Tuesday 19 March 2013

Mr Bunnikins died :(

Last night was fun, even if it did cost me my Bhaalgorn, intel came in about a Archon that was in triage on a gate in lowsec not too far away. At the same point another source advised us that a rescue fleet was inbound  to that system to let the Archon who'd cyno'd in on top of a Prophesy escape.

It smelt like bait, it looked like bait, but with only a few seconds to decide what the best course of action to go with, we decided to burn a cyno over and titan bridge a few subcaps into the fight.

As I undocked in Mr Bunnikins I had a slight feeling of doubt, just that little feeling that this might be the last time I flew this ship. He was in good company, a couple of Vinidicators and a second Bhaal meant there was a chance he wouldn't be primary.

As we sat on the Titan we scrabbled round to find a triage pilot, only finding a willing pilot a few seconds before the bridge was lit! The enemy subcap rescue fleet were already on the field the and fight was in progress. As soon as we bridged the Enemy escalated with 4 Dreadnoughts, and the fight was on. Our solo triage started to melt as on comms a second triage pilot was rushing to log in. 
As the first triage died the call was made to deagress and orbit the gate until we could get the second triage in. 

With the Bhaalgorn already way off the gate, pointed and webbed down there was nothing else to do except overheat the neuts on their archon and prepare to get my pod out. 

As soon as our triage got into fleet we dropped our own dread support fleet. Nashh's dread loaded grid just as Ana's  Bhaal died, our new triage too late to make a difference to his fate. 
Sending Anabarics pod to dock in the nearest station I concentrated on the Moros's controls, siege green, sebo and tracking computers on, and overheat on the guns. Watching the heat levels on the guns soar, I stopped the overheat just in time with all guns 98% burned... that was going to cost a little to repair...
Our 6 dread fleet soon started to shred the enemy field, their capitals unable to withstand the combined fire at close range.

Was a good fight all round, and a surprising escalation on both sides. 


POV from enemy comms.

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