Thursday 1 March 2012

February 2012

So a quick run down of last month.

Total Kills: 109
Capital Kills: 10
Pod's Killed: 11
Losses 3

Capital Kills 10
Really? Knew it had been a couple but the number still suprised me. Certainly helps with my KBG killboard stats, which were still hurting from the Mach loss.

Pod's 11
No ransoms this month, and catching pods in lowsec is usually difficult so I'm always happy with a few squishy kills on the board. No expensive implants this month.

Total Losses 3
Can't complain at that. I could have avoided at least one of them, but hung around in low structure trying to tear off that last bit of the wolf kill that was refusing to die. The other one was basically solo against a Catalyst, it should have been a gang up 2v1 but a 20au long warp and Nashh landing too far off originally meant that by the time I landed Nashh had pretty much been alpha'd off the grid. Nash popped and I engaged the destroyer when it was in low shields. Was very close with the little dual rep rifter managing to take a lot of punishment before finally dying when the Destroyer was also in low structure. The final loss was me lighting a cyno with my main, what's worst is I had to wait until the cyno had less than 20seconds on before someone finally blew me up. Kama sucks.

Kills 109
Well thats a good month for me, I've scored more kills when I was in Heretic Army, but some of those were on easy mode, camping the gate, or top belt and just chilling on Comms. These I've worked for, either out roaming solo, in a small gang, or out in the alliance fleet.

My favorite is probably the Hawk vs Wolf+Crow Where I managed to finish off the crow when I had only 30% structure left at the end. It wasn't the best of Wolf fits I've fought but his damage project and large tank meant that my buffer was long gone by the time he'd finally popped, then I had to work hard to land tackle on the crow that had been chipping away at me the whole time.

Next month:
I've set myself a challenge to fly the Pilgrim, I love the idea of the ship just struggle with finding a fit that actually works. I've complained about various people's fits on Battleclinic, and so far no one has really come up with a better solution, or proof that the ship really is great without a MWD.


  1. I don't see why the ship would be bad without an MWD. I mean, with the pilgrim, you don't need to chase down a target with an MWD. Just get close while claoked, web scram neuts and he's on lockdown. Throw in a TD, and turrets are going to have a damn hard time hitting you.

    It's just theory on my part that this would work, since I've not actually flown a pilgrim yet, but I can't come up with a good reason why it wouldn't work, except for maybe cap boosted ships or Drakes.

  2. I went into a bit more detail on my other post.

    Recon's have a decloaking targetting delay of 5 seconds before you can start to lock anyone. This means that against a MWD frigate you actually don't lock them until 8.8 seconds after you decloak. Thats along time for them to get out of scram/neut range.