Thursday 24 May 2012

Kids today...

Kids of today, just have too much isk to spend. When I got my first clone in New Eden, I jumped out in my second hand Atron, fitted with whatever junky old stuff I could find just to make it fly. On the first outing the afterburner fell off as I was leaving the hanger, I got into soo much trouble with the Scotty the docking manager that day!

Unlike these little rich boys today, met a guy last night in Goinard only had his license for 15days and he's out in lowsec, fair enough the guys got balls. But not in any old crate, but flying a brand new top of the line faction fitted Incursus, the new one's with the fancy 4 slots in the lows!

Shame for him he didn't know how to fly it... 

And you know the thing that makes me wonder more than anything about that kill?

Which of the modules was offline...
As he's over on CPU by about 10% at maximum skills.

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