Friday 9 March 2012

Death of a Pilgrim...

Its always a sad day for me when I loose a ship, more so when its a shiny new Pilgrim. It hasn't had many kills this month, but tonight it did its job perfectly.

And that was it, with the screaming of alarms, and the violently ejection of my capsule into the vacum of space I learnt some of the true nature of this fiesty little ship.

It was a happy death, and a trade I'd still make again.

Entering into local I spied an Apoc running a site, I tried once to probe him but the system was quite small and I guess he must have seen my probes, as he left the site before I'd completed the first scan. I finished scanning down all the plex's then went and made a drink, cloaking the pilgrim off the site he'd been running, whilst I sent my scout off the check the neighboring systems. Only a few minuites later the apoc landed on the gate again, this time with a dominix in tow, figuring they were pretty jumpy I followed them into the mission and immediately tackled the Apoc, as I'd hoped the Domi immediately alligned out and warped, leaving the Apoc to its fate. Switching off the mwd, I engaged my ab and set about tracking disrupting him whilst popping his drones. A few moments later the domi appeared on short again so I moved away from the landing point.

As the Domi landed he launched ECM drones, and started to RR the Stricken Apoc. Now it all made sense, the Domi was probably the Apoc's alt and was hospital fit. I wonder if its a cap stable PVE boat... Moving over I switched my neuts to the domi, whilst using my warriors to quickly destroy the swarms of ecm drones. Unsuprisingly the Domi soon stopped repping and warped out, leaving only one neut on the capless apoc, I launched hammerheads and went to work again.
And was rewarded shortly afterwards.

Waiting out my GCC I warped off and lurked cloak above the sun. Whilst I was drinking tea, the domi landed on the sun 50km from me... interesting. Remaining cloaked I alligned over and...
..he warped. Dammit!

Oh wait, he's back at the plex.

Landing uncloaked to avoid the decloaking timer, I almost catch him on the gate, but he's in already warp. I quickly engage the deadspace gate and follow.

No domi...?

Shortscan, nothing.
Longscan, nothing.

Dammit he's cloaked. Dropping a can, I launch drones, and start to orbit... I know he's close. Somewhere.... Somewhere...


Its been too long now, I know he's here, I start burning in allignment to the celestials, then decide to batphone corp for an Arazu to come sit in the site.

Gotcha! he decloaks 25km and starts to pick up speed, overheating my MWD I burn in and manage to tackle him...

Nom nom nom...

I notice the Apoc pilot back in system. Legion on scan... bugger. At this point I know I need more DPS, so we call another corp mate, but he's along way out.

The Arazu's still a few jumps out, but the legion is already in the mission. I immediately switch my scram onto the legion, and start neuting him hoping the domi will stupidly warp out.

So... many... drones....

With the legion tracking disrupted and neuted, and the domi partially neuted I keep frantically popping the domi's drones, but my armour is running low, the Arazu is almost here, I'm not pointed should I warp... ? I know I should.... But I really want this legion kill...
I start to wish I was in my slave clone...

5% armour, structure won't take long I start to allign.

*Point on legion*
Nash finally lands and grabs the legion, the Pilgrim decides its finally had enough and the alarms go silent. I dock in the neighboring system immediately clone jumping back to base and grab a Sleipneir.

After that its just five more jumps till the legion meets its doom.
As he'd decided to just log off he lost his pod too, got to love agression mechanics.

This was a good test for the Pilgrim, I'm pretty happy with my fit, the MWD was golden, I don't think I'd have caught either of them without it. The bonus'd drones make short work of any unfriendly drones, and the tracking disruptor renders most med/large guns almost useless against it.
If only I'd have had a local rep I'd probably been able to tank them for much longer.


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