Thursday 22 March 2012

The little rifter that could...

So once again I experienced the true power of 10x ecm drones on a Pilgrim earlier in the evening, its not a terrible loss loosing to a vindicator and a drake, but being perma jammed for the entire fight didn't give me a chance to do anything but die.

Feeling slightly miffed I reshipped to my faithful rifter, and went out for a spin.

Intel of a Hyperion rattimg in a belt solo perked my interest so I flew the few jumps over and decided to engage for the fun of it. Expecting at any moment to get blobbed by his buddies I was suprised when nothing happened, making quick work of his 4 Ogre II's I slowly chipped away at his shields, he maneouvered into the asteroid belt trying to make me crash off a roid to lower traversal while his Electon Blasters missed desperately, he relaunched his final Ogre II which I promptly destroyed. An unsucessful ransom conversation in local followed, whilst the alliance setup on a friendly titan to bridge for when his fleet finally warped in...

...we waited, the little rifter chipping down at his armour.Manually flying to avoid the asteroids, and the certain death if I lost enough speed.

Maybe he doesn't have a fleet? Could I really break him? 84% armour...

Then he starts to ask for help in local.

[23:28:19] Mengon > help me @ll in system pleas warp to belt 7-1 blinki rifter tackel me
[23:30:05] Anabaric > they won't help you
[23:31:33] Anabaric > whoops
[23:31:35] Anabaric > they did

To my suprise his cry for help had been answered...
By the very Vindicator that killed my pilgrim earlier with a few friends...

Comms goes silent... everyone holds their breath.
>Vindi on grid!
> Point Vindi! Cyno up!

>> Bridge up, jump jump jump

[23:32:54] Nashh Kadavr > woot
[23:33:01] Doomed prophet > omg lol

Primary was the Harbinger, which died rapidly! The Vindicator followed shortly after, followed by the Hype who's cries for help caused the chaos. I once more asked for a ransom for his pod, but he prefered to loose his low grade slave clone...

So once more I have more fun flying a 6m isk rifter, than a 190m isk Recon ship. Ah well, it was a nice pilgrim, I supose I better buy a new one, after getting full reimbursment from the alliance.

And the little rifter? It met a sorry end 30mins later when some of the Hyperion's corp mates found me, I was just lurking about in the same belt chatting on comms when I noticed the Dramiel burning for me, ah well its a dramiel, I can take that I confidently decide...
Oh dear, he prompty sits out at 20km and kites me whilst his friends land. shame, might have been a good fight if he'd actually grown a pair.

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