Friday 18 May 2012

Oh look a myrmidon.... lets kill it.

So there I was minding my own business when suddenly on D-scan appears a Myrmidon apparently in a belt, so I warp my little slicer in for a look, hmmm T1 drones.. lets have some fun.

A few seconds later....

[21:15:30] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Aeschee
[21:17:47] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > fuck you godamn faggots ill have your head
[21:18:21] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > di promise baby
[21:18:31] Dism0 > whoa
[21:18:32] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > ill be back
[21:18:34] Dism0 > u mad?
[21:18:34] Anabaric > him mad
[21:18:38] Templar Nato > Sweet!
[21:18:39] Dism0 > he wont be back
[21:18:40] Templar Nato > Bring friends
[21:18:44] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > no im intreaged
[21:18:48] Dism0 > they always say that
>>> One less Myrm in Aeshee <<<
[21:18:50] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > yea
[21:18:53] PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc > lol
>>> One less person in local <<<
[21:19:36] Anabaric > he took the short ride home :)

A few mins later.
Sent: 2012.05.18 21:21
PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc has added you as contact with Terrible Standing

Awww I made a friend.

Helpful Hints
From: PiRaTesTaNk Lennelluc
Sent: 2012.05.18 21:36
To: Anabaric, 

Gues what baby... you got a sexy mouth.. and gues what... your little excepaid will just pay off for you hope you are incorperated into a large alliance cause thats what you will need. gues what baby next time im in that region and better belive ill be there i hope to see you and your little friends all together cause you will need them not that will do you much good to run and try to jump cause when i come for you baby your the one getting fucked i promise i book marked my death erea hope to see uyou there tomorrow bring your corp and aliiance ill bring mine or better yet BITCH wage war against my corperation war deck me i bet i own all your fuckin ships and items fuck you bastards just play the fuckin game and stop trying to scavange cause your broke ass cant pay for monthly

And he even sent me fan mail. I like fanmail!


  1. Badly spelt tiers, best tiers.

  2. i would watch your back bro he sounds mad. and he has big alliance friends and stuff bro.

  3. How come these guys can pretty much never spell? Or use proper grammar?