Friday 31 May 2013

Loadout Challenge: Amarr or Gallente Bounty Hunter!

Leave a legacy, help a new player, win prizes

Hunting bounties is dangerous solo work. Often your only backup is luck and skill, and luck just took a vacation. Your mark is good, maybe one of the best, but you know you’re better. Hi-sec, lo-sec, 0.0, it doesn’t matter…you always bring home your prey. For the right price.
It’s time to teach a new player what you know. Put your best Atron or Executioner Bounty Hunter loadout together that a 45-day old player can use.
We’re going to clean up New Eden with a fresh crop of Bounty Hunters, and your loadout advice is gonna make that happen.

The Contest:

Post an Executioner or Atron loadout It must be:

Flyable by a character who’s about 45 days old, especially characters who use these packs
The loadout must be 100% flyable within current game mechanics
Must include a rationale explaining how to fly the loadout
Full stats are highly encouraged. Use EFT.
Link your fit back to this thread!

Follow the contest progress on Twitter: #fightsmart #tweetsmart #battleclinic

The Prizes:
First place = THREE 60-day EVE TIMECODES, courtesy BattleClinic Deep Space Supply
Top 3 Runners-up = 1 30-day EVE TIMECODE and 250m ISK

Loadout contest rules
Unlimited entries per person, however, only quality fits with stats and rationale will be eligible. One prize per person. Decision of the BattleClinic judges is final. Judging criteria: The loadout must conform to the contest requirements (same ship, fit according to the role announced). It must fit according to the current expansion's ruleset and all required character skills at 5 or below. The loadout should be practical, though uniqueness and creative thinking are encouraged. The stats should match your rationale; that is, if you call it an armor-tanker, it must have high armor repair rates or resists. Loadouts must stand by themselves unless the contest specifically requires a fleet-fit. High +1 ratings will be considered by the judges but are not the determining factor; the quality and usefulness of the loadout by a player are the main criteria. Prizes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

To enter upload a ship to the Battleclinic fitting forum, and link to the competition thread.


Competition thread

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