, Navy Hookbill, two merlins and a slasher. 

I immediately slamming my Slicer into a steep climb, I was rewarded when both the slasher and enemy slicer followed, their gang was starting to split up, the merlins couldn't keep up with the faster ships, whilst the the hookbill for some reason started to burn out in the opposite direction. 

At 80km's from the merlins, I pushed the Slicer around in a 180 dive, and closed on the other Slicer, purple laser fire lit up the hull, and it exploded just as the Slasher joined the fight, concentrating on the slasher next the purple lasers quickly overwhelmed it's ASB tank, and it too soon exploded.

By this point the merlins had both got closer, overheating the mid rack, the slicer was starting to suffer, heat warnings and the low armour alert were screaming for attention, as the first Merlin exploded, the remaining gang members warped off to the station.

Following quickly, I attempted to gain aggression over the hookbill by shooting and warping off quickly, knowing that if I did that, the stations sentry guns wouldn't interfere in a further fight. Unfortunately as agile as my ship was I didn't manage to avoid all of the station, and my exit was blocked, the Sentry guns tore the fragile slicer to pieces. 

Oh well... can't always look good on the killboard. 

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